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PermalinkKids don't need school.
Just found this video a couple of minutes ago. The guy explains why the school system is dumb and not preparing kids for the future--don't be misled by the title.

This second video which I found a couple months ago while writing an essay of how college was a scam and a total ripoff, has a guy explaining why college is a scam and a total ripoff.

Additionally, I have an unexplainable uncontrollable urge to convince you why Patria became a revolutionary in the book In the Time of the Butterflies. Because, ya know, that'll help me in the real world. So here's my English essay that took me all weekend to write--I can't wait to use it in the real world (had to take screenshots to prevent the plagiarism detector from going off. You can click into the images if you're having trouble reading them).

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External image

External image

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And finally, I took a screenshot of my grades so far for this year--because just because I don't believe in the school system doesn't mean I'm going to give up having a good life just to prove a point. I'm not that dumb! Well, actually, I'm smart enough to be taking 3 honors classes, a math class 3 grade levels ahead of 9th grade curriculum level, and a before and an after school class, so I mean I can't be that dumb, right?

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PermalinkComedy Show, New Girlfriend, GTASC
I'm going to be writing and performing a comedy show to perform later this year, or early next year. It really depends on when I'm finished writing. It's going to take a long time to write because it's going to be a musical comedy show with lots of comedic music etc, which is going to take a long time. I'm shooting for it to be an hour long, but I feel like I'll get lazy writing and it'll end up being only around 1/2 and hour long, but whatever. I don't know yet...
If you haven't noticed, sometimes I try to act funny online but a lot of the times it just comes across as rude/annoying/sociopathic because it's the internet and there's no tone or volume or sense of touch, or that stuff. Anyway, I already have written the opening song and it's about 5 minutes long, and something in class made me think of this joke I could tell as sort of a breather in-between songs (I'm thinking to have one or two bits in between songs just so it's not all constantly music.) Like I said, there's no tone online or anything, so just read this in your favorite comedian's voice. It'll go something like this:
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Sometimes old fashioned comedy is the way to go.

Anyway this is really short and I don't care right now I'm just really tired between school, work, GTASC, and everything. I got 7 hours of sleep the entire weekend, so it didn't help that we had daylight savings this weekend either.

In unrelated news, (I'll try to make this quick but you know me. Actually you don't--why are we talking again?) I recently just got my first girlfriend which is like TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH to realize on what 'chu were missing out on. But seriously she's really sweet and hella smart and her name is Anjul and she's Indian. Idk, I think I have a thing for Indian girls, but you won't understand, especially if you're an Indian guy, now... Don't even get me started. Haven't told my parents yet but I guess they'll find out after they read this blog bc they're stalkers! Hi mom! wave We're going to tolo this Saturday, which, if you're not familiar with tolo, it is basically a normal school dance but this time the girl's ask out the guys. Yeah. I don't know how to end this paragraph so I'll just awkwardly end it here.

So yeah if anyone lives in or near Redmond/Sammamish area in WA (looking at you NBA Kirkland) and wants to come see me IRL look out for the massive city-wide marketing campaign I do next year for this. I'll also probably make at least another 10 update blogs on this between now and when I start performances. I think I'll be performing at two venues, maybe 5 or 6 times at each venue. Once at Eastlake HS in Sammamish and once at Redmond HS in Redmond. Please come, but only if you want to--like if you don't want to, don't even think about coming. By the way thanks for reading my blog peace out. rockrockrock
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PermalinkGreat To-Do List 2017!
Hey everyone so this blog is more of like personal use so you can ignore it if you want but basically there's this thing where you add 100 random achievements to your to-do list at the beginning of the year and see how many you can get done by the end of the year. The purpose is to clean up your completion percentage and revist games in your backlog. I added all of these to my To-Do List on January 1st, I just never got around to making the blog, so some of them are already done. What I did is I took the 78 (...yeah I know roll) achievements from last year I didn't get to and just added 22 new ones, so yeah, here it is. If you see anything on it you'd like to boost with me, just hit me up with a PM or comment on this blog. My thoughts on specific achievements or games are listed above the achievement(s) in that game. Lastly, most of them are pretty difficult and/or grindy since I try to earn most or all achievements in a game before moving on to the next one.

Here it is:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Progress: 25/100
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PermalinkMy 100k Achievement
I think this one seems appropriate...
Pure ChessGrandmasterThe Grandmaster achievement in Pure Chess worth 738 pointsAchieve a Grand Master Pure Chess rating.

And it's happening tomorrow night! :D :D :D
12 years later and I'm finally hitting 100k, I'm so excited! Thanks to Rich and co., my irl friends, everyone on my friends list and everyone I've ever boosted with for helping me achieve this milestone.

I'll be following it up with this achievement:
QI did it!!The I did it!! achievement in Q worth 3 pointsDraw something

:D :D :D
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PermalinkDear Mom and Dad,
Dear Mom and Dad,

Please stop blaming all my inaccuracies and imperfections on gaming. Gaming is not the devil. Speaking of the devil--everyone has a right to freedom of religion and thought, as stated by human rights 1, 2, 18, 19, and 30 as well as the 1st amendment to the U.S. constitution. Just because I am an atheist and you are not does not mean I will grow up to be a criminal/bad person/whatever.

Please stop calling gaming an 'addiction'. To me, gaming is a hobby. Something only becomes an addiction once it starts severely affecting other aspects of your life. While last school year, I'll admit, gaming was an addiction. For the past 9 or 10 months, however, it has been a completely normal hobby.

Please remove the parental controls on the Xbox One. And the Xbox 360. And every other fucking electronic in this house you have parental controls on. I'm 15. I know how to control myself and I'll game when I want to. Stop being so overprotective. Additionally, please stop stalking me on social media (including this one). I know you do it and it is no secret.

Please stop telling me what to do in real life and how to fix my problems. If I have a problem, I can deal with it myself--I don't need your help unless I ask for it. Also, if I don't fix a problem how you think it should be fixed, but the problem is still resolved regardless, don't yell at me. I fixed the problem how I wanted to. When I move out you won't have any control of how I live my life, so what's the point in doing it now.

Please don't tell me how to spend my money. K? I make my own money now. I can spend it how I want too. 'Nough said.

If I tell you I want to be alone or not to talk to me anymore for the time being, please just leave me alone or risk putting me in a worse mood, which I'm sure neither of us want. Also, if I say "nothing interesting happened at *insert activity here* today", just let it be, because trying to get me to give you an answer isn't going to happen (because either A: Nothing interesting happened, or B: Something put me in a bad mood and now I don't want to talk about it)

Lightning round:

-Don't clean my room.
-Don't make me lunch if I say I don't want lunch.
-Don't yell at me for no reason.
-If you call me downstairs, give me at least two seconds to respond before attempting to call me again.
-Don't call or text me if we are in the same house.
-Don't take my phone away for no reason... (and don't make up bullshit excuses for not giving it back)
-Believe me when I say I didn't skip school and the teacher just made a mistake with the attendance so you don't embarrass yourself when you call the school just to find out I was in class anyway.
-Don't yell at me for getting two B's on my report card when I'm taking two more classes than most other kids in my grade and all my other grades are As.
-Just because you didn't see me all day does not mean I was gaming all day. How do you think my homework gets done?
-Not everyone online is a child molester or kidnapper. Lots of people are really nice.
-If I tell you I don't want to play my music for you, don't make me play it for you.
-Don't praise me when it is obviously fake praise.
-If you are losing an argument, just admit to it instead of pulling the parent card and veto-ing my perfectly valid argument.



P.S. Who says getting a green screen isn't a good investment? Think of all the music videos I could shoot!
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