Permanently banned from xbox live for "marketplace theft." I'm not even going to bother.


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KrazieDrizzlepath: Deja VuKrazie started the game Drizzlepath: Deja Vu

                Status change by Stallion83 at 15:55 on 01 Dec 2021Stallion83 status: UK Peeps! Get 2 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for £15.99. 3 months of XGP PC will convert to 2 months of XGPU!!
KrazieKrazie has reached a new milestone: 4,875 Games Played
KrazieTotal Arcade RacingKrazie started the game Total Arcade Racing
KrazieTangle TowerKrazie started the game Tangle Tower
KrazieThe Artful EscapeKrazie started the game The Artful Escape
KrazieKrazie has reached a new milestone: 980 Completed Games
KrazieMorkreddKrazie completed the game Morkredd and is the 575th gamer on the site to complete it
KrazieMorkreddTeam player achievementKrazie won the Team player achievement in Morkredd for 109 points
KrazieKrazie has reached a new milestone: 50,250 Achievements Won
KrazieTrain Sim World 2Krazie started the game Train Sim World 2
KrazieInto the PitMoney Bags achievementKrazie won the Money Bags achievement in Into the Pit for 110 points
KrazieInto the PitKrazie started the game Into the Pit
KrazieGRIDKrazie won 2 Achievements in GRID for 31 points
KrazieGRIDPersonal Touch achievementKrazie won the Personal Touch achievement in GRID for 21 points
KrazieGRIDA Fine Choice achievementKrazie won the A Fine Choice achievement in GRID for 10 points
KrazieGRIDKrazie started the game GRID
KrazieMind ScannersKrazie started the game Mind Scanners

                Status change by Stallion83 at 20:33 on 30 Nov 2021Stallion83 status: LIVE NOW! Grand Theft Auto San Andreas The Definitive Edition
Krazie12 Days of ChristmasKrazie registered for the 12 Days of Christmas event
KrazieShady Part of MeKrazie won 2 Achievements in Shady Part of Me for 126 points
KrazieShady Part of MeKrazie started the game Shady Part of Me
KrazieMurder HouseKrazie started the game Murder House
KrazieROBLOXKrazie completed the game ROBLOX and is the 16,240th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Lonsta DaMonsta at 04:12 on 30 Nov 2021

... I finished three minutes before you. Whatever, TA :')

Comment by Krazie at 04:20 on 30 Nov 2021

Get rekt son.

KrazieROBLOXFour's Company achievementKrazie won the Four's Company achievement in ROBLOX for 70 points
KrazieAmerican Hero
            Secret AchievementKrazie won the Secret Achievement in American Hero for 62 points
KrazieAmerican HeroKrazie started the game American Hero
KrazieTrailblazersKrazie won 2 Achievements in Trailblazers for 110 points
KrazieTrailblazersKrazie started the game Trailblazers
KrazieSurf World SeriesKrazie started the game Surf World Series
KrazieAragami 2
            Secret AchievementKrazie won the Secret Achievement in Aragami 2 for 13 points
KrazieAragami 2Krazie started the game Aragami 2
KrazieBefore We LeaveKrazie started the game Before We Leave
KrazieDanger ScavengerKrazie started the game Danger Scavenger
KrazieExo OneKrazie started the game Exo One

                Status change by Stallion83 at 12:51 on 29 Nov 2021Stallion83 status: UK PEEPS! 3 months of Game Pass PC for £15.99 (33% off) Converts to 2 months of Ultimate if you're already an Ultimate sub
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The Yiddler Public 3,728 4,585 81.31
1000+ Achievements Public 3,630 4,139 87.70
Maelstorm95 30000+ trueachievement score Public 1,354 1,528 88.61
Rare Bishop U.S Gamers Public 1,198 1,470 81.50
PHUTURE 909 Public 890 1,063 83.73
silencer018 Achievement whores Public 531 650 81.69
Ashen Seraph Rooster Teeth Fans Public 480 582 82.47
DEV1L MAY DIE XBOX.COM Public 427 537 79.52
ComesBrothers TrueAchievement Ratio Public 337 479 70.35
Cpt Kent James HALO Waypoint Public 191 285 67.02
Guy Falcon Achievementist Public 123 155 79.35
PlayerOneAFK Maryland Gamers Public 47 55 85.45
TG I G3T OWN3D under 100,000 gs Public 11 17 64.71
PHUTURE 909 Public 8 9 88.89
Partydudes 15 and up Public 4 4 100.00

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