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PermalinkWeek 41 + 42 - Another Week, Another Missed Blog
I was unfortunately very ill last week, which is why I missed the post last week, but that just means I can write twice as much this week!

It was my birthday on the 13th, and what better way to celebrate than get some achievements. I booted up Jump, Step, Step, and completed it in no time at all. You essentially program commands into your robot, starting off with basic directional movements into more complex actions. I think it would have been a semi interesting game if I hadn't just hugged a guide throughout, but in my defence, it has a 'perfect run' achievement, and I'm not playing it twice.

Jump, Step, StepPerfect runThe Perfect run achievement in Jump, Step, Step worth 231 pointsComplete one run of the game without dying

The same week I also started Cyber Complex, another indie game on sale at some point. You control an orb and you try to take over a system, by capturing nodes, spawning your own pulses to do your bidding, and killing spiders (idfk). The game is very simplistic, but can be fairly fun. Pro tip; you can hold A to capture things, you don't need to hammer the button like me. Decent enough, easy gamerscore, and perhaps a little challenge to it.

Cyber ComplexHackerThe Hacker achievement in Cyber Complex worth 101 pointsCapture 100 Units

I also finished off Dead Space Ignition, almost a full year after I started it. It's sort of similar to the previous game I was talking about, but for those who don't know, just forget the Dead Space part. This really has fuck all to do with Isaac Clarke and his wacky adventures. You basically play various minigames, such as a race against other blips, laser puzzles, tower defense (where you're the aggressor), in branching paths. The game is very simple, even the speedrun achievement won't give you too much trouble.

Dead Space: IgnitionInfectiousThe Infectious achievement in Dead Space: Ignition worth 27 pointsSuccessfully complete all System Override hacks in any single player mode.

I played various point and clicks throughout the fortnight, including Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek, Decay - The Mare and 8-bit Adventure Anthology. They all are varying levels of creepy, with Decay taking the top spot. 8-bit is strange where all the achievements are linked to different ways to die, rather than progress in the game. Enigmatis seemed to be the most polished and best presented, and the finding puzzles can be somewhat fun. I've got two more
Artifex Mundi games from before the price hike to get through, maybe I'll speak about them next week.

8-Bit Adventure Anthology (Volume One)Secret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in 8-Bit Adventure Anthology (Volume One) worth 59 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

Two more indie games (seems like that's all I play recently) I played was Super Toy Cars and Clouds & Sheep 2. The two couldn’t be less similar.

Super Toy Cars is a racing game sort of similar to Micro Machines, but not in a top down view. The game is fairly rough around the edges, with issues around clipping and collisions. I recommend you get the 'Hot Rod' car, fully upgrade it, and literally fly round the tracks drifting and boosting.

Super Toy CarsFly like a birdThe Fly like a bird achievement in Super Toy Cars worth 36 pointsSpend 10 minutes in the air

Clouds & Sheep 2 is a management game, where you’re tasked with managing your flock of sheep, and cater to their every need. Another pro tip; actually play the bastard tutorial. I skipped it when it started to drag and wasted loads of time because I didn’t know if you created small puddles it will make grass/flowers grow, so was paying stars every time my sheep got hungry. It has a ridiculous grind achievement for growing trees, so I recommend you save up, buy the trees, then delete your cloud save (WITHOUT quitting the game). When you load the game back up, you should have your resources, but still have your progress towards the achievement.

Clouds & Sheep 2Conifer ForestThe Conifer Forest achievement in Clouds & Sheep 2 worth 187 pointsPlant 100 conifers!

The final game I wanted to talk about was Geometry Wars 3, again. I made a lot of progress and have very much enjoyed my time battling the various bosses and playing through the variety of challenging levels. I managed to grab all the 'Beat X' achievements for bettering the developers scores. I was getting nowhere near the Nufo Flow one (Beat Phil), until one attempt I managed to actually double the score needed (21m -> ~40m), and I'm placed 62nd in the world on the leaderboard.

External image

Thanks for reading.
13/03/18 - 26/03/18
Starting Gamerscore: 385,468
End Gamerscore: 393,458
Gain: +7990
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PermalinkWeek 40 - Relocation
This week was mainly dominated by my move to a new property closer to work. I had to spend the majority of my time disassembling, packing, and hauling all my shit into a van and moved yesterday early afternoon. I've just had the internet engineer round, so my broadband should be working, but it seems to be dipping in and out at the moment.

Anyway, on to the games I managed to play. The main game was Geometry Wars 3. This game was on sale last week, and I had been meaning to play it for a while. If you're a fan of twin stick shooters, you need to play this game (although you probably already have). For those who have never heard of it, you are a space ship and various neon coloured shapes are trying to kill you. That's the top and bottom of it really. But what you'll find in the campaign mode is various scenarios, game modes, play spaces, bosses, which will keep you playing for hours on end.

