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PermalinkFar too many great games to play this fall!
Holy Shit! I mean, holy holy shit, there are a lot of great games coming out in the next year. Of all the games that will release in the next year, these are the ones I will get straight away.

Overkill's The Walking Dead
Red Dead Redemption 2 - PREORDERED
The Division 2
Fallout 76 - PREORDERED
Black Ops 4 - PREORDERED
Battlefield 5 - PREORDERED

This is going to be a busy fall/winter. I may need a new controller (though I have 5). And since these are likely to follow the Overwatch model of having events, they are likely all I will play for awhile.

So I am creating a list of the games I have in my backlog that I wish to complete before. I have 16 weeks of game time. I wonder if I could complete all of these. Perhaps, a goal is in order. Or more correctly,

Batman: The Enemy Within - The Telltale Series
Yesterday Origins
Crysis 3
Far Cry Primal
LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens
The Evil Within 2
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Sniper Elite 4
Mafia III
Assassin's Creed Origins
Mass Effect: Andromeda

Can I do it? 13 games in 16 weeks in addition to all the games I already have started. Can I clean up and be ready for Oct 12? I think I can.
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PermalinkI Am Sick of Defend Myself with this Ongoing Argument
First of all, TA is a sight dedicated to the TRUE ACHIEVEMENT. A place where people can compare the true value of their acheivements against a community of like minded people. However, with the inclusion of the APP, many people have come over because this is a great site for other things as well. However, MOST OF TA's core community strive to get achievements, each in their own way.

And i am sick of people complaining about the community voicing their concerns. Some complain, some rejoice. BUT THE POINT OF FORUMS IS TO VOICE YOUR OPINIONS!!!

And on a site dedicated to achievements - what the hell do you expect? People are going to complain, they are going to rejoin to the addition of new achievements. BUt they are going to talk. If you do not like reading about it, DO NOT READ IT. But seriously, stop trying to belittle those who do care about achievements.

Marketing ploy? BS. They are something extra, something to show others what you have completed. SUre there are some achievements that are BS, but there are many that require true skill. LOOK! we even have a trophy case for those you are most proud of.

Achievements mean something for each person.

They are trophies
They are accomplishments
They are the reason for playing a game
They mean nothing for some

And many people care. Microsoft's APP show this. While haters would say most people don't care, Microsoft would disagree.

Recent support

Microsoft shows us the rare achievements. THey made a special diamond achievement. A large part of the Xbox live APP is to share and compare ACHIEVEMENTS. It gives you a % of completion. and much more.

So in summary....

you cannot tell me just because 'you' don't care about achievements, we shouldn't. Don't tell me that hardly anyone cares about them. Like every hobby, it could be on and off for some. Don't hate on the completionist who complains, because that is his/her feelings and there is no reason to personally attack people regarding their hobbies or viewpoints.

And why do people assume if you have a high gamer score, they don't have a girl? Shit, i know a few couples who grind for achievements, as well, I know many more with wives and husbands, children and grandchildren who live a full 'real' life while endeavoring to get my GS. Or TA score so we can see how we add up.

There is nothing better on gaming when you get an achievement that has a high ratio or a diamond beep, knowing that you accomplished something many others didn't.

What do you get if you sky dive for your first time? A certificate, or a fist pound from a friend. But that too, who cares.......

Except for the person achieving the accomplishment.

Play fair. Play Hard. Learn even harder and push yourself to the edges of the playing field.
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PermalinkFor My Reference, Not Yours!
Alright. Once again, I am sick of looking at games that I plan to play in the future. Some of these games, I may not even play this year, and I have many many games in my backlog, that I may never play. Why? Because new awesome games come out every month. And they won't stop. So that means, I must stop playing smaller shit games because they are free, or on the game pass, or WHATEVER.

Therefore, I will plan out my entire year NOW. And I will stop worrying about sales, new games, and any other bullshit. I spend the same about of time thinking about playing games as I do playing them. This needs to end. I have already refused to sign up for Pro in hopes that I will stop using this site as frequently. So here goes.

New games I will buy in 2018

Dark Souls Remaster
Red Dead Redemption 2 - Preordered
Jurassic World Evolution

Cars 3
Overkill's TWD - DAY1
Black Ops 4 - Preordered
Fallout 76 - Preordered
Battlefield 5 - Preordered

The DLC I will buy this Year

Rise of the TombRaider
Payday 2
AC Origins

Games I have already

Batman Season 2
Life is Strange Before the storm
Kung Fu Panda
Far Cry Primal
Sniper Elite 4

Game Pass

Rise of the TombRaider
Crackdown 3 - DAY1

Will continue to play

Payday 2 DLC
Overwatch Events
Gears 4
Oblivion DLC

Games I will finish

State of Decay 2
The Evil Within

Super Lucky Tale
Just Dance 2017
LOTR: Middle Earth 2 (what I can)
Rush: Disney
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PermalinkWhere I am going? - Crazed Loon Loses His Shoes
I stand here, looking down the road at the horizon in the distant. And I wonder, where am I going? Where are you going? Where are we going? Will we arrive soon? Will there be ice cream, or will 'they' infect ice cream as they have done with everything. I empty my pockets, only to find a pink highlighter - its dried out, so that's useless. So, where am I going? FUCK! I forgot my shoes, and the road ahead of me is made jagged rocks, so i guess I am not going any where. I guess I will sit here and play a game, but the only game I know is strip poker and I don't have a hot girl to play with. Only this this camel - Camel, where did you come from? Can I ride on your back to the nearest village? Man, I mean, Mr Camel, share your water with me. Come on, i didn't say piss on me asshole!, Yeah? Well you keep running. Shit. I am screwed, lost my camel, lost my free drink, and like i said - I lost my shoes. Have I lost my sanity as well?


That was for you, the reader, and this is for me, the writer. Where I am going this month with regards to my gaming.

MAY 2018

I will complete:

Borderlands PreSequel
Just Dance 2017

I will Start:
Batman Season 2
State of Decay 2
The Evil Within

I will NOT:

Buy any new games. DLCs maybe, new games no!

2018 New Release Wishlist

Bad Company 3
Borderlands 3
The Division 2
Red Dead Redemption 2
Overkill's TWD
Payday 3
Crackdown 3 (only because of the pass)


I will also complete my 8 episode TV series which I plan to have Netflix buy/produce. It's called Transmission.

What if you arrived in Antarctica only to find it wasn't covered in Ice, that it was actually a lush, green sanctuary , the only place that would survive the pending flood which was forthcoming?
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