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Alright. Once again, I am sick of looking at games that I plan to play in the future. Some of these games, I may not even play this year, and I have many many games in my backlog, that I may never play. Why? Because new awesome games come out every month. And they won't stop. So that means, I must stop playing smaller shit games because they are free, or on the game pass, or WHATEVER.

Therefore, I will plan out my entire year NOW. And I will stop worrying about sales, new games, and any other bullshit. I spend the same about of time thinking about playing games as I do playing them. This needs to end. I have already refused to sign up for Pro in hopes that I will stop using this site as frequently. So here goes.

New games I will buy in 2018

Dark Souls Remaster
Red Dead Redemption 2 - DAY1
Jurassic World
Overkill's TWD - DAY1
Black Ops 4 - DAY1

The DLC I will buy this Year

Rise of the TombRaider
Destiny 2 (assuming there are achievements)
Payday 2
AC Origins

Games I have already

Batman Season 2
Life is Strange Before the storm
Kung Fu Panda
Disneyland Game
Far Cry Primal
Sniper Elite 4

Game Pass

Rise of the TombRaider
Crackdown 3 - DAY1
X - I will add one bonus game when a good one comes

Will continue to play

Payday 2 DLC
Overwatch Events
Gears 4
Oblivion DLC

Games I will finish

State of Decay 2
The Evil Within
Super Lucky Tale
Just Dance 2017/2018
LOTR: Middle Earth 2 (what I can)
Rush: Disney (2 broken achievements)

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I stand here, looking down the road at the horizon in the distant. And I wonder, where am I going? Where are you going? Where are we going? Will we arrive soon? Will there be ice cream, or will 'they' infect ice cream as they have done with everything. I empty my pockets, only to find a pink highlighter - its dried out, so that's useless. So, where am I going? FUCK! I forgot my shoes, and the road ahead of me is made jagged rocks, so i guess I am not going any where. I guess I will sit here and play a game, but the only game I know is strip poker and I don't have a hot girl to play with. Only this this camel - Camel, where did you come from? Can I ride on your back to the nearest village? Man, I mean, Mr Camel, share your water with me. Come on, i didn't say piss on me asshole!, Yeah? Well you keep running. Shit. I am screwed, lost my camel, lost my free drink, and like i said - I lost my shoes. Have I lost my sanity as well?


That was for you, the reader, and this is for me, the writer. Where I am going this month with regards to my gaming.

MAY 2018

I will complete:

Borderlands PreSequel
Just Dance 2017

I will Start:
Batman Season 2
State of Decay 2
The Evil Within

I will NOT:

Buy any new games. DLCs maybe, new games no!

2018 New Release Wishlist

Bad Company 3
Borderlands 3
The Division 2
Red Dead Redemption 2
Overkill's TWD
Payday 3
Crackdown 3 (only because of the pass)


I will also complete my 8 episode TV series which I plan to have Netflix buy/produce. It's called Transmission.

What if you arrived in Antarctica only to find it wasn't covered in Ice, that it was actually a lush, green sanctuary , the only place that would survive the pending flood which was forthcoming?
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