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PermalinkWeek 50 - Far Cry Falls Flat + 360 Game Pick ups
I've exaggerated a little with the title, but I think it's somewhat true: Far Cry 5's story fell flat on it's face and wasted an opportunity to be a truly great game. I'll start by saying this: I very much enjoyed this game (and the franchise as a whole) and would recommend everyone give it a go. The gameplay is top notch, what you've come to expect from a Far Cry game. It has become more than just going outpost to outpost, radio tower to radio tower, to be an open world in every sense of the term. This does come with the negative effect that at the beginning it's hard to know where you should be going, as the previous Far Cry gameplay elements did provide somewhat of a structure. The game introduces more variety in events such as Clutch Nixon, which is basically an extreme sports event, chasing fishing records, a plethora of different collectibles etc.

Far Cry 5Been There, Done ThatThe Been There, Done That achievement in Far Cry 5 worth 33 pointsComplete all Hunting & Fishing Challenges (Campaign only).

However, I feel the story goes too far outside of the suspended disbelief required in earlier entries to the franchise. The story had a very strong introduction, creating an intimidating setting with the compound and church where you attempt to arrest Joseph. I found as the story went on, the game got more absurd. I started in Faith's region, moved to John's, and ended with Jacob's. I counted 5 separate times you are captured and imprisoned (not including the bliss trips). At some point you'd think they'd just execute you, but no, you always wriggle free. And using "Bliss bullets"? Come on.

Far Cry 5Fertilizing the LandThe Fertilizing the Land achievement in Far Cry 5 worth 17 pointsUsing a tractor, obliterate 5 enemies (Campaign only).

The deus ex machina from Joseph is taken to it's extremes, especially at the end (which I won’t talk about, since it's still a fairly new game). The mind altering drug 'Bliss' seems to change it's properties at will, and is leant on as a trope too often. I remember the criticism Ubisoft got when they did the hallucination fights against Vaas in Far Cry 3, but any lessons learned there have been very much forgotten here. I also didn't like how you never got the same satisfaction as on Far Cry 4 when defeating a lieutenant. You had to sit and listen to their spiel as they do a tired fade away death. You had the option on 4 if you had enough of Min talking to just execute him then and there, which I would have liked on this (especially John).

I'll say it again: it's worth a play through, but don’t go in expecting a brilliant and well-put together story, because it's just not. Wasted potential.

Far Cry 5The Hurk LockerThe The Hurk Locker achievement in Far Cry 5 worth 18 pointsTruly bond with Hurk by destroying 15 vehicles together (Campaign only).

Aside from Far Cry, I played some Dead Island. I joined a session and managed to knock out all the remaining arena achievements. We had a few fails along the way, but got it done. I think I only have the remaining two characters to run through the first act with, then getting to level 50, then I should be done. I've got Riptide on both 360 and One, but you need a co-op partner for ALL story missions for one achievement. If anyone is reading this and wants to get it done, send me a message and we can organise maybe a weekly time slot or something.

Dead Island Definitive EditionMorituri te salutantThe Morituri te salutant achievement in Dead Island Definitive Edition worth 96 pointsSurvive 30 consecutive waves with at least one co-op player.

I also finished off one of the many slogs found in Killer Instinct. Thanks to a few people who have I've been exchanging fight challenges with on the shadow mode, my character made it to 100 matches played. The achievement has a pretty ridiculous TA ratio too, at around 11 at the time of writing. I'll try to keep checking my challenges to help others, but some of them are quite difficult fights (when they're supposed to be purposely easy, to allow efficient exchanges).

Killer InstinctShadow RuffianThe Shadow Ruffian achievement in Killer Instinct worth 283 pointsHave a Shadow reach 100 matches played.

One more thing I got up to this week was picking up some of the older 360 games which ended up passing me by. I've noticed the stock in my local second hand gaming shop (primarily CeX) has started getting low on a lot of titles, and I think this is because as the prices have gone lower and lower, so has the trade-in prices they offer, so people are less likely to bring in their old games. Hardly worth the journey if they're only going to give you 50p per title. And since they now charge £1.50 deliver PER ITEM, I jumped on some of these cheap games while I have a chance. Here's an album of some of my pickups:

One of these games was Falling Skies. I've genuinely never heard of this game (or the movie it's based on), but I only paid £1. A quick browse on amazon suggest people are trying to sell it for ~£6. Not many people have played it on TA either, so it could end up being hard to come by and actually be worth something.

I'm off to hopefully spend some time in State of Decay 2. Thanks for reading.

