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KryptonicFusionThe History Channel: Battle for the Pacific
KryptonicFusion won 12 Achievements in The History Channel: Battle for the Pacific for 235 points
smrnovRise of the Tomb Raidersmrnov completed the game Rise of the Tomb Raider and is the 294th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by dieotze74 at 19:15 on 16 Jan 2017

Well done

Comment by smrnov at 19:17 on 16 Jan 2017

Thanks-- I took my time on playing through again. Not a big fan of DLC that requires a full replay of original content, i.e. Dragon Age Inquisition...

Comment by dieotze74 at 19:31 on 16 Jan 2017

Yes, its not a good idea to do that.. I have to play the sp on w10 yet (twice) won't do this first on the hardest difficult

Eagle 0neWRC 5
Eagle 0ne won 3 Achievements in WRC 5 for 159 points
Eagle 0neWRC 5Specialist achievementEagle 0ne won the Specialist achievement in WRC 5 for 15 points
Eagle 0neWRC 5Wales! achievementEagle 0ne won the Wales! achievement in WRC 5 for 49 points
Eagle 0neWRC 5First step achievementEagle 0ne won the First step achievement in WRC 5 for 96 points
lucas1987Tiny Troopers (Win 8)
lucas1987 won 2 Achievements in Tiny Troopers (Win 8) for 115 points
smrnovRISK (Xbox 360)smrnov completed the game RISK (Xbox 360) and is the 134th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Killer Monk3y28 at 17:58 on 16 Jan 2017


Comment by xMagicMunKix at 19:31 on 16 Jan 2017

nice! is the matchmaking on the 360 better? Or is it the same pain than on the 0ne?

K4rn4geThe Sun and MoonK4rn4ge started the game The Sun and Moon
Comment by Clad master at 17:38 on 16 Jan 2017

Good luck,looks not easy.I tried it and the gameplay is really strange

Comment by BiLLzuMaNaTi at 17:43 on 16 Jan 2017

Yea it's definitely tough

Comment by K4rn4ge at 18:49 on 16 Jan 2017

Awesome game, I'm addicted already, cant wait to stream this one soon

smrnovRISK (Xbox 360)
smrnov won 4 Achievements in RISK (Xbox 360) for 677 points
Watty8883Watty8883 has reached a new milestone: 29,000 Achievements Won
Comment by Cause at 17:22 on 16 Jan 2017


Comment by troyoy at 17:30 on 16 Jan 2017

That is a lot, very nice. Congrats.

Ow NitramNo Time To Explain
Ow Nitram won 4 Achievements in No Time To Explain for 1060 points
Watty8883I, Zombie
Watty8883 won 11 Achievements in I, Zombie for 1170 points
rafaelgrnTrucking 3D (WP)On-a-Roll Parker achievementrafaelgrn won the On-a-Roll Parker achievement in Trucking 3D (WP) for 13 points
Comment by FAREP Bunitin at 19:13 on 16 Jan 2017

Vc jogando WP? O que aconteceu acabou os jogos de cantar? KKKKKK :P

Sky360Rise of the Tomb RaiderSky360 completed the game Rise of the Tomb Raider and is the 292nd gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by I3ruto at 13:58 on 16 Jan 2017

excellet job

Comment by Sky360 at 17:11 on 16 Jan 2017


Sky360Rise of the Tomb Raider
Sky360 won 2 Achievements in Rise of the Tomb Raider for 338 points
Sky360Rise of the Tomb RaiderSky360 completed the base game Rise of the Tomb Raider and is the 1,563rd gamer on the site to complete it
Watty8883I, ZombieWatty8883 started the game I, Zombie
SangriaziStunt 2 (WP)
Sangriaz won 7 Achievements in iStunt 2 (WP) for 104 points
KaensPortal: Still Alive
Kaens won 4 Achievements in Portal: Still Alive for 124 points
Celtic Force101 Ways to DieCeltic Force completed the game 101 Ways to Die and is the 40th gamer on the site to complete it
BwF SmokeBudnSFWarframe
BwF SmokeBudnSF won 2 Achievements in Warframe for 132 points
Skycaptin5 won 4 Achievements in Nevermind for 174 points
JordoClusterPuck 99
Jordo won 7 Achievements in ClusterPuck 99 for 364 points
Death and GloryDead Effect 2
Death and Glory won 27 Achievements in Dead Effect 2 for 823 points
lucas1987 won 3 Achievements in ABZÛ for 169 points
lucas1987ABZÛFood Chain achievementlucas1987 won the Food Chain achievement in ABZÛ for 57 points
lucas1987ABZÛBallet achievementlucas1987 won the Ballet achievement in ABZÛ for 60 points
lucas1987ABZÛBreach achievementlucas1987 won the Breach achievement in ABZÛ for 52 points
lucas1987ABZÛlucas1987 started the game ABZÛ
SangriazBubble Town 2 (WP)Sangriaz completed the game Bubble Town 2 (WP) and is the 485th gamer on the site to complete it
SpirochaeteSpirochaete has reached a new milestone: 410,000 GamerScore
Comment by Ms Dudette at 08:01 on 16 Jan 2017


lucas1987Magic Duels
lucas1987 won 2 Achievements in Magic Duels for 117 points
Ow NitramNo Time To ExplainOw Nitram started the game No Time To Explain
K4rn4geGears of War 4Thank You, Sir. May I Have Another? achievementK4rn4ge won the Thank You, Sir. May I Have Another? achievement in Gears of War 4 for 32 points
Comment by a Ma N ii aC x at 05:17 on 16 Jan 2017

9 to go!

Comment by TheFourthHunter at 05:20 on 16 Jan 2017

I'm waiting for the inevitable 32x XP weekends. :P

KryptonicFusionGoat SimulatorPAYDAYKryptonicFusion completed the PAYDAY DLC for Goat Simulator
smrnovQuantum Break
smrnov won 5 Achievements in Quantum Break for 160 points
Skycaptin5NevermindSkycaptin5 started the game Nevermind

                  Status change by Manic Ado at 03:55 on 16 Jan 2017Manic Ado status: No more TA pro, Waaah.
Comment by Stealth David at 07:57 on 16 Jan 2017

Yeah and fuck the new price of it anyway

Comment by creptor5291 at 07:59 on 16 Jan 2017

Yea, I was actually going to buy it a couple weeks ago when I had some extra money, but then found out it went up in price. Not interested now.

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Manic AdoRIDE 2100 wheels achievementManic Ado won the 100 wheels achievement in RIDE 2 for 221 points
Pigimus PrimePigimus Prime has reached a new milestone: 1,620,000 TrueAchievement Score
JordoClusterPuck 99Jordo started the game ClusterPuck 99
Homecat2528 won 2 Achievements in Evolve for 129 points
o EcLiipzELies of Astaroth
o EcLiipzE won 2 Achievements in Lies of Astaroth for 1994 points
CoolKidJoeRise & ShineCoolKidJoe started the game Rise & Shine
winginorBastionThe Stranger achievementwinginor won the The Stranger achievement in Bastion for 10 points
winginorBastionwinginor started the game Bastion

                  Status change by jjaldana at 01:34 on 16 Jan 2017jjaldana status: Is the achievement glitch in Lego star wars TCS allowed?
Comment by jjaldana at 01:36 on 16 Jan 2017

It's similar to the gears 1 glitch.

Comment by FOKENWOLFEN at 03:46 on 16 Jan 2017

What is the glitch?

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