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PermalinkWhat lies ahead for CGC...
Some of you may or may not know about CGC but for those of you that read and don't know.... we're a small group of casual gamers that have gotten together and created a webspace for gamers that fit our mold. If you'd like to check it out, you're more than welcome! Just go to http://casualgaming.forumotion.com.

As part of the promotion I'll also plan on posting a weekly blog with what is coming up and what we hope to accomplish. So without further adieu... let's get this this started!

Week of 8-11-2017 to 8-19-2017

Friday, August 11th at 9pm Eastern - Rainbow Six Vegas
Goals: MP achievements, kills and terrorist hunt if there is time.

Monday, August 14th at 9pm Eastern - Halo 4
Goals: Spartan Ops, I believe we're at 3 out of 5 complete

Tuesday, August 15th at 9pm Eastern - Midnight Club Los Angeles or Madden 13
Goals: Easier MP achievements

And on a personal level, I think I've decided that rather than bounce around in games when I'm not playing with a friend that I'm going to start from the top of my game list and go down the list until I am at least 66% completion (with owned DLC). When I get to that point if the game has been fun I'll more than likely continue. If not, onto the next game.

It's Friday peeps! Y'all have a great weekend and happy gaming!

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PermalinkNo title because I'm not THAT creative. :)
As some of you may or may not know, I had started a personal challenge of getting my games list up to 75% completion by going from the letter A to Z. It started out pretty good but then I got hooked on Clicker Heroes. I can say I've accomplished getting Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation over the 75% and planned on working on Borderlands : The Pre-Sequel but as part of my most recent Bean Dive (which I don't think I'm going to end) I started Clicker Heroes and have been hooked.

So this "game" is pretty simple but it's got me hooked. I was playing a hybrid version but a lot of late nights and many wasted hours just sitting there waiting to get enough money finally took it's toll. I'm pretty much jumping on, spending the coins and getting off now. Again, I don't think I'm being the most efficient at the game but I've only got 3 achievements left and I'm pretty close on 2 of them. The level 3,600 will take some time.

When I haven't been playing that, a group of my friends and I have been working on games like Assassin's Creed III and we just recently started Halo 4 on Monday evenings. I also think we're going to jump into the world of Rainbow Six Vegas 1 on Friday nights. Shameless plug here... http://casualgaming.forumotion.com is the site. We're a bunch of very casual but welcoming and fun bunch.

I've also been working on knocking off some MP items with JelliedBigfoot and we've made some pretty good progress. Both of us completed most of Crimson Dragon and knocked some other low hanging fruit from the MP tree. I think we're going to get into Madden 13 next and then maybe some NHL 12 in lieu of the recent Server Closing notice from EA. Which means I have to work on FIFA 14, NHL 12, NHL 13 and I believe there might be another game or two before October. While I'm not necessarily a completionist, I would like to knock off whatever I can between now and then.

So if you read this and want to work on any of the games I mentioned, want to know more about our site and/or just want to know where my gaming goals are... consider yourself informed. :)

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