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I had the craziest dream I've ever had in my life a few nights ago: "Dreamception"
This is probably the best, most interesting, most exciting dream I have ever had in my entire life. Saturday night, I had a dream... within a dream. Dreamception! I thought about this dream all day Sunday, just reliving it over and over in my head. It felt so real, like I can actually remember the things in the dream happening. Okay, enough talk, here is the dream:


I was roaming around in a market-square-like area in a town that I didn't recognize. Then, all of a sudden, I looked down and my chest had bright orange-red feathers on it. I felt something on my shoulder, so I looked to my right and my shoulder and upper arm had also grew feathers. I looked at my hand, and my second and third fingernails started to change into talons. My knuckles also started to grow feathers. Even though I had feathers, I still retained my human shape. My upper arms had become a little flatter to accommodate the feathers, but the rest of me had--for the most part--stayed the same shape.

I looked around, and some other people were gaining animal-like traits from various species, though some seemed unaffected. I thought to myself, "I wonder if I could fly with these." I started flapping my wings, and I started to rise in the air. It was so easy to fly. The air felt so nice under my wings. The wind was not too strong. I flew away from the town, slowly moving away from civilization, until I reached a plateau area. Below there were lots of large crates and trucks on the pavement. There was nobody else around.

Then, two suspicious looking men dressed in black came out from behind one of the crates. One of them, who was slightly shorter than me, had a full needle with him. I saw them, and tried to take off as hard as I could, but I couldn't get off the ground. There was no hot air to help me takeoff. I tried to run, but I couldn't get away fast enough. The man without the needle, who was slightly taller than me, held me still. While I was struggling to get away, the other man stabbed me in the chest with the needle. I felt the drug go into my bloodstream. While I was still in shock, they both started to run away.

"What was that?!" I demanded. They wouldn't answer. I ran after them, asking over and over again. I finally threatened, "Tell me what that was or I'm calling the cops." The man with the needle said very casually, "Oh nothing, just some hydro????? acid" (I couldn't tell what he had said there... Something starting with an "M", I think) "It's fine, it'll just pass through your system naturally." I had heard the "acid" part, and that didn't seem right, so I continued to ask what it did. He said, "Also, you will keep these changes forever. For everyone else, they will go away after 24 hours. But for you, they will last forever."

I looked at myself. I wasn't sure how to feel about it. I loved my new parts, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to be like this forever. Being human was all I knew. I wasn't even fully bird, just barely. I was still mostly human. Regardless, I pulled the man aside. I tried to thank him, but I could barely get any words out because I was still so shocked. It took me a while, but I eventually told him that this was sort of my dream (to be a bird) and that if he was going to do this to anyone, I'm glad that it was me. Then, my friend Jon came around the corner. He still appeared fully human, but the two men who assaulted me went and did the same thing, too!

I was surprised, but at that point I just wanted to get away from the two men. I saw the entrance to my school nearby, so I went there to enter it. I checked my phone, and I was getting tons of texts from my friends about their new animal parts. I wanted to show off mine, too, so I went to the bathroom to take some full-body selfies in the mirror. I looked at myself in the mirror. I was shirtless, but still wearing pants. The center of my chest was covered in feathers, but there was still some skin exposed around my breast area and sides. I noticed I had large tail feathers that I hadn't noticed before. My upper arm was mostly wing, at that point. My lower arm was covered in feathers, but I could still feel my human bones underneath. My hands were slightly covered in feathers, but it was still mostly skin. The majority of the feathers on my hand were on my knuckles. I still had my thumbs, but all five of my fingernails had turned to talons.

I looked at my fingers. They were talons. I thought to myself, "My fingers are talons. My chest is covered in feathers... This isn't real. This isn't real." I was lucid. I leaned backwards and fell on my back to test it. It didn't hurt. And at that moment, I "woke up".

(Clarity note: The night I had this dream I had gone camping with my scout troop. At this point I had thought I had woken up, but I was really still asleep. I had lost my lucidity. I had a "dream within a dream")

I was where my tent used to be and my tent mate was yelling at me to get up. I was only covered in a blanket and wasn't wearing any clothing. My sleeping bag was gone, and all the tents that were there last night were gone, including mine. I got some clothes on and my scout troop went to watch some ceremony. It was some sort of military awards ceremony. Everyone had to be super professional while watching. It seemed to go by super fast, but when it finished, I got up from my chair and turned around to find myself in my living room.

My backpack had also appeared in my living room, though, so I started walking towards it. My tent mate was with me, too. In my living room, my computer was on the armrest of the couch, and my tent mate asked me what I was doing on it. I looked at it, and it looked like I had been editing a video for YouTube on it. I told him that that's what I was doing, and that I didn't know why I was doing this in my living room and I should finish this upstairs. I started to walk up the stairs. When I was about halfway up the stairs, that is when I ACTUALLY woke up.


There were three things that happened in this dream that made it feel like the best dream ever. The first was turning into a bird. Something about being transformed into something else felt so cool and euphoric. The second was flying. Flying while being a half-bird AND while being non-lucid was definitely the highlight of the entire dream. The third was gaining lucidity and then losing it by "waking up" inside of my dream. I have never had a "dream within a dream" before. laugh

This dream was definitely one of the craziest things that I have ever experienced. It felt so real! I can actually remember flying Saturday night and having feathers and the wind picking up under my wings with so much detail. It was honestly so cool.

I would be lying if I said I didn't want to be a bird for a day... or any animal for that matter. I wouldn't even mind being the opposite gender for a day. I think experiencing things that I normally wouldn't be able to experience as myself is so cool. Just think about it; do you know what echolocation feels like? Nobody will ever know! At least not without any super advanced genetic technology or something.

Have you ever had a "dream within a dream" before? I'd love to hear about them! So please, let me know by commenting on this blog or sending me a message. smile

I'll talk to ya guys later wave

TL;DR: I had the best dream of my life. I turned into a bird and flew around and some other things happened. Then I woke up inside my dream but I didn't actually wake up, so I had a dream within a dream. It was possibly the coolest thing I've ever experienced.
Posted by KinectKid333 on 24 April 18 at 22:16 | There are no comments on this blog - Please log in to comment on this blog.

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Oh man so much work behind this one! The insane amount of tears, tension I had to go through. Or like someone said... %#¤))¤ ))#%(( Swedish bastard! lol

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wow! Nice ratio on this one! Well done good sir!

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It was pretty simple but thanks

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