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2019 Finishing Old Games
Backlog backlog and more backlog. It has really become an ongoing issue where I continue to purchase games and NEVER finish them. I know that I am not a completionist like some of you out there, but I do like to try and at least 50% a game before I move onto the next one. This year is the year that I begin to finish up someone the games in the backlog. One of the biggest changes I want to make is to get my completion percentage to 50%. This is going to take some doing because of the hole I dug myself into by starting games and never finishing them. To be able to look back and see how much progress I have made this year I am going to keep a running tally for the games I 100% and the games I 75% finish!

Games I 100%:
-Fragments of Him (Jan 31)
-Overcooked 2 (Feb 12)
-Forza Horizon Fourtune Island (Feb 26)
-Far Cry 5 (March 1)
-Bridge Constructor (March 2)
-Phar Lap Horse Racing Challenge (Apr. 10)
-Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchirdion (Apr. 19)
-Jump, Step, Step (Apr. 19)
-Minecraft Story Season 2 (Apr. 23)

Games I 75%:
-Tom Clancy's - Ghost Recon Wildlands - 84% (March 26)
-Snooker Nation - 86% (March 6)
-Back to the Future: 30th Anniversary- 97% (March 18)

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