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PermalinkWhen you have a bad day. A really bad day.
Sometimes, all it takes to ruin a perfect streak is a bad day.

I'm no stranger to gaming sessions, and until yesterday, I did 6 in the past 2 years, not much, but quite a good start I guess. Always took them seriously. Always there, always on time, and always helping until was over.

All of my sessions so far have been for the nightmare called "Start last and win an online race in a full lobby full of people" achievement in Forza Motorsport 6. Did 6 then because I couldn't get it on the first try. Or the second. Or the third...just a matter of time. But at least people were always happy with me and my help, tried to be as nice as possible, I honestly enjoy that.

So yesterday was the turn of Forza Motorsport 7. And what was supposed to be yet another session turned into a nightmare of its own.

First of all, what was supposed to be an entire day of online gaming was changed because of real life issues. We all like playing our games and stuff, but you simply cannot say to someone who needs you and depends on you in real life you can't help him because of a stupid game, which is what it is in the end.

So I warned I could only stay for one hour and 15 minutes or so the previous day. Maybe this was my first mistake, I should have simply dropped from the session and try another day...but what if everyone could get it? FM7 allows for manual grid only, if everything went right, in one hour there was plenty of time for everyone to get it, and I was the 5th in the list.

The D day comes, and...things happen. People gets dropped, games and consoles crashes for some people, and even the host have problems all the time. And by the time it's my turn, the first 4 people got it nice and fast, perfect! Maybe there was time for everybody....but then, problems.

The host is gone again due to technical problems and suddently I'm the host. No worries, I just set the game and start it. I'm last, everyone crosses the start line, and I win. Didn't pop. Yet another try...nothing. I'm not used to host online races, and didn't expect being one...specially on my turn. I suspect maybe the host cannot win it, and I didn't know you can give it to someone, so I exit the lobby and get back.

I start to worry. It had to be my turn. No worries, maybe 3rd time lucky? I'm back in the lobby, and the host has changed. They asked me if I got it, I didn't. Third time, here I go.

We're all in the track. I start slowly to see if everyone was moving so everyone crosses the start line. Another small mistake. Problem is, people were also being a problem this time, two players decided to ignore the purpose of the session and win the race, so I came in 3rd instead of first, so yet another run, completely wasted. Quite a harsh day so far.

I check the clock. It's time to leave, and then, my biggest mistake so far, I became obsessed. It was so close I tried to get as many minutes as I could just to see if the next run could be it, and maybe have some spare time for the others...then, since I had so many unsucessful runs, another player gets a turn before me again. He gets it.

My turn again. Finally, everything works OK, and it pops, and I'm really happy for about 5 seconds, when the reality hits in. I literally have no time left to help more people, and in real life I'm about one hour late due to a stupid game. Bad luck, bad decisions, and quite a bad day.

I say it. I have to leave, and I know what's next. Even though I said several time I couldn't attend the whole session, one thing is true, I spend extra time on me, and not the others. I'm ready to leave my house, and with the controller still in my hands, I do another round to help at least one more person, and then I really have to go.

And now the damage is over. For many people I just went there to get the cheevo and leave, and it hurts. It's kind of true, but it's not at the same time, my plan was different, and my biggest mistake was trying to push it. Should have left on time without the achievement. Lesson learnt the hard way.

I'm glad some people were kind enough to understand me and give me a good or at least a neutral rating, I really thank you all of you. As for the others...well, in my apology in the forums I said I deserved the saltiness, but whoa. Way too salty. Specially one person lying about me not following the rules, the first time on the session itself. What rules? Before I left I followed them, they are simple. What about the guys who ruined one of my previous attempts? Honestly, I don't get it. At that point it was all bad luck, before my final and biggest mistake.

Anyway, I still admit I did wrong, but it was never my intention to get it and leave. 6 perfect sessions support what I say, but again, all it takes to ruin all of that is a bad day.

A final thank you to those who understood my situation even with the bad decisions I did, sorry to everyone in general again, and for the ones who went the extra mile on crediting me as a terrible and unrealiable player beyond the bad rating itself, and no sarcasm or resentment intended (let's be a bit mature here), I really hope you're always that perfect. Maybe the day you get it wrong other people will be as nice as you were to me.
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