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Completion Percentage Update
I wonder if I'll ever have <20 incomplete games on my profile. I feel like I could do it pretty easily if I really wanted to.

As of the writing of this blog post, I have 39 incomplete games on my profile. In a brief examination, there are 15 that I could complete very quickly. If someone offered me a bounty to get down to <25 games within 14 days, I feel like I could probably easily do that.

After that, things start entering difficult and/or time consuming territory, but I've done difficult and time consuming things before. There's definitely another 6 games at least that I could clean up if I put in some time or practice.

I don't actually know what my lowest ever "incomplete games" count is. I know I had it down to at least 33 at one point. I'm not sure if I've actually ever gone below 30. I feel like I have, but I can't remember it specifically.

Anyway, my completion percentage continues to climb. I guess the goal is 99% haha. I've honestly already came way further than I ever thought I could in terms of completion percentage. I started my journey around 2014 when I was at 58%. Ever since then I've been slowly climbing. I think my original goal was 70%. Then when I hit that my new goal was 80%. Then 90%. Then I blew past 90%, and I peaked at I think 98.2% sometime in 2022. That slowly eroded into the mid-97%s in 2023 with title update releases and a few started games. As of right now I'm at 97.62%. But I also still feel like I'm going strong. There are few achievements on my card that I don't think I could ever get (excluding discontinued achievements). I feel like 99% is definitely achievable for me one day. I think if I really maxed myself out as far as I could, I could probably get to 99.5%. The last 0.5% of locked achievements -- I think probably about 0.3% of them would be discontinued / glitched / unobtainable, and around 0.2% would be too difficult or too time consuming for me to want to pursue.
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Achievements Completion %age in All Games 1,695 View history chart 1,064,491 0.16
TA Difference in All Games 2,340 View history chart 1,061,297 0.22
TA Ratio in All Games 5,354 View history chart 1,035,367 0.52
Achievements Completion %age in All Games 1,014 View history chart 740,898 0.14
TrueAchievement in Platformer Games 4,548 View history chart 736,526 0.62
TrueAchievement in Platformer Games 3,868 View history chart 709,219 0.55
TrueAchievement in Party Games 82 View history chart 633,632 0.01
TrueAchievement in Kinect Required Games 95 View history chart 310,236 0.03
TrueAchievement in Dance Games 136 View history chart 186,983 0.07
TA Ratio in All Games 416 View history chart 172,174 0.24
Achievements Completion %age in All Games 757 View history chart 172,174 0.44
TrueAchievement in Cue Sports Games 3 View history chart 165,414 0.00
Achievements Won in Cue Sports Games 11 View history chart 165,414 0.01
Achievements Completion %age in All Games USA 294 View history chart 39,870 0.74
TrueAchievement in All Games Washington 70 View history chart 1,879 3.73
Achievements Completion %age in All Games Washington 11 View history chart 1,614 0.68
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