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PermalinkWeek 6 - Rounding Off Bean Dive Recovery
This week was another week of recovering my Bean Dive. I'm only 14 achievements off recovering my completion percentage. I'm actually surprised it hasn't took me long at all, but then again, my dive wasn't particularly massive and most of the games I started were very easy.

I started the week finishing up the grind in ClusterPuck 99, and then running through TurnOn. I'm not very fond of the latter of the two, I enjoyed some parts when it was just jumping around the map, taking your time, trying to maximise your score, but the levels when you were being 'chased' were pretty poor. When a key strategy of maximising score on those levels is to suicide, so you can have another run at collecting the lightning bolts, then you know the game is flawed.

TurnOnKeep Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'…The Keep Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'… achievement in TurnOn worth 16 pointsGet 3 lamps in "Get out of here!"

I also played The Bunker. It was definitely a unique experience, playing in the style of an FMV game. I liked the eeriness of the game, it really felt creepy skulking around an abandoned nuclear bunker. I feel the game was way too short, where mid-way the game takes off rapidly towards the end, and think it should have two or three times longer. You also watch some of the cut-scenes three or four times, so they can really drill home what happened.

I then played a slew of retro games, including Ms PacMan, PacMan, and Galaga. I don't know why I end up buying these games nearly every time they're re-released, I don't particularly like them and there's always a few achievements which are right fuckers. I've got what I can right now out of them, no idea if I'll ever go back to attempt the completion.

The highlight of the week was without doubt yesterday, when I played Song Of The Deep. You're essentially a young girl in a submarine looking for her missing father. With every new upgrade, more of the map opens up, and new weapons are unlocked to take on the enemies. The puzzles are interesting too, without being distinctly challenging. I'm fairly sure I'm very close to the end, which is a shame, but after the past two weeks of me not playing particularly good games, this has lifted my spirits somewhat.

Song of the DeepSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Song of the Deep worth 113 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

Thanks for reading.

09/07/17 - 15/07/17
Starting Gamerscore: 308,080
End Gamerscore: 312,964
Gain: +4,884
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PermalinkWeek 5 - Bean Dive Recovery
This week I started my first ever Bean Dive on TA. In the past, I've been reluctant to start a load of games in my pile of shame, but this year I'm not too bothered how big of a hit my completion percentage takes. All the games I'm planning to start are easy anyways, all picked up from the indie sale and ultimate games sale, so I'm hoping this gives me the motivation to actually churn through them.

I dived a total of 19 games, gaining 20 achievements (got too into Laserlife and didn't quit after the first one facepalm). My completion percentage dipped by 2.24%.

First achievement of dive:
Song of the DeepSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Song of the Deep worth 50 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

Since my dive, I've completed six of the games I started. My thoughts on them:

Active Soccer 2 DX: Very simple football game, not in the same league as Fifa (not that it tries to be). The game is easy enough when you get decent at shooting on target, the computer will rarely attack if you're on easy. I ended up making the game longer for myself by playing as an English team, meaning a season consisted of 38 domestic games, two national cup competitions, and the european cup.

Spheroids: Another simple game. Platformer, essentially travelling across the screen killing the enemies (little blobs) with your hook. It was a real pain to get used to only being able to attack vertically (above or below), but the game would have been way too easy if you could fire your hook any where. The platforming is easy enough, and you're never really punished for dying, so the game is very easy.

Cel Damage HD: Car game based around damaging your opponents, not unlike Mario Kart battle mode. I wish I had played the original when it first released, I think it would have been a really fun game with friends. The achievements are very easy, but the game starts to drag when you have to win 48 events over 3 game modes.

ABZU: I hugged a guide for this one, because I didn't want to miss any collectibles, but this game would be pretty fun if you just play it as is. You basically swim around underwater, solving very simple puzzles and observing the sea life. The story parts repeat at times, which is pretty bad considering the length of the game. I would wait until it's very cheap to pick this one up (which I'll be doing for the W10 version).

The Little Acre: I feel this game should have been 3-5x as long as it was. Just as the story got going, it was quickly concluded. I'm not the biggest fan of point and click games anyway, but this game isn't half bad. There's a few very missable achievements, so it is definitely worth hugging a guide for this too. Most will get it done in an hour.

Momonga Pinball Adventures: This game is just pinball with a 'cutesy' skin and some story elements added. There's nine levels total, each with five challenges, which you can only do one by one. I'll be honest, I got my three stars on every level (determined by the number of stars you collect, hearts you have left, and then a challenge mutliplier), then tricked it to get 45 challenges complete. The game expects you to play 500 levels, so there is a grind just restarting the level for about an hour.

I also completed Rocket Leagues newest title update. The achievements are easy, made even easier if you already have a very rare item. I managed to earn myself a very unworthy platinum 2 in ranked regular, so now I can't play that at all without inevitably relegating myself down a few notches.

 Totally deserved Totally deserved

A bit of a longer blog this week, but thanks for reading!

02/07/17 - 08/07/17
Starting Gamerscore: 299,290
End Gamerscore: 308,080
Gain: +8,810
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PermalinkWeek 4 - Game Sales + Milestone Approaching
This week I managed to finish off all the easy Game Pass games I wanted to play, with two days spare before the trial expires. I completed Dig Dug (bastard 'Dig' achievement), Shred It, Comix Zone, Knight Squad and got some help on KOF98 for the online achievements. I also finished off Mega Coin Squad, and christ, the grind was real for that last coin achievement. I was very lucky scraping the speed run achievement too, so I'm glad I got that done. I'll probably sign up to game pass some time down the line, when more games appeal to me and I've not got such a huge backlog (so never).

I also bit the bullet last week and bought a ton of indie games, and prayed they weren't going to be added to the Game Pass. Thankfully, they weren't. I wish I bought 'Turing Test' and 'Her Majestys Spiffing' now, but I thought they would be the most likely to be added. This week also had the Ultimate Game Sale, so I've ended up picking up about 12 games from that as well.

I'm planning on bean diving them all next week, so I'm expecting my completion percentage to take a tumble.

Finally, with 300k gamerscore rapidly approaching, I'm torn on whether I should reach the milestone with a 'good game'. I remember purposely going for a Gears of War 3 achievement when I hit 100k rather than Spongebob or whatever shite I was playing at the time, but I'm not sure if I'm that bothered this time round.

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25/06/17 - 01/07/17
Starting Gamerscore: 296,790
End Gamerscore: 299,290
Gain: +2,530
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