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Seriously 3.0 & Gears of War 3 completion
So about 5 or 6 weeks late but hey I finally got that super grindy Seriously 3.0 after working away at it since launch day. So as most of you I have boosted with any Gears game will know, I only started properly hunting cheevs because of Gears 3, where I was going for skins in the game (playing the old school way of playing games os 100% in game. lol) & one involved getting rank 100 in Gears 2,

I used xboxachievements for guides to get achievements that were easy enough to obtain & came across TA through that site where people actually helped each other get cheevs & didn't screw you over! So I got Gears 1, 2 & Judgement done & went, as you Americans say, ham on Gears 3 for about 8 weeks straight of nothing but grinding the gears (pun thrown in there for you Ronan) till Seriously 3.0 was finally mine

So now time to thank all you nice people that helped me. First my team that I did Gear 1 & 2 with,; MustangNights, Cadet of SAS, flamingfrost, power of house & TRAPCHAW, you guys helped with the insane beast & horde, Trap more with the arcade medals & a few of the other miscellaneous ones like sapper so a huge thanks to him.

Next was my weapons boosting guys, a fair few there but these sessions involved a game invite & no chat except for with DMA & jonsharpe, always great conversations in our weapons & skunker session, made these tedious sessions fly by

Huge thanks to Gouldy, the only man crazy enough to do Seriously 3.0 twice! But he did run 2 Xboxes for me to get kills till his 2nd gold account ran out on both occasions

A big thanks to Tillu, joined a session of his where he had 2 xboxes so we only needed to people rather than 3 & got 2 turns each rather than just 1 turn in a session, so a great help in blitzing through the weapons.

Once he was done I had a while to go so borrowed my brother in laws xbox to speed things up & my good friend Ronan was nice enough to run his xbox for me so I got to do the Mercy weapons boosting method, where I got 1800 kills for 3 hours rather than 600 in 3 hours whilst idling for 2 of those hours, so a huge thanks to Ronan for getting me through that last big chunk of grinding

So thanks to all who helped whether I mentioned you or forgot, even if I only did a single weapons boosting session with you & there was no chat, it all helped smile

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how dare you

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Wow double whammy

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I’m free

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me after leaving your mother

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Well done!

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