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PermalinkXbox Live on Windows Master Spreadsheet
Now that Xbox Game Pass has come to PC and brought more people to the Windows Store, I've seen a lot more people in the forums asking questions about what games are included, as well as more general Windows Store questions. I started to make a spreadsheet about a year ago that had more detailed information/problems/solutions for all available Xbox Live titles on Windows that were more together than any of the lists on TA as well as a way for me to keep track of stuff that is not updated as quickly on TA or not even included. I made this list for myself, but I've been working on expanding and flushing out all the categories so now seems like a great time to share it! I'm constantly updating and changing it so if you have a question about a game feel free to reference it going forward as well! You should be able to leave comments on it if there is anything that is incorrect/missing. Clicking on the title of the game links you to it's store page.

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