Geometry Wars³: DimensionsBossmanThe Bossman achievement in Geometry Wars³: Dimensions worth 26 pointsDefeat any boss in Adventure Mode without using a Drone Super or a Smart Bomb

You have various upgrades to your little companion ship, such as it collecting the items which drop which increase your multiplier, or adding extra firepower etc. The bosses come every 10 levels, and I've just beaten the third one I believe, and they can be pretty tough. The game has a high skill ceiling but is very approachable, often with a slow start to the carnage before it builds up into all out chaos. I'd recommend everyone to play this.

Gears of War 4Know Your Role: SoldierThe Know Your Role: Soldier achievement in Gears of War 4 worth 150 pointsAs a Soldier, kill 40 enemies from cover and have 100 Lancer kills in one Horde match

I also played more Gears of War 4, since another update has been released. I'm not going to rant about Gears again, but I sincerely doubt I'll be playing any of the future instalments if it doesn't veer away from this freemium (but still pay full retail price) bullshit. The update added no new content (apart from maybe some shitty skins), but another 500g to toil over. I grabbed some of the easier 'Know Your Roles' and quit.

That's it for this week, I think I'll post some pictures next week from my move. Thanks for reading.

06/03/18 - 12/03/18
Starting Gamerscore: 384,968
End Gamerscore: 385,468
Gain: +500
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PermalinkWeek 39 - Square Eyes
This week, with snowmageddon wreaking havoc across the UK, I had a lot of time to gather gamerscore. Most of my playing was spent on Minecraft.

I didn't realise how cheap you could get a code for the Windows 10 version of the game, so I picked that up for about £2. Thanks to Itzz Sh0wt1m3 and his achievement worlds, I managed to grab all but the play 100 days achievement. I should have probably kept the easy gamerscore for deeper into the GTASC, but I doubt I'll go far enough for it to matter to be honest.

Minecraft (Win 10)Zombie DoctorThe Zombie Doctor achievement in Minecraft (Win 10) worth 107 pointsCure a zombie villager.

You can also host games over LAN between the W10 version and the newest Xbox One version, even on the same account, so I also used the same world for the X1.

Another game I played this week was Guns Gore and Cannoli. This is side scrolling shooting game, where you take on the role of a mafioso and you take on hordes of the undead. I really like the games art style and even though this genre of game isn't usually to my taste, I found myself having a lot of fun. The healing item is a cannoli (an italian pastry), hence the title. There's a bit of a grind at the end to wrap up some achievements, but overall the game is very short and actually half decent. Would recommend.

Guns, Gore & CannoliCannoli EnthusiastThe Cannoli Enthusiast achievement in Guns, Gore & Cannoli worth 26 pointsEat 10 Cannoli

The final game of note I played this week was Human Fall Flat. I bought this game because I was told it had co-op, but unfortunately it's only local, so I'm playing it solo. The game is sort of like Octodad, in that the biggest hurdle is often the controls themselves. Each trigger controls each respective arm, and you need to parkour your little guy across the course put before you. The game is loaded with easter eggs, most of which have an achievement attached. I still have quite a bit left to do, but I'm very much enjoying it.

Human Fall FlatFor whom the bell tollsThe For whom the bell tolls achievement in Human Fall Flat worth 53 pointsRing the castle bell in "Castle"

That's all for this week, I'm moving next week so not sure how much I'll have to talk about. Thanks for reading.

27/02/18 - 05/03/18
Starting Gamerscore: 381,103
End Gamerscore: 384,968
Gain: +3865
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PermalinkWeek 36, 37, 38 - Long time no see
I haven't been able to find the time to blog lately since I've been organising a move closer to work. It means I'll only need to spend an hour a day commuting rather than two, with my time on the metro significantly reduced, so an all-round win.

I'm not moving for another few weeks, so if every thing goes to plan (and the internet engineer turns up when he's due!), I shouldn't have to lose my streak or bow out of the GTASC without a fight. Below are pictures of the before and after of moving my game collection into a folder for easier transportation.

Before - My 360 Game CollectionBefore - My 360 Game Collection


Week 36
The first week of my hiatus I managed to finish off Livelock, with the help of a random ad hoc boosting session formed from a message I got, so that saved me all the week of making my own.

I also rattled through Her Majestys Spiffing, which is essentially a point and click adventure set in space and not too dissimilar to Red Dwarf, with the Britishness (is that a word?) turned up to 11. There's so many nods to popular culture and english/welsh/french stereotypes you lose count, and I think some will be lost on those outside of the UK. Those in the know however will be rolling their eyes and getting a cheap chuckle. Very very easy gamerscore, some of the easiest on the system.

Her Majesty's SPIFFINGSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Her Majesty's SPIFFING worth 26 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

I rounded off Spellspire, which was eating up so much of my time. A hellish grind by the end, but I'm glad I put in the time to get it done. If that wasn't enough grinding, I also grabbed the points for Wrecking Crew on Red Faction Guerilla, a game which I hadn't played for almost five years.

