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School's out
Well, for most of you at least, not for me. cry

I still have another month of school left and damn does it suck, but whatever... whatever. I have three huge things due tomorrow and I really should start working on them but I have neglected this blog for three months now and I know that it's time to make a revival. Hell's yeah! rock

Alright so what's happened in the past three months? I'll just give a short recap as I have things to do and I don't have lots of time to write this blog up. Also being short is sweet, you know? You don't want to read any huge long /textwall and I don't want to type it, so in my eyes I'm doing everyone a favor.

So at my job there's this co-worker I hate and I'm going to get him fired, and if I can't then I'm quitting. I hate my job enough as it is, but when I see this douchy douchebag sitting next to me picking his nose on his phone not getting an ounce of work done and I'm over here grading papers for days and we have the same salary?!? Nuh-uh, I'm not doing that. If my boss is too ignorant to realize he's hired a goat, then I don't want to work for him. Even if I quit, I've had this job for a year and a half, which is a year and a half longer than most people can make it, so I think I've had a good run.

Last weekend I got open water scuba certified. During the class you learn all about your body, lungs, ears, and other stuff which is probably more important than most things I've ever learned in school. For example when you go 10m underwater the air in your body and air tank gets compressed to half of its original size (because there's now 2 atm of pressure pushing down on it rather than 1 atm of pressure at the surface--finally something I learned in chemistry can apply to real life OMG roll), however your lungs stay the same size so if you go to the surface too fast or without exhaling and inhaling, your lungs will explode, or in less severe cases, you'll get something called decompression sickness, also known as the bends or diver's disease. However, getting decompression sickness is still very severe and can cause permanent damage. Anyway, diving still freaks the shit out of me and in all four of my open water dives I had a moment of clarity right before submerging and panicked Every. Single. Time. Thank God for the instructors. Here's a short story of something interesting that happened. Before the dive, I was getting all my equipment on, and I needed someone to tuck my dive hood in, but everyone else already had their gloves on, and you can't do anything with your hands when you're wearing scuba gloves, so I had to ask a stranger on the sidewalk. He did a terrible job of tucking it in, but I didn't want to ask him to redo it and I didn't want to hold up the group so I just said "fuck it" and went in for my dive. Then while I was underwater, my hood untucked. I didn't think it mattered that much, but when we were doing an air-sharing exercise, my hood blocked my mouth from being able to insert my partner's regulator. I didn't know what was happening, so I couldn't move my hood away from my mouth. I went a good 15 seconds without air, which does not seem like much, but when you are exhausted from carrying the 40lbs equipment in 55 degree water and your body uses air twice as fast, 15s is an eternity. Anyway, the overall experience was fantastic and I cannot wait to go diving again.

Part of why I am debating quitting my first job is that I recently acquired a second job that is better paying, has more flexible hours, and is more enjoyable for me. I got hired as an essay editor for this website called and just since the beginning of the month have earned over $450 in editing students' essays. The thing is though... Is it morally wrong to be doing this? I'm great in English class, great at writing essays, and great at grammar in general, and it's not like I'm writing the student's essay or making big enough changes to it so that it isn't their work anymore. Can you blame me for taking advantage over a market that is in demand across the nation? There is nothing illegal about it either, so you cannot compare it to something like selling illegal drugs, as that is definitely wrong. Idk, I've been having this mini internal struggle with myself over it this month. What are your guys' opinions?

Well, that's the only big news that's happened in the past three months. If you recall from a couple blogs ago I am still writing my one-man comedy play (which is coming along nicely, btw). I haven't written any new songs since my last blog post; I guess I've just been busy with other things.

Before signing off I guess I should tell why I haven't earned much gamerscore in a while and it's because of my goddamn parents... who will never understand me... and... ... NNGGGH!! angry

Thanks everyone for reading. Until next time,
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You got this!!

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