So EA, why are you so useless at tracking achievements in your games?


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SurgeDotSky12 Days of ChristmasSurgeDotSky registered for the 12 Days of Christmas event
techie76The Four Kings Casino and Slotstechie76 completed the game The Four Kings Casino and Slots and is the 39th gamer on the site to complete it
IrishWarrior022Jumanji: The Video GameIrishWarrior022 won 31 Achievements in Jumanji: The Video Game for 832 points
Ripley LV426Rubber BanditsRipley LV426 won 3 Achievements in Rubber Bandits for 300 points
Ripley LV426Bargain HunterRipley LV426 has earned Gold in the Bargain Hunter Target
wingnut2012Forza Motorsportwingnut2012 won 2 Achievements in Forza Motorsport for 296 points
SPOOKYVILLEOne Button Games 5-in-1 (Windows)SPOOKYVILLE won 42 Achievements in One Button Games 5-in-1 (Windows) for 799 points
Jinksie EPRFrom SpaceJinksie EPR won 4 Achievements in From Space for 80 points
Jinksie EPRJinksie EPR has reached a new milestone: 1,130,000 GamerScore
Jinksie EPRFrom SpaceJinksie EPR started the game From Space
SPOOKYVILLEBargain HunterSPOOKYVILLE has earned Gold in the Bargain Hunter Target
DalimbakReactorX 2 (Windows)Dalimbak won 5 Achievements in ReactorX 2 (Windows) for 1871 points
IrishWarrior022Jumanji: The Video GameIrishWarrior022 has rated the game Jumanji: The Video Game 2 out of 5
IrishWarrior022Bargain HunterIrishWarrior022 has earned Gold in the Bargain Hunter Target
AvitawayBean DiveAvitaway won 1 achievement in 1 new game as part of their Bean Dive
Ripley LV426Ripley LV426 has reached a new milestone: 18,500 Achievements Won
SPOOKYVILLERobolifter (Windows)SPOOKYVILLE completed the game Robolifter (Windows) and is the 1,152nd gamer on the site to complete it
Geordie Scout12 Days of ChristmasGeordie Scout registered for the 12 Days of Christmas event
DalimbakRobolifterDalimbak completed the game Robolifter and is the 2,653rd gamer on the site to complete it
AvitawayRoads of TimeAvitaway completed the game Roads of Time and is the 546th gamer on the site to complete it
DalimbakRobolifter (Windows)Dalimbak won 5 Achievements in Robolifter (Windows) for 1584 points
DalimbakRobolifterTitle Update 2Dalimbak completed the Title Update 2 DLC for Robolifter
DalimbakRobolifterDalimbak won 4 Achievements in Robolifter for 1214 points
DalimbakRobolifterLevel 19 achievementDalimbak won the Level 19 achievement in Robolifter for 305 points
DalimbakRobolifterLevel 18 achievementDalimbak won the Level 18 achievement in Robolifter for 304 points
DalimbakRobolifterLevel 17 achievementDalimbak won the Level 17 achievement in Robolifter for 302 points
DalimbakRobolifterLevel 16 achievementDalimbak won the Level 16 achievement in Robolifter for 301 points
Ripley LV426EastwardRipley LV426 won 5 Achievements in Eastward for 832 points
Ripley LV426EastwardRipley LV426 completed the story in Eastward
IrishWarrior022Pinball MIrishWarrior022 started the game Pinball M
I TRU RELIG1ONBlack FridayI TRU RELIG1ON has earned Bronze in the Black Friday Target
AvitawayContentedAvitaway has earned Bronze in the Contented Target
AvitawayRavenlokAvitaway won 2 Achievements in Ravenlok for 19 points
AvitawayRavenlokVibing achievementAvitaway won the Vibing achievement in Ravenlok for 6 points
AvitawayRing of PainAvitaway won 2 Achievements in Ring of Pain for 13 points
SurgeDotSkySurgeDotSky has reached a new milestone: 130 Completed Games
SurgeDotSkyPersona 5 RoyalSurgeDotSky completed the game Persona 5 Royal and is the 8,765th gamer on the site to complete it
SurgeDotSkyPersona 5 RoyalSurgeDotSky completed the story in Persona 5 Royal
dingus247Lies of Pdingus247 won 2 Achievements in Lies of P for 36 points
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Weekly Leaderboard Pos Gamers %ile
TA Difference Week 48 2023 94,829 205,216 46.21
TrueAchievement Week 48 2023 138,080 262,809 52.54
Gamerscore Week 48 2023 159,278 262,809 60.61
Site Leaderboard Location Pos Gamers %ile
Achievements Completion %age in All Games England 2,430 View history chart 25,175 9.65
Completed Games in All Games England 1,056 View history chart 25,175 4.19
Games Played in All Games England 2,603 View history chart 25,175 10.34
Achievements Completion %age in Xbox 360 Racing Games England 1,178 View history chart 22,548 5.22
User Leaderboard Access Pos Gamers %ile
DarthGoose13 Join if you're sick of EA turning off servers Public 113 481 23.49
splicegraph 40+ Gamers Public 91 341 26.69
moroniccow Achievement Hounds Podcast Marathon Public 119 339 35.10
planting42 GTASC 2017 Public 120 205 58.54
Blood Inside Kent Gamers UK Public 6 23 26.09
The Eggman Muppets With Guns Public 3 22 13.64
tecian Norfolk 'N' Chance Private 1 2 50.00
Jodmeister People I've met Private 1 1 100.00

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