Week 37
The next week the main game I played was Hue. This is available on Game Pass, but I bought it when it was on sale a few months ago. I actually really enjoyed this game. It's a puzzle platformer based around collecting, and then making use of, the colours of the rainbow.

HueBack to the FuchsiaThe Back to the Fuchsia achievement in Hue worth 57 pointsUnlock pink colour

You need to manipulate blocks and switches, but these often have a colour, so when you switch the world to said colour, they disappear. So, a yellow block sat on a switch will no longer push it down when you switch the world to yellow, but will if you switch again to blue. I think this unique mechanic (to me, at least) and fluid gameplay and controls is a good reason for anyone to give this a go.

Keeping with the theme of grinds, I also played Snooker Nation Championship 2016. It was very cheap on sale, and I've had a craving to play a snooker/pool game for a while, so I thought I'd pick it up. Due to a glitch within the game, the perfect break (and the achievements leading up to it) is very easy, thankfully. Without this glitch, this game would go to maybe a 2/10 for difficulty to a 8+/10. The rest of the game is playing the tournament against easy AI, but unfortunately the number of frames required to win goes up and up and by the final you're playing a best of 35 (so 18 minimum). I would also recommend you to listen to something else whilst playing this, the obnoxious voice-over instructing the "crowd" grates to say the least.

Snooker Nation ChampionshipFlawlessThe Flawless achievement in Snooker Nation Championship worth 245 pointsGet a Snooker Break of 147

I actually got round to playing some Gears of War 4, too. I tried one of the older multiplayer events (Snowball Fight?) and thought it was total shit, so had lost hope of earning some of the Flaming skins for the achievement. The most recent event was much better though. Titled Cupid's Torque Bow Mode, you're given a large heart shaped head and a torque bow emanating pink hearts. Even though I was in games with multiple re-uppers, it didn't take me too long to grab the 100 kills and 5 wins required. Hopefully that means I'm 2/5 for the achievement.

Week 38
The first game I played, The Assembly, was on sale this week (if you couldn't tell already, I'm really cheap and only buy things on sale). This is a walking simulator, except you're time is split between completing logic puzzles with one character, and investigating 'The Assembly' as the other. I didn't pay much attention to the story to be honest, I ended up just blasting through so I could play more PUBG.

The AssemblySecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in The Assembly worth 107 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

The final game I want to mention which I played this week was Conga Master. I'll start with the positives: it's certainly unique. That's all I can really commend this game on. The gameplay is bland and drawn out, and feels tedious by the second level. It can be incredibly frustrating at times, and even though there is 33 characters to use, there's nothing compelling you to paly further (apart from achievements).

Conga Master"For a pig, you dance pretty well…"The "For a pig, you dance pretty well…" achievement in Conga Master worth 17 pointsUnlock The Dan

The characters (where unlocking each individual one has an achievement) require you to spin a wheel in between levels to try and unlock them, so you can play through the entire story (6 levels) and not earn anything. There's easier and better Gamerscore games to play. Play them instead.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading. Hopefully I'll stop being a lazy git and get back to regular posts.

05/02/18 - 26/02/18
Starting Gamerscore: 375,719
End Gamerscore: 381,103
Gain: +5384 (~1795/wk)
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PermalinkWeek 35 - Dropping the Duke Nuke
Another week of not a whole lot for me this week. The only real thing of note was my 'easy gamerscore game of the week', Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary Edition World Tour.

I think I'm a little too young to have played this back in the day, so I went in with very little knowledge of the game. I have no doubt this was a fun nostalgic-laced trip for some, but for me it was very confusing and sort of just rolling with it. I can't think of another time I got an achievement for standing in a pile of shit, so there's that.

Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary Edition World TourIt HappensThe It Happens achievement in Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary Edition World Tour worth 20 pointsStep in a pile of excrement.

I spread out the achievements over three short sessions for half the week, but I found most of the guides sort of expect you to already know what's going on in the levels and where to go, which weapons are which etc. I recommend for people with as little experience as me, get the achievements and get out. Very very easy gamerscore when you make use of the in-game cheats.

I made a lot of progress in Livelock, just the co-op stuff remaining. I attempted to make a sessions (with short notice, to be fair) and didn't have any people joining. I think I might have to set it a week or two in advance.

LivelockThe Dream TeamThe The Dream Team achievement in Livelock worth 92 pointsReach level 30 with Hex, Catalyst and Vanguard

I've also been working towards the dungeon floors on Spellspire, about level 22 at the moment. Slow and steady. Split/Second, the games with gold game, seems decent, but I want to spend some more time with it before giving my opinion.

Thanks for reading.

29/01/18 - 04/02/18
Starting Gamerscore: 374,274
End Gamerscore: 375,719
Gain: +1,445
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