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mcnoltyDivinationmcnolty has rated the game Divination 1.5 out of 5
mcnoltyProject Starship Xmcnolty has rated the game Project Starship X 3 out of 5
mcnoltyChefy-Chefmcnolty has rated the game Chefy-Chef 3.5 out of 5
mcnoltyChefy-Chefmcnolty completed the game Chefy-Chef and is the 435th gamer on the site to complete it
mcnoltyMurder Diariesmcnolty started the game Murder Diaries
mcnoltyChefy-Chefmcnolty won 13 Achievements in Chefy-Chef for 1065 points
mcnoltyChefy-ChefPlay dress-up achievementmcnolty won the Play dress-up achievement in Chefy-Chef for 100 points
mcnoltyChefy-ChefGood job! achievementmcnolty won the Good job! achievement in Chefy-Chef for 99 points
mcnoltyChefy-ChefFry achievementmcnolty won the Fry achievement in Chefy-Chef for 98 points
mcnoltyChefy-ChefMonkey achievementmcnolty won the Monkey achievement in Chefy-Chef for 96 points
mcnoltyChefy-ChefCrocodile achievementmcnolty won the Crocodile achievement in Chefy-Chef for 93 points
mcnoltyChefy-ChefSmash achievementmcnolty won the Smash achievement in Chefy-Chef for 95 points
mcnoltyChefy-ChefFroggy achievementmcnolty won the Froggy achievement in Chefy-Chef for 90 points
mcnoltyChefy-ChefCut achievementmcnolty won the Cut achievement in Chefy-Chef for 90 points
KURSED SOULSFIFA 21KURSED SOULS won 2 Achievements in FIFA 21 for 60 points
SangriazAsdivine Hearts IISangriaz won 5 Achievements in Asdivine Hearts II for 349 points
MrZombieChickenYes, Your GraceMrZombieChicken completed the game Yes, Your Grace
NiteJokesterCyber PoolLevel 7 achievementNiteJokester won the Level 7 achievement in Cyber Pool for 106 points
mcnoltyChefy-Chefmcnolty started the game Chefy-Chef
Padre PrimeAnniversaryPadre Prime is celebrating their birthday today!
Comment by PhillipWendell at 04:42 on 22 May 2022

Happy birthday, Padre

mcnoltyCrisis Wingmcnolty won 4 Achievements in Crisis Wing for 188 points
mcnoltyCrisis WingEat This achievementmcnolty won the Eat This achievement in Crisis Wing for 41 points
mcnoltyCrisis WingBoss Rush achievementmcnolty won the Boss Rush achievement in Crisis Wing for 53 points
mcnoltyProject Starship Xmcnolty completed the game Project Starship X and is the 1,203rd gamer on the site to complete it
RedmptionDeniedHuman Fall FlatRedmptionDenied completed the game Human Fall Flat and is the 904th gamer on the site to complete it
RedmptionDeniedHuman Fall FlatLumberRedmptionDenied completed the Lumber DLC for Human Fall Flat
mcnoltyProject Starship Xmcnolty won 19 Achievements in Project Starship X for 1100 points
mcnoltyMurder Diaries 2mcnolty completed the game Murder Diaries 2 and is the 540th gamer on the site to complete it
mcnoltyProject Starship Xmcnolty started the game Project Starship X
mcnoltyMurder Diaries 2mcnolty won 10 Achievements in Murder Diaries 2 for 714 points
Ms DudetteBright MemoryMs Dudette started the game Bright Memory
Ms DudetteMs Dudette has reached a new milestone: 400 Completed Games
Ms Dudette0 DegreesMs Dudette completed the game 0 Degrees and is the 1,800th gamer on the site to complete it
RedmptionDeniedRedmptionDenied has reached a new milestone: 3,210,000 GamerScore
RedmptionDeniedX-Force GenesisRedmptionDenied completed the game X-Force Genesis and is the 553rd gamer on the site to complete it
XtowersFar Cry 5Science Fact achievementXtowers won the Science Fact achievement in Far Cry 5 for 27 points
Ms Dudette0 DegreesLevel 40 achievementMs Dudette won the Level 40 achievement in 0 Degrees for 115 points
MightyMangoLost OdysseyMightyMango started the game Lost Odyssey
SangriazNirvana: Pilot YumeSangriaz completed the game Nirvana: Pilot Yume and is the 6th gamer on the site to complete it
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TA Difference Week 21 2022 5,184 180,037 2.88
TrueAchievement Week 21 2022 6,389 180,037 3.55
Gamerscore Week 21 2022 8,675 180,037 4.82
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TrueAchievement in All Games 351 View history chart 690,858 0.05
Achievements Completion %age in All Games 112,675 View history chart 690,858 16.31
Achievements Won in All Games 201 View history chart 690,858 0.03
Games Played in All Games 67 View history chart 690,858 0.01
Max Possible Completion %age in All Games 201 View history chart 690,858 0.03
Challenges Won in All Games 30,651 View history chart 690,858 4.44
Gamerscore in All Games 238 View history chart 690,856 0.03
TA Difference in All Games 1,094 View history chart 690,808 0.16
TA Ratio in All Games 550,285 View history chart 669,643 82.18
Gamerscore in Xbox One Games 282 View history chart 621,828 0.05
TrueAchievement in ID@Xbox Games 599 View history chart 577,995 0.10
Completed Games in All Games 2,015 View history chart 497,466 0.41
Gamerscore in All Games Canada 17 View history chart 6,433 0.26
TrueAchievement in All Games Canada 28 View history chart 6,433 0.44
TrueAchievement in All Games Quebec 7 View history chart 877 0.80
Gamerscore in All Games Quebec 6 View history chart 877 0.68
TrueAchievement in ID@Xbox Games Quebec 10 View history chart 654 1.53

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