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PermalinkUHH Weeks 2+3 Recap!
Hello there smile

This is going to be a lightning recap because of two reasons. One I don't remember completing the lists very well, and two, I have a better use for my time than spending two hours writing an UHH recap that maybe only a couple people will read. Mainly the second one. Also because I'm lazy and don't write the recaps as I complete the lists.

Remember, the account in question is TA LFWinner2016, not this one. Let's get started!

Week 2:
Opponent: Fire Hawk D (pudding)
"Repeat" Games (games that have already shown up this UHH): Chariot, Pool Nation FX, Worms Battlegrounds, LIMBO (XB1), Child of Light
Estimated 20/20 completion time: ~10-12 hours

Shortest Achievement: 2 minutes
PolychromaticComebackThe Comeback achievement in Polychromatic worth 6 pointsEarn an extra life while having no extra lives.

Longest Achievement: 3-4 hours
Worms BattlegroundsNot again…The Not again… achievement in Worms Battlegrounds worth 202 pointsComplete “The Class Act”.

"Most Fun" Achievement:
Watch_Dogs (Xbox 360)Secret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Watch_Dogs (Xbox 360) worth 12 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

Watch Dogs was the first "M" rated game I ever played and I don't think I will ever get bored of replaying it.

"Least Fun" Achievement:
Child of LightWinged FuryThe Winged Fury achievement in Child of Light worth 52 pointsDevastate 5 foes.

I. Hate. This. Game. angry

Week 3:
Very Kinect and Rhythm heavy list! I played almost 100 songs in one weekend (which is the equivalent to two Endless Setlist I's)
Opponent: GhostGrifter
This guy gave me a run-for-my-money on Sunday. If I didn't finish my list, I think he would have--he definitely could have if we wanted to. I went to bed Saturday night and the match was 17-7, woke up and he was at 12. Had some breakfast and got on my Xbox and suddenly he was at 13. He had already knocked off the two most time consuming achievements and I still had a few more gigs for completing the Guitar Hero tour and a couple more Watch Dogs missions. Despite being 4 achievements ahead, I felt like I was behind. Managed to pull out a win though, in the end.
"Repeat" Games: LIMBO (XB1) (3rd appearance), Pool Nation FX (3rd appearance), Forza Horizon, Kinect Sports, Kinect Sports: Season 2, Watch Dogs (XB1)
Estimated 20/20 completion time: ~18-20 hours

Shortest Achievement: 3 minutes
Pool Nation FXTrickshot NoviceThe Trickshot Novice achievement in Pool Nation FX worth 9 pointsCreate your first Trickshot

Longest Achievement: 8 hours
Watch_DogsSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Watch_Dogs worth 15 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

"Most Fun" Achievement:
Green Day: Rock BandStrong Arm, Billie JoeThe Strong Arm, Billie Joe achievement in Green Day: Rock Band worth 26 pointsEarn a Guitar Career score of 1,000,000.

I love Green Day! This was one of the two games I put in this account's collection that I have never played before (the other one being Band Hero). The game had a very nice feel to it and the music was, of course, amazing.

"Least Fun" Achievement:
Guitar Hero: World TourSolo ArtistThe Solo Artist achievement in Guitar Hero: World Tour worth 39 pointsComplete a solo career (any difficulty)

Ugh, 5 hours of Guitar Hero. As much as I like Rock Band, I really dislike Guitar Hero. The sprites look messy, the charts are less accurate. I feel it is just a lower quality game than rock band. Playing through the entire tour in a week did not help my viewpoint towards it.

Well, that's it for the recap. If anyone cares, this goat of an achievement that I got this week (week 4) ruined my chance of getting a perfect 120 in the group stage, so Roblox can go suck a big fat one:
ROBLOX10 Day RollThe 10 Day Roll achievement in ROBLOX worth 443 pointsPlay ROBLOX for Xbox on 10 consecutive days.

I don't know if I'll even play week 4, now. My master plan was to get 20 each week to #mentallydefeat my opponents, but what good will that do if I have a "19" tainting my style?

