Forza Horizon 5 release on my birthday, doesn't get any better than this


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KaensSokocat - ComboKaens completed the game Sokocat - Combo and is the 538th gamer on the site to complete it
FshguyLoopindexFshguy won 5 Achievements in Loopindex for 369 points
FshguyLoopindexA new friend achievementFshguy won the A new friend achievement in Loopindex for 76 points
FshguyLoopindexA bridge achievementFshguy won the A bridge achievement in Loopindex for 72 points
FshguyLoopindexBox achievementFshguy won the Box achievement in Loopindex for 70 points
J eVeRy DaY 514Conan ExilesJ eVeRy DaY 514 completed the game Conan Exiles and is the 6,760th gamer on the site to complete it
FshguyFshguy has reached a new milestone: 2,175 Games Played
RitzOmegaInsurgency: SandstormRitzOmega won 2 Achievements in Insurgency: Sandstorm for 408 points
FshguyLoopindexFshguy started the game Loopindex
RedmptionDeniedTUNICRedmptionDenied won 7 Achievements in TUNIC for 154 points
MightyMangoVampire SurvivorsMightyMango completed the game Vampire Survivors and is the 3,312th gamer on the site to complete it
MightyMangoVampire SurvivorsMightyMango completed the base game Vampire Survivors and is the 4,133rd gamer on the site to complete it
Arsenic 17LakeArsenic 17 won 3 Achievements in Lake for 364 points
Arsenic 17LakeWorkaholic achievementArsenic 17 won the Workaholic achievement in Lake for 122 points
Arsenic 17LakeMovie Carrier achievementArsenic 17 won the Movie Carrier achievement in Lake for 118 points
Arsenic 17LakeShutter Bug achievementArsenic 17 won the Shutter Bug achievement in Lake for 122 points
Lil PipsEastwardLil Pips started the game Eastward
SirBaxter77AnniversarySirBaxter77 is celebrating their 8-year anniversary of joining TrueAchievements.com
MattiasAndersonTransformers: Revenge of the Fallen MattiasAnderson won 2 Achievements in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen for 567 points
MattiasAndersonTransformers: Revenge of the FallenA True Autobot achievementMattiasAnderson won the A True Autobot achievement in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen for 411 points
Comment by MattiasAnderson at 23:33 on 04 Dec 2022

Now, just one achievement left for this game. I have been dreading thos game for years but suddenly I am doing really well in it.

RobbieCam21Sea of ThievesRobbieCam21 won 2 Achievements in Sea of Thieves for 197 points
RawwwrrrrrThe Callisto ProtocolRawwwrrrrr won 2 Achievements in The Callisto Protocol for 767 points
RawwwrrrrrThe Callisto ProtocolRawwwrrrrr completed the story in The Callisto Protocol
KaensAwesome PeaKaens won 2 Achievements in Awesome Pea for 49 points

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