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PermalinkWeek 11 - Better Late than Never?
Apologies for the late blog to whoever reads the stream of shite I try to type up every week.

I haven't been particularly interested in gamerscore or xbox in general lately. I'm not sure if I've burnt myself out or Insult Simulator is really that crap, but I've lost interest to be honest. Perhaps it's because the people I usually play xbox with aren't very active as of late, but I'm hoping I can find something I can enjoy, not that anything to be released before the end of the year really inspires me.

I think I finished off Insult Simulator, and that's about it.

Hopefully I'll have something to talk about next week.

12/08/17 - 18/08/17
Starting Gamerscore: 322,918
End Gamerscore: 323,553
Gain: +635
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PermalinkWeek 10 - End of the Ranch... for now
The beginning of this week I pretty much spent all my time in Slime Rancher. I finished the remaining achievements by mid week, with the three plorts from one gold slime being my last I needed (apart from the 5 day rush achievements).

Slime RancherHat TrickThe Hat Trick achievement in Slime Rancher worth 154 pointsObtain at least 3 gold plorts from a single gold slime

To give a mini review of Slime Rancher, I would say it's a 4.5/5 for me. The only reason it isn't hitting the full 5 is the frame rate issues, and the grind which is required at the end to get the upgrade which makes the final achievement much easier. I'm a little sad that my time on my ranch is over, but in a recent AMA on reddit, a developer from the studio says they do have the ability to add more achievements, so maybe I'll be back sooner than I think?

The rest of the week was me trying to finish off some games I've left behind, again. I managed to grab the final achievements in Madden NFL 17. American Football isn't popular over here at all, and I only know the basics because of watching the Superbowl and playing some of the earlier Madden games. Overall, the achievements are fairly straightforward, but some in there can be a bitch to get.

Madden NFL 17Comeback CityThe Comeback City achievement in Madden NFL 17 worth 101 pointsComeback and win when trailing by 17+ points at halftime. (No SuperSim, Co-Op or Ultimate Moments)

I also played some Dead Island. I've played this game far too many times, including the 360 version on my old profile and this one, as well as the One version. I enjoy the game overall, but it's certainly not without it's issues. I'd recommend people just play Dying Light instead. I played some of the arenas for the first time, and they were surprisingly good. In the arena with the tall grass, you genuinely have no idea where they're going to pop out from. If anyone reading this wants to grab some of the co-op arena achievements, send me a message.

I also started Insult Simulator, having seen how easy the achievements are, and with Microsoft giving me a rebate because of all the games I bought in July, I was essentially getting it for free. The game has an achievement called 'It Gets Boring After An Hour', and they've definitely hit the nail on the head there. Duelling is essentially making sure your insult is grammatically correct and hitting some weaknesses of your opponent rather than actually being insulting.

Oh...Sir! The Insult SimulatorIt Gets Boring After An HourThe It Gets Boring After An Hour achievement in Oh...Sir! The Insult Simulator worth 255 pointsPlay more than 100 duels.

That's it for this week. Thanks for reading.

06/08/17 - 12/08/17
Starting Gamerscore: 321,770
End Gamerscore: 322,918
Gain: +1,148
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PermalinkWeek 9 - Will Work for Plorts
After the massive amount of scoring the past few weeks, this week was decidedly slower as I clean up some of the games I've left behind.

On Sunday I finished off the story to Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock. I used to play music games considerably more when I was younger, and got fairly decent at them, but any talent I had back then has deserted me now. I feel this game is on average more difficult than the earlier ones, I'm not sure if that is because it's been a while since I played or just this game, but I found my self struggling to keep a combo on a fair few songs. I still very much enjoyed what I played, with the different powerups keeping the game interesting.

Guitar Hero: Warriors of RockSavior of RockThe Savior of Rock achievement in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock worth 65 pointsDefeat the scourge of Rock (Quest)

I also played Costume Quest 2. I've played this about three years ago on the One, and since the 360 version went backwards compatible I decided to run through that, too. The game is a very easy completion, and despite being an arcade game, has 1000g available. In typical Double Fine fashion, it has funny parts scattered throughout, and I would recommend every one at least gives it a go.

Tekken 6 was on sale this week, so I played that a little bit. Far too many achievements are linked to the scenario mode, which I'm not really a fan of, but the gameplay is still solid and Tekken fans will still get something out of it. Buying it actually inspired me to boot up Tekken Tag Tournament 2 again, and grab the online rank achievement. Tekken 3 on PS1 and Tekken Tag Tournament 1 were some of my favourite games back in the day, and these two are decent additions to the franchise.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2Tekken Black BeltThe Tekken Black Belt achievement in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 worth 43 pointsYou earned 1st dan in Online Mode.

Last but certainly not least, is Slime Rancher.


I put a status on TA yesterday saying I literally couldn't pull myself away from this game, and it's absolutely true. You essentially run a farm, growing fruit and vegetables, but your livestock takes on the from of slimes. Feeding these slimes produce plorts, which you can sell for cash, use them to create new combo-slimes or later on use to create various tech. The game has a great deal of exploring to do too.

Slime RancherInto the PastThe Into the Past achievement in Slime Rancher worth 37 pointsDiscover the Ancient Ruins

Slime Rancher is deceptively deep, with each slime having a preferred food type and even a favourite of that food type which will give extra plorts when fed. You can set up corrals with various upgrades, including an auto-feeder and plort collector.

Slime RancherTasty!The Tasty! achievement in Slime Rancher worth 14 pointsFeed 50 slimes on the Ranch their favorite food

I find it extremely difficult to stop playing this. I've had to save and quit just so I can get this blog written. I've heard people say it's similar to Stardew Valley, so I might give that a go after finishing this.