15/05/18 - 21/05/18
Starting Gamerscore: 414,272
End Gamerscore: 415,323
Gain: +1051
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PermalinkWeek 49 - Chasing a Challenge
This week I've been chasing 5000 TA to get the current solo challenge in the GTASC. The first game I started and completed was Riptide GP: Renegade. This is an arcade hydrojet racing game, available via game pass. I thought the game was pretty good actually, far better than I was expecting. You play through the events, including freestyle, slalom, and race, acquiring new hydrojets, riders and upgrades along the way. It provides something different than most racers since it's in the water, but apart from that it doesn't deviate from the tried and tested formula.

Riptide GP: RenegadeEliteThe Elite achievement in Riptide GP: Renegade worth 386 pointsEarn 1st place in all Career events.

I also played two of the recently released easy gamerscore games: Korgan and Inksplosion. The former is sort of diablo lite, where you're confined to three areas linked by teleporters. You complete the primary and secondary objectives of each area, kill the bosses, and that's it. Truly easy gamerscore, and FREE. The latter is a twin stick shooter, but doesn't really measure up to others in the genre. You can tap one of the triggers for slo-mo (a bar which is shared with your health). It's easy when you get the hang of it, and it will be over before you know it. It's cheap so I recommend a quick turn and burn.

InkSplosionShow them who's bossThe Show them who's boss achievement in InkSplosion worth 91 pointsReach 75,000 points in Classic Mode

The last game I want to mention is the DLC for Assassins Creed Syndicate: Jack the Ripper. I was a big fan of the base game, so picked this up when it was on sale. I would say on average it's slightly worse than the main story, since you lose one half of the siblings, and all your abilities/weapons you earned. It takes place 20 years after, and (spoiler) Jack isn't even anyone you know, and he's never unmasked so it doesn't even matter really. I suppose you should play it if you want to play everything available for Assassins Creed, otherwise I would avoid.

Assassin's Creed SyndicateRipperologistThe Ripperologist achievement in Assassin's Creed Syndicate worth 196 pointsAchieve 100% synchronization in the DLC.

I'm currently playing PUBG so I'm going to cut down my opinions on Bulb Boy to one word. Bizarre. Thanks for reading.

08/05/18 - 14/05/18
Starting Gamerscore: 410,182
End Gamerscore: 414,272
Gain: +4090
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PermalinkWeek 48 - Game(rscore) Pass
With the past weekend being a long one because of May Day, I was able to dedicate more time to achievement hunting, and having recently subscribed to game pass, I had no shortage of options. This week I started and completed Late Shift, NBA Playgrounds, RiME, and Bug Butcher. To my surprise, I liked them all.

The first, Late Shift, is essentially an interactive movie with diverging choices. You start out working as a security guard for a parking garage, but quickly you're set on track to a wild ride, being roped into aiding an auction raid, surviving a potentially fatal car crash, and being hunted by Chinese mafia. It is very similar to The Bunker. I very much enjoyed the change of pace, and despite the absurdity of the different situations, it all seemed relatively believable and made for a compelling story. I feel it could and should have been longer, and had a bit of a tendency to jump about too quickly, but I would absolutely recommend this to people. The achievements are super easy, too. All endings are required for an achievement, and luckily you can replay the last chapter to grab them all.

Late ShiftExpert StorytellerThe Expert Storyteller achievement in Late Shift worth 157 pointsWatch all seven endings

NBA Playgrounds had been on my radar for a while, but had staved off getting it, so when I saw it was on Game Pass I jumped on it right away. I'm not particularly well versed in basketball, being British and it not being very popular over here, but I did used to watch some NBA when I was in university, so I understand the basics (ie how to play). That being said, I found the game fun from start to finish. You play 2v2 on a small court using professional and ex-professional players which you get from card packs (earned, not microtransactions), and play tournaments arounds the globe. There is a small twist being that you need to complete the challenge in each match (if you want the achievement), which can range from number of steals to number of three-pointers. The game is relatively straight forward both gameplay and achievement wise, and it won't take you long to complete this.

NBA PlaygroundsRise to the ChallengeThe Rise to the Challenge achievement in NBA Playgrounds worth 373 pointsUnlock all tournament challenges

The penultimate game I clocked was RiME. I'm not going to lie, I've been hugging a guide for this one because of the large amount of backtracking which would be required without one, which has probably somewhat diminished the experience. I still enjoyed the gameplay, having no problems with the controls, and the art style has a certain charm to it. It's your standard platformer with non-taxing puzzles. No fighting enemies or anything like that. The one qualm I have is that achievement for only using one bubble in the underwater section, which frustrated me a little bit, but otherwise a perfectly decent game.

RiMEHold your breathThe Hold your breath achievement in RiME worth 48 pointsUse only one bubble in the underwater cave.

