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Really need to stop playing XBLA titles so late after purchasing them
Finally yesterday I got to playing 0D Beat Drop after months and months (whenever it was DotW - eons ago I know) of it sitting on my hard drive and realized that I need three other people to do the multiplayer achievements. Ouch! facepalm Sadly I only have one person on my friends list who even has the game, and only one other person has it on his/her boost list. I'm sure I'll find a way to get it done, but this one will leave a mark.

That being said, any generous soul who would like to help me with this game I will definitely return the favor in any XBLA title you own that I have. I'll even throw in some fresh-baked cookies clap (yes I know how to bake - no judging over there smile ).

No more waiting months after buying titles to play them. They go in the moment I pay for them redface
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