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Fine FeatHadesFine Feat won 16 Achievements in Hades for 1104 points
rekikireHalo 4rekikire won 3 Achievements in Halo 4 for 122 points

                Status change by rekikire at 07:07 on 16 Jan 2022rekikire status: Just put up a session for Bros to the Close in Halo 4 if you need it, or are able to assist.
Fine FeatFine Feat has reached a new milestone: 1,640,000 TrueAchievement Score

                Status change by LifeExpectancy at 00:49 on 16 Jan 2022LifeExpectancy status: Would anyone be interested in buying an R2D2 edition Xbox 360? Still factory sealed new.
Comment by LifeExpectancy at 00:50 on 16 Jan 2022

Can't see carting it around for another decade or more.

Comment by wildwest08 at 01:18 on 16 Jan 2022

How much you asking?

Comment by Markyshizzle at 02:36 on 16 Jan 2022

They seem to be going for around 200 shipped on ebay. Sealed/new might be huge to a collector though

TallnvyneAmong UsTallnvyne won 2 Achievements in Among Us for 80 points

                Status change by rekikire at 21:17 on 15 Jan 2022rekikire status: Finding a Seasonal Playground games session. This message means I may not be able to complete this FH5 season also.
Comment by Ginuwine AI3 at 21:32 on 15 Jan 2022

So frustrated with that game

Comment by rekikire at 21:38 on 15 Jan 2022

yeah have had issues every single season so far blocking completion.

Stallion83Stallion83 has reached a new milestone: 4,080,000 TrueAchievement Score
Fine FeatHadesFine Feat won 6 Achievements in Hades for 224 points
Fine FeatHadesBad Call achievementFine Feat won the Bad Call achievement in Hades for 40 points
Fine FeatHadesDeath Dealer achievementFine Feat won the Death Dealer achievement in Hades for 17 points
Fine FeatHadesGrown Close achievementFine Feat won the Grown Close achievement in Hades for 50 points
Fine FeatHadesRiver Denizens achievementFine Feat won the River Denizens achievement in Hades for 20 points
rekikireHalo 4rekikire won 2 Achievements in Halo 4 for 343 points
TheBlackxRangerAmong UsTheBlackxRanger won 2 Achievements in Among Us for 61 points

                Status change by rekikire at 07:14 on 15 Jan 2022rekikire status: Getting frustrated with this final fight in Halo 4. Wish I'd saved one more incinerator cannon shot.
Comment by rekikire at 08:16 on 15 Jan 2022

of course right after I post this I breeze through it and finish the solo legendary run.

Comment by The Globalizer at 09:21 on 15 Jan 2022


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