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Sleeping Dogs might just be the first retail game I've completed in almost 4 years


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Comment by Spilner at 21:51 on 07 Aug 2020

Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, legit none of this early release cheating bullshit wink

Comment by LitaOsiris at 22:22 on 07 Aug 2020

Nice! 😎

                Status change by Sashamorning at 06:17 on 07 Aug 2020Sashamorning status: Carrefour briefly posted PS5 prices before removing them. Standard is 499€, digital is 399€. Don't know how reliable that is yet.
Comment by C64 Mat at 08:35 on 07 Aug 2020

Pretty much as expected, right?

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                Status change by Sashamorning at 22:55 on 05 Aug 2020Sashamorning status: Huh. Now Xbox is partnering with Samsung to augment xCloud. Sony has locked itself into a console at its peril.
Comment by Sashamorning at 22:55 on 05 Aug 2020

PS5 users can keep Spider-Man. xCloud is so much of a better exclusive.

Comment by Ostrowidzki1989 at 23:17 on 05 Aug 2020

It's strange that playstation users seem to think not being able to play their games on multiple platforms is a win.

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Comment by MrZombieChicken at 02:53 on 06 Aug 2020

I've always associated quick completion games with low quality. I was shocked to see the rating for this one.

Comment by Sashamorning at 06:44 on 06 Aug 2020

I liked it. There are some good short ones. Sagebrush was surprisingly deep for a game I finished in an hour.

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