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Man's Best Friend
Today was a very unsettling day for me and my family. We lost our family pet and friend. His name was Otto and he was the best dog I have ever and could ever have. Just wanted to say a little about him to ease my mind some and let everyone who reads this know how fun he was.

My wife bought me Otto in June of 2008 when I came home from deployment. I had no idea she got me the best present ever. I had always talked about having a Jack Russell Terrier as a pet but my parents would never let me get one because they were too "hyper." But I guess all of my talking when I got married paid off in June of 2008.

I came home to a 1 year old son, a 3 year daughter, and a 6 week old Jack Russell. He was brown and white and tiny, tiny, tiny. It was the best thing in the world when he would sleep next to me at night in the bed. He would curl up next to me and sleep all night. After the first year we had taught him to sit and be potty trained. But he would still pee on everything he could o mark his territory and when I say everything I mean "everything." Including my kids and wife's shoes and every corner in the house. We finally broke him of that we when moved to Maryland but he wasn't fixed so he would mark things every once in a while. laugh

But thing best thing I remember about him is that he loved to play fetch with anything you could throw, chase the laser point light all over the house, and play tug-of-war with his toy rope. I could make him chase the laser pointer all over the house and in the process make my 5 month old daughter laugh like crazy. Just view the video on my biography it you want too. laugh

I guess this was really just a way for me to vent a little instead of going over to the house of the A-hole who did this, even though it was and accident. I just really miss my best friend and companion.

Thanks for a lifetime of memories and laughs, thanks for being there when I needing someone to just sit with and cuddle. You are truly the epitome of Man's Best Friend.

Otto Livingston
April 2008- February 2013
Posted by KillaKevin24 on 18 February 13 at 02:52 | There are 7 comments on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.
Being a parent and what would you do?
I came home from work and walked into something no gamer wants to. My wife stopped me at the door and started to tel me not to get mad when I went into the house. i asked her why not and she kept telling me not to get mad. After about 5 minutes of trying to ask her why not to get mad and finally just walking into the house I found my son sitting on the couch crying.

First, I thought he got hurt doing something he wasn't supposed to or he and his sister got into it and she beat him up r something along those lines.

Second, he takes one look at me and starts crying worse and runs upstairs and hides in his closet.

Well it was neither of those situations. So I looked around the house and tried to figure out what was going on. The first thing I noticed was that my games were all missing from their usual home (inside my entertainment center). So I asked my wife where they were and she asked one more time fro me "not to get mad." I breathed a little and said what happened?

Then she proceeded to tell me that he was using my games and also our DVD's as "flying discs" to defeat "enemies" from stealing our house. angry

My blood pressure went through the roof and couldn't even say anything. I just asked where they were to "assess" the damage. ALL of them were scratched beyond belief and 2 of them were broken. The only games I have left to play are Borderlands 2, Syndicate, and Darksiders 2.

Now after all of that all I could do was just say nothing and cry a little inside (for the games). I felt so bad for my son because he went straight to his room and hid in his closet. He finally came down after 2 hours of me trying to convince him that he wasn't in trouble.

Now I am asking anyone who reads this: What would you do in that situation?
Posted by KillaKevin24 on 08 January 13 at 02:58 | There are 10 comments on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.

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Fallout 4 was good but so much of it was the same as fallout 3. The story arcing was not as good because none of your answers matter or changed the overall outcome.

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I wholeheartedly agree.

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