Now if you'd excuse me, I've got some mangos to harvest.

Thanks for reading.

29/07/17 - 05/08/17
Starting Gamerscore: 319,695
End Gamerscore: 321,770
Gain: +2,075
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PermalinkWeek 8 - Going Stateside
This week, I finally got round to playing some of the US-only easy achievement games. I was wary of following some of the guides people posted about switching store regions, especially since not that long ago quite a few people got banned for exploiting other region stores to get a game for free. I decided since xbox one games are region free, and switching stores is a setting on the console rather than making use of a proxy/vpn, that it should be safe.

I bought a $25 card from cdkeys, and bought Energy Cycle, Mr Pumpkins Adventure and Scrabble.

Everyone will know about the first on that list, it's essentially this generations Avatar. Super quick 1000G.

The second is easily the most bizarre game I've ever played. It's a point and click adventure game, but every character is a creepy personified fruit or vegetable. The puzzles might have been fun, but I was looking to blast through it and be done, so just used a guide.

And last but not least, Scrabble. Most people will know what this is already, but if you don't, it's basically a board game based around building words. I quickly learned just how shit at scrabble I was when all I could muster was three letter words to start, but I got better as time went on. Good luck beating 3 very hard AI legit, even if you use a solver. Decently quick gamerscore, but you need a person to play online with for the emoji achievement.

ScrabbleSocializerKMDeaconThe Socializer achievement in Scrabble worth 30 pointsUse an Emoji in Multiplayer.

I also got into some OXENFREE, which was one of my bean dive games. Overall, I'd say I liked the game. The voice acting is of a very high quality. The story was interesting at times, but felt a bit too jumpy and incoherent at others. I liked that other people online could have input into my story. My only real gripe is the ending. It didn't feel like a twist which made sense with hindsight, like Bioshock's for example, but felt glued on to bait you into a replay of the game. I need to play it another two times for the remaining achievements, but at least I won't need to worry about any collectibles.

In other cleanup news, I got back to Master Chief Collection. I grabbed the remaining skulls on Halo 2 I had left, as well as the toys. Unfortunately, you need to play on legendary for the skulls, and Halo 2 on legendary is an absolute bastard. Honestly, whoever thought it was a good idea for jackal snipers to be that accurate and drop you in one shot needs a slap or six. And there's far too many of them, too. Loading up some of the levels is like joining a lobby on Call of Duty full of people with Faze clan tags, except less high pitched voices.

Halo: The Master Chief CollectionThrone of BonesKMDeaconThe Throne of Bones achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 124 pointsFind and claim all the campaign skulls in Halo:CE, Halo 2, and Halo 3.

Not sure what I'm going to get up to next week. Probably just keep clearing the backlog and cleaning up some of the games I've left uncompleted.

Thanks for reading.

23/07/17 - 29/07/17
Starting Gamerscore: 314,890
End Gamerscore: 319,695
Gain: +4,805
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PermalinkWeek 7 - Bean Dive Complete
This week I recovered from my first ever Bean Dive! I spoke about it last week, but early in the week I grabbed the remaining achievements I needed. I'm looking forward to doing another one next year. I guess whether I dive more games than this year depends on the size of my backlog, so I'm hoping it will be smaller (but we all know it will end up being bigger).

Bean Dive Stats
Start completion % - 87.61
End completion % - 85.37
Final dive % - 2.24
Current completion % - 87.74
Recovered completion % - 2.24
Recovery is complete!
Bean dive finished on - 18 Jul 17
Total games dived - 19

I also finished off a handful of games which I started during my Bean Dive.

The Bridge - A physics-based puzzle game with rotating of the screen being a core mechanic. I feel at times the solution to some puzzles were way too finicky, or based on a repetition of steps rather than having to figure out what to do. I would say the game is ok, it's very different to anything else I've played.

Monochroma - I'm not going to lie, I'm really not a fan of this game. I'm not a big fan of platformers to start with, and this game has very poor platforming, as well as a very dull aesthetic. Any puzzles are based on speed rather than finding a solution. I also was a victim of the glitchy collectible achievement, so had to re-do half the game getting those. Wouldn't recommend.

MonochromaFlowerThe Flower achievement in Monochroma worth 303 pointsFind all secret Flowers

I also learned how to play backgammon this week. When I was younger, I had one of those '10 in 1' board game sets, with backgammon being one of them, and I didn't have a clue how to play it. I used some youtube videos to get a basic idea going into playing the arcade game, which was on sale recently. The game is fairly easy when you understand how to play and the difference between a good and a bad move. It does have a grind for the 100 games played, but an easy completion.

I can finally uninstall Forza Horizon too. It's been sat there for a bit, since I needed a Forza 3 or 4 save for one of the achievements (which is bullshit by the way, you shouldn't need another game to get an achievement). I used the solution someone posted here to get a Forza 3 save without any achievements, and it worked a charm.

Forza HorizonMay The Forza Be With YouThe May The Forza Be With You achievement in Forza Horizon worth 16 pointsReceive your Forza loyalty cars.

Last but not least, I grabbed a new Windows Phone game - Orbital. I'd been trying not to buy any new WP games until I regained my 100% completion on there, but this looked decent and I'd heard good things. It is a nice little game, only three game modes, but it can be very addicting, and until I get the last few achievements will probably be my go to game to play on the train to work.

Thanks for reading.

16/07/17 - 22/07/17
Starting Gamerscore: 312,964
End Gamerscore: 314,890
Gain: +1,926
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