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COMPLETED- Tracking my Progress(for fun) Failed1/4Done
*Goal started 11/21/12

I have recently obtained a 90% completion milestone and have lost it. What I noticed from that was that I am not achievement hunting as much as I used to. i have not been boosting either. It going to be 2 years, in a few months, since I have been on this second account, and I have achieved 54,772 Gamerscore. That is pretty cool. Although that is cool, I have not been doing better.

This blog is just basically to watch my progress till next year. I am going to compare my progress between the two years to see if I probally double the 54,000 gamerscore or probally obtain another 50,000GS. Maybe for those that are reading this would want to do this as well (for fun) to watch the progress in action. To some this could be fun, although, to others this may seem as work..(lol)..

What am I going to stat? Everything!
- Achievements
- Completion percentage
- Completed Games(Retail, Arcade, Pc) //not much of a PC gamer
- Gamerscore //the gain in each game

My stats of 11/21/2012
- 75 games played
- 2,452 Achievements
- 89.75% Completion(100%) //all DLC
- 54 Completed Games (35 RETAIL, 18 ARCADE, 1 GFWL)
- 54,772 Gamerscore
- 1.5419 TA ratio //not going to stat it, basically for the comparison in the future

Goal = (Deadline)
1. +50,000GS (till 11/21/2013)
2. +35 games completed (till 11/21/2013)
3. +2,012 achievements (till 11/21/2013)
4. maintain a >= 90% completion // all DLC (till 11/21/2013)

Progress on my achievement hunting
(35 Completed Games) ( +1349 achievements/ +25860 Gamerscore added)

Games completed
1.) Aegis Wing - November 21, 2012
2.) The Walking Dead - November 22, 2012
November 3, 2013
3.) Prototype 2 - December 8, 2012
4.) Halo 4 - December 14, 2012
5.) Quake 2 - December 18, 2012
6.) Left 4 Dead - December 19, 2012
7.) Doritos Crash Course - January 5, 2013
8.) Borderlands - January 19, 2013
9.) Far Cry 3 - January 23, 2013
10.) Assassin's Creed - February 8, 2013
11.) Resident Evil 6 - February 11, 2013
12.) Turok - February 19, 2013
13.) Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY - February 23, 2013
14.) Small Arms - February 24, 2013
15.) Binary Domain - March 29, 2013
16.) Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD - April 2, 2013
17.) Sudoku - April 7, 2013
18.) Breeze - April 13, 2013
19.) College Hoops 2k6 - April 25, 2013
20.) Doom - May 6, 2013
21.) Bug Village - May 18, 2013
22.) Gears of War 3 - July 5, 2013
23.) Halo 2 - June 11, 2013
24.) Assassin's Creed HD - July 20, 2013
25.) Beyond Good & Evil HD - August 14, 2013
26.) Ice Age Village - August 23, 2013
27.) Minesweeper - September 7, 2013
28.) Toy Soldiers: Boot Camp - September 11, 2013
29.) Cut the Rope - September 12, 2013
30.) State of Decay - September 12, 2013
31.) Uno - September 27, 2013
32.) Monster Island - October 1, 2013
33.) iBlast Moki - October 5, 2013
34.) BioShock - November 3, 2013
35.) Metro 2033 - November 7, 2013
36.) Halo: Spartan Assault - November 12, 2013
37.) Cut the Ropes: Experiments - November 19, 2013

Updated stats(11/20/2013)
* 123 games played
* 80,632 Gamerscore
* 3,801Achievements
* 88.23% Completion
* 89 Completed games(49 RETAIL, 25 ARCADE, 2 GFWL, 13 WP)
* 1.6453 TA Ratio

So there you have it, more fun/ work for me lol wave

Times up! OR Game Over...

I tried to get certain "MileStones", but that didn't go as planned. I started out good with games, hitting completion after competition... but then I started running out of games. On the record, I had ran out of my own games to choice from a long time ago lol. I was running out of games that were lend by friends. Not only that, I saw how close Xbox One was coming and I didn't feel like playing for completion on the 360 as much anymore. That's odd, but true.

Its not that long till my dad got me a brand new windows phone 8. This is where most of my completions came from after that. Waiting for deals to release and bing paying them off. It was good.

A fun fact is that I always knew that the New xbox console was coming out and I made this challenge because of that theory/ rumor, I had no idea that the xbox one was releasing the last day (midnight) one year of my challenge deadline. The Starting time was November 21, 2012. Yup.... Oh yeah.... MidNight launch! The deadline is also November 21, 2013. The reason why Im ending it 1 day early is because :
1.) Theres no way Im beating the challenges in a day
2.) Thursday I'll be at the midnight launch and wont be home most of the day.

yup. I always told my friends that I need to beat these challenges before the new xbox came out but little did I know... Ii revealed the release date of the xbox one. lol Thats pretty cool.

Well, now that that's out of the way, I didn't beat my goals before the xbox one came out. Bummer... I also lost my 90% completion lol
Oh wait I did beat at least one challenge, that came in reaaaaaaaaaaal too. I completed 89 games(+35 needed for the goal) from 54 games. Well at least its 1/4 beat, Right?

Oh well, If you got to read this till the end, thank you very much for your time. Just one question I gotta leave you with... Are you going to get an Xbox one tomorrow during the mid-night release? Or are you waiting it out?

Sorry for grammar errors, had to type this as quick as I could.

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Comment by DanTheWhale at 00:49 on 30 Nov 2021

Hell yes man finally got it done

Comment by NeimadTheNomad at 01:14 on 30 Nov 2021

Thanks dude, Ice did the PvP stuff for me lol

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