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My Incomplete Games: October 31st, 2021
Happy Halloween, everybody. The last two months I've been working on completing my incomplete games. Since then, I've decreased my "Incompleted Games" count by 12, from 49 to 37, including getting two "pseudo-completions," where I earn all the achievements in a game except for the discontinued achievements (those games are Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 07 and Madden NFL 07). I still don't consider pseudo-completions as completed, no matter how easy or trivial the discontinued achievements "should" be, because I believe considering those games as "completed" is invalidating to those who managed to accomplish the discontinued achievements before they became discontinued. I'm curious to see others opinions about this topic. Do you consider games complete if you've earned all the achievements except the discontinued achievement in that game? Let me know in the comment section.

My goal was to have 35 incompleted games or less by the end of the year. So far, I am ahead of schedule. In fact, I could probably complete two games today, if I really wanted to. So I'll set myself a new goal. By the end of the year I'd like to have 30 incompleted games or less. I think I'll be able to manage that.

Here is the updated list of my 37 incompleted games, along with the categorizations of what I need to do to complete them:

Easy Games / Saving for Site Events: (4) I like preserving my high overall TA ratio and high completion percentage, but I also want to complete all available community challenges. For this reason, I keep a few games in reserve that I can use for completing site events, so I don't have to start easy games and tank my ratio and/or completion for site events.
KinectKid333's achievements in Human Fall Flat
KinectKid333's achievements in Golf With Your Friends (Windows)
KinectKid333's achievements in Golf With Your Friends
KinectKid333's achievements in New Super Lucky's Tale

Only Easy Grinding Left: (10)
KinectKid333's achievements in Microsoft Solitaire Collection (UWP)
KinectKid333's achievements in Microsoft Sudoku (JP) (UWP) - I only have one gold medal left, so I'll be completing this game early November.
KinectKid333's achievements in Microsoft Mahjong (Windows) - I don't really like changing the date for these Microsoft Casual Games, like most people do, and I just started this game this month, so this game will be on my tag for at least another year, assuming I don't change my opinion about time travelling.
KinectKid333's achievements in Forza Horizon 2
KinectKid333's achievements in Forza Motorsport 4
KinectKid333's achievements in Forza Motorsport 5
KinectKid333's achievements in Guitar Hero: World Tour
KinectKid333's achievements in Forza Motorsport 6
KinectKid333's achievements in Forza Motorsport 7
KinectKid333's achievements in Bejeweled 2

Difficult Achievements: (3) These games are nearly complete, but they have a handful of difficult achievements that will require lots of practice -- as opposed to grinding -- to complete.
KinectKid333's achievements in Michael Jackson: The Experience
KinectKid333's achievements in Joust
KinectKid333's achievements in Cyberball 2072 <- ONLINE CO-OP PARTNER NEEDED, PLEASE HELP

Lots of Work Left: (6) These are games in which I have made very little progress:
KinectKid333's achievements in Just Dance 2019
KinectKid333's achievements in Just Dance 2020
KinectKid333's achievements in ZHEROS
KinectKid333's achievements in Kinect: Disneyland Adventures
KinectKid333's achievements in Double Dragon Neon
KinectKid333's achievements in Mirror's Edge

Missing DLC: (2) These games have delisted DLC which I do not have access to. Pinball FX has some pretty difficult achievements that I still don't have, but I'm not too worried about them. The DLC is the bigger obstacle holding me back from that completion right now. For Marble Blast Ultra, the DLC achievements are all very easy, and they're the only achievements I have remaining in that game. I just don't have access to the DLC.
KinectKid333's achievements in Marble Blast Ultra
KinectKid333's achievements in Pinball FX (Xbox 360)

It's Complicated... : (2)
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Only discontinued achievements remaining: (8)

Given Up? (2) Life is too short for some games to be completed. This game is very difficult, very infuriating, very long, and will require spending real life money, to boot. I could probably learn a whole language in the time it takes me to complete these games, and one of those choices would be a lot more productive, enjoyable, and useful. I don't know if I will ever bring myself to complete this game to get rid of 4 achievements and 2 incomplete games on my tag. I already have a bunch of locked discontinued achievements on my gamercard I can never get anyway. What's four more? My time is literally too valuable to be spent playing this garbage game. Maybe I'll change my mind one day. I hope I don't. Maybe I'll return to these games if I ever reach the point where I've unlocked ever other obtainable achievement on my gamercard. I wish the achievements would just completely, permanently break in this game to put me out of my dilemma. But I shouldn't wish that... That's something very selfish to wish for. I digress...
KinectKid333's achievements in Despicable Me: Minion Rush (Windows)
KinectKid333's achievements in Despicable Me: Minion Rush (WP)
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