The last but certainly not least game was The Bug Butcher. This is another bullet hell type game, with the objective being to kill all the insects on screen whilst protecting the scientists. You rack up points per bug, and avoid getting hit to build up a multiplier to earn enough score to earn three stars. There is also a combo target on every level, required for some achievements. You can upgrade your guy, being able to buy perks, make your guns more effective or enhance your power ups. I'm a fan of this style of game, and this game found a good balance of challenge at times, although after levelling up and a run or two at a level, you should be hitting the targets no problem. I didn't like the grind achievements after doing everything else, but at least they weren't too hard to get. If you like this genre, play this game!

The Bug ButcherBULLET HELLThe BULLET HELL achievement in The Bug Butcher worth 99 pointsKill 1000 enemies with the gatling gun in any single game mode

It's looking I might run out of games before I run out of subscription if I keep going at this rate, but I'll always have State of Decay to play come the 22nd. Thanks for reading.

01/05/18 - 07/05/18
Starting Gamerscore: 405,757
End Gamerscore: 410,182
Gain: +4425
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PermalinkWeek 47 - Hopping on the 4k Bandwagon
This week I decided to pick up a 4k monitor to go with my new Xbox One X, which is still working thankfully, after my old one conked out after a day (see: last weeks blog). I got a 28" Samsung 4k monitor, and wow, what a difference it is compared to my old 23" 1080p monitors. I had to boot up Far Cry 5 right away, despite wanting to hold off a little bit, just to see it in all it's glory. I haven't played enough to talk about it, just the opening scene, but I was blown away with how it looked and I'm hoping I find time next week to get stuck into the story.

Far Cry 5Secret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Far Cry 5 worth 20 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

Aside from that, I'm aiming to finish in the top 25% for GTASC to pick up the bonus this week, so decided to start some easy gamerscore games, the first of which is North. I really can’t say a lot about this game, I wasn't on it long enough to really have an opinion. It's bizarre, but 1000g in no time at all.

NORTHSpecial pillsThe Special pills achievement in NORTH worth 101 pointsDo not talk about them to doctors

I also started and finished Slayaway Butchers Camp. It's a puzzle game where you need to murder all the victims within a set number of turns, so think like sliding ice puzzles present in so many games. The walkthrough on this site makes the game an absolute breeze, but be warned, getting a score of 25 in the mini game can be frustrating and it took me a good 45 minutes to get it.

Slayaway Camp: Butcher's CutFinal DestinationThe Final Destination achievement in Slayaway Camp: Butcher's Cut worth 37 pointsGet a score of 25 in Faces of Killed 3.

My gold on my second account has about a week to run, so I've been trying to churn out what I have left of that with some double box boosting. I made good progress in the Darkness, grabbed the Split/Second rank achievements, and some Gears of War Ultimate Edition.

The DarknessMade ManThe Made Man achievement in The Darkness worth 144 pointsBe on the winning side in 100 multiplayer matches

I've taken advantage of the £1 for a month of game pass deal, so I'm going to start with Late Shift and see what quick points I can knock out. Thanks for reading.

24/04/18 - 30/04/18
Starting Gamerscore: 402,520
End Gamerscore: 405,757
Gain: +3237
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PermalinkWeek 46 - eXcited to eXtinguished
This week I finally caved and bought an Xbox One X. I'd been waiting to pull the trigger on one for a while, but wanted to wait until a good bundle deal was available. I got Far Cry 5, Prey and Fallout 4 with my X for £450 from Game. Now I'm looking at picking up a 27-30" 4k monitor so I can really get the most out of my console.


It wasn't without it's hitches, however. After purchasing my console on Saturday just gone, it had died on the Sunday. I was playing PUBG, backed out to the menu to go and sort out my washing, and when I returned my screen was black and console off. Pressing the power button didn't do anything, so I went to the xbox website to (unsuccessfully) troubleshoot. Luckily I had kept my receipt, so today I went to get it replaced for free, and thus far (a whole ten minutes), the new console is running smoothly. Only time will tell if this one bites the dust too I guess, but I think if it does I'll just get my money back. I can't be arsed going back and forth to the shop, when it's going to be another year+ until I can really get the best out of the machine on a big 4k TV, hopefully in my first step on the property ladder. Fingers crossed.

I spent the majority of my time this week just grinding out Killer Instinct some more. I'm still enjoying it, but christ is it a grind. I've started the shadow stuff now too, which I think will just end up being daily stuff I can whittle down. Aside from that, all I really got down was some of the Prey campaign. The game has been easy enough, although sometimes not particularly obvious where you should be going or what you should be doing. I said last week the game seemed dated, and nothing has changed my mind on that, even the gun play seems somewhat stiff and crooked.

Prey (Xbox 360)1: Last CallThe 1: Last Call achievement in Prey (Xbox 360) worth 10 pointsComplete "Last Call"

Thanks for reading.

17/04/18 - 23/04/18
Starting Gamerscore: 401,825
End Gamerscore: 402,520
Gain: +625
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