Anyway, ending week 3 with a score of 90 secured me a spot in the KO stage, so I will be very excited for the next portion of the competition. If I get matched with someone on my friend's list in the KO stage, I haven't decided if I should throw the competition or not, since I'm kind of just doin' it for fun and any one of my friends who made it to the KO stage definitely deserves it more than me--playing on an alt account and all.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading. If you just skipped to the bottom paragraph to convince yourself you read the whole thing, that's cool too. I know I wouldn't want to read about a random guy talking about games I've never heard of before.

wave Bye! Talk to you next week, where I will hopefully have a more detailed recap
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PermalinkA story of cubes and spheres
Once upon a time there was a world, in which lived cubes and spheres. There were many, many more cubes than there were spheres, so the spheres were ridiculed for being weird and different. The spheres had to stick together to stay strong, but even then, the hurtful words and actions caused by the cubes continued to discriminate them.

It gets worse, too. A very small portion of the spheres consistently caused uproar and dismay in the world, and were an embarrassment to the entire sphere population. This group of spheres didn't care they were embarrassing the rest of the sphere population, they just wanted to cause a scene and have fun.

The cubes mostly talked to other cubes during they daily lives, and rarely would they ever come upon a sphere. This was mainly due to the fact that the spheres can appear as cubes, and only present themselves as spheres to their peers if they wish. Once they show they are truly a sphere though, they cannot go back to pretending to be a cube.

On the rare occasion that a cube would see a sphere, they would associate the sphere with the spheres that caused trouble and ruckus around the world, despite this specific sphere being just as normal as the cube's own self. This lead to even larger discrimination of spheres around the world.

In this world, there was a sphere named Johnny. However, Johnny was a special sphere. Johnny lived his entire life thinking he was a cube. His parents were cubes. His friends were cubes. His teachers and siblings and everyone he knew was a cube, so he had good reason to believe he was also a cube. He presented himself to these people as a cube, and would never even think twice that he was a sphere, despite the fact that he was.

One day Johnny met a sphere. At first he was shocked at even meeting a sphere--they were so rare to come by, but then he remembered what spheres had caused in the world. Johnny discriminated against the sphere, and would not be friends with him, even though he hadn't even met him.

Later, one of Johnny's friends, who had been presenting himself as a cube his entire life, told Johnny that he was actually a sphere. Johnny didn't want to make the sphere feel bad, since he was his friend, so he said that "it's cool", even though Johnny was judging him on the inside. Johnny never hung out with the sphere again.

When Johnny was in his teens, a miracle happened. A fairy godmother came down from the sky and told Johnny that he was actually a sphere. Johnny didn't believe this, because he knew he was normal and just the same as everyone he knew, but the fairy godmother insisted. It took the fairy godmother an entire night to convince Johnny he was a sphere, but in the end she did, and in the morning Johnny knew that he was a sphere. However, Johnny didn't want to tell anyone he was a sphere, because he had firsthand experience of the discrimination that spheres had, and he knew what cubes thought of spheres. He knew exactly what cubes thought of spheres, and he couldn't believe that he had once thought spheres were like that.

However, Johnny had an urgent desire to tell people of his true self, but he knew no one would treat him the same if he told anyone about this. He continued to pretend to hate on spheres at school with his friends, and if any of his friends started teasing by asking if anyone at their lunch table was actually a sphere, he would play along and try to hide his embarrassment.

A similar thing that happened to the main character in this story happened to me just last week, and it has had me crushed and in total shock ever since it happened. I needed to tell someone, but I didn't know who to tell or how to tell them. I think that this short story is a good choice of portraying my feelings. This doesn't have anything to do with gender, race, or sexuality, but there is a very small minority group that I didn't understand, and discriminated against them because I was looking at the stereotype, not the individual people. Now I realize that I'm a part of that group and I understand it much better, and I also understand why people who don't understand discriminate against us, seeing as I used to be one of those people. I'm still a little shocked by it, but it's been getting better. I hope you enjoyed the story! Take care and happy hunting! UHH week 2 recap coming tomorrow smile
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