Korean B B Q
March 2021
Period average ratio1.15RATIO
Games started2GAMES STARTED
Games played2GAMES PLAYED
Games completed0GAMES COMPLETED

Games played

Donut CountyAchievements10Gamerscore275TA323 24%
DOOM 64Achievements1Gamerscore50TA50 3%

Friend leaderboard

Achievements Gamerscore TA
1. Korean B B Q Korean B B Q 11 325 375

Best achievements

Gamerscore TA
Donut County Quack Enthusiast Quack Enthusiast
Quack 100 times.
90 111
DOOM 64 Secret Sleuth Secret Sleuth
Discover a secret area
50 51
Donut County 
                    Secret Achievement Secret Achievement
Continue playing to unlock this secret Achievement. (Secret)
35 40
Donut County Disrespecter Disrespecter
Destroy Trash King's monitor.
30 37
Donut County Gamer Gamer
Stock up on gamer fuel.
30 35
Donut County Redeemed Redeemed
Bring everyone back from underground.
15 17
Donut County Hacker Hacker
Hack into the mainframe.
15 17
Donut County The Flume Is Doomed The Flume Is Doomed
Destroy Raccoon Lagoon.
15 17
Donut County Pyro Pyro
Set Pepper's trailer on fire.
15 17
Donut County Donut County Donut County
Destroy the donut shop.
15 17
Donut County Pup's Odyssey Pup's Odyssey
Release the hot air balloon.
15 15