After almost 4 years, Grand Theft Auto IV is finished, just Gears of War and Halo 3 remain!


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My Return...for now
I just looked through all my achievements and must say I cannot believe I have accomplished so much ever since I first started my Xbox Live account in January 2007. I continued to do my best for another 3 years. My proudest accomplishments have to be: Getting 1,000 G in Guitar Hero II, F.E.A.R., Dead Rising along with several other games. My proudest achievement came in July 2010, Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic from GTA IV.

Here's the story behind how that nightmare of an achievement was obtained:

I was spending my last month home playing games and doing what I can before I departed for my first semester of college. I was talking with one of my longtime Xbox Live friends and achievement buddies, Z O IM IB ii IE, about what we could accomplish before I leave in August. I said "We never did get the chance to get a few more achievements in GTA IV, I think we can try for a couple of them." He wasn't sure how it would be possible but I said that I would look into the game, find strategies and how to get matched up in GTA IV.

That is how I found out about True Achievements! smile

I found this site and showed Z O IM IB ii IE all the strategies and described how we could get matched up and kick anyone who could get in the way of earning any achievements. After struggling for a few hours to get lucky on the mission "Deal Breaker" (I HATE those bikers at the end), we finally both got our "Fly The Co-op" achievement. This helped us realize that with a little persistence and luck, we could work towards getting Petrovic done for good.

We set right off to work and got our lists ready and did all the "easy" tasks. When it came time for the races, it was MUCH more frustrating, I noticed that very few people would play the GTA races which helped in getting all of those done.

After almost 2 weeks of constant effort, we finally, finally got our Petrovic achievements. All that was left was Wanted, which I have yet to earn. Z O IM IB ii IE, however, showed at lot more effort than I did because he managed to get the Wanted achievement just recently.

I regret to say that this past year I have done very little in the realm of earning achievements and finishing games (college tends to take over I would say). Since I'm home for the next month, I want to take over where I left off and finish a few things I still have: Dead Rising 2, Halo 3: ODST, Halo 3 (I hate 0 G achievements), GTA IV (if possible), and Gears of Wars (if possible). One game I know I will probably never finish due to bad luck is Rock Band (the first), because I cannot play expert bass and expert vocals at the same time as playing on expert vocals requires ACTUAL vocal talent, sadly.

Since there is a blog on here, I figured I could use it document my history as an Xbox Live gamer. I hope I can at least finish a few more games and get as close as I can to 100% completion.

I wish all who read this luck with their games and all their goals they have in the future, I also wish everyone to never give up, ever.

Thank you!

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