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Battlefield3 players wanted!!!!!!
This is a Call To Arms!!!!!! Me and my 2 friends have been in the worx for months now to assemble a team together for battlefield, the best competitive team based multiplayer game out there imo. We currently have a full squad of 4 for squad battles, but want to expand our horizons to full scale warefare!!! 12v12 conquest matches and 12v12 rush matches!!!! The long term goal is to have 16 members total!!! So we can substitute players if they are busy or wat not. This is a big goal, I know but we would like you to help in it!!!! We are planning to make a team name, and even rent out our own server to help analyze and train our recruits! We even are planning to make team tshirts if you guys are interested, and are considering making a facebook page. All you need is a competitive fun nature, skills in bf3, willingness to work with your squad in whatever role is needed, a decent connection, and a Virgin Gaming account (further explained in paragraph 3 but it is free to join V-gaming)! If you are interested than continue to read on, if not than well don't... haha.

So here is the breakdown! It would be very hard for 1 guy to try and give 11 other guys orders in the middle of battle. In fact it would end badly, so we want you guys to be divided by squads, and each squad has a squad leader. The squad leaders will than report to the General. The General is one of the 3 founding member (myself included) rotated for each match. Squads will be given an order, and will be expected to make it happen. (for example, m squad is expected to take out rush objective A, while Gold squad provides vehicular support to M squad to take A). You follow so far? We are also making a tactics handout for certain situations, and how to handle them (help on this is much appreciated) You will become closer to your squad than you will with anyone else in the team, though we will all get to know each other to some degree:)!!!

Onto the Virgin account. This may turn off a lot of gamers, which is completely understandable, I would not want to make you guys do something your not comfortable with. In an attempt to make these games more competitive and fun, virgin gaming will be used as... well a way to gamble essentially, allow me to explain. Virgin accounts are free, but they provide a service, which allows gamers to put money into a pool, than play tournaments to compete for this said money. You put money into your Virgin account thru PayPal (same guys who are trusted with many other transactions including Ebay), and than can use this money to enter into staked tournaments. Tournament stakes could be from free to $1000 per member... but don't worry we are planning low stakes, probably $5 per person kind of stuff. And remember we have money staked in these matches as well. The tournaments can be flexible, and based on your scheduling, most likely saturdays for our group, and can range from big ass tournaments, to just 2 teams who want to duke it out for an hour. These tournaments are online, so you can be in South Africa for all I care.

So there it is! if you are interested plz PM me ASAP!!!! You must be 18, and certain states do not allow participation in these kind of events, but most do. So check on Virgin Gaming's site to be sure. We will analyze you for your ability and that your not an asshole b4 inviting you into this select brotherhood!!! If you have read all this are interested than congrats, and hope to see some interested players soon!!!! Plz pass this msg onto anyone interested in this opportunity! Cheers guystoast
Best Moments in 2011 (spoiler free) (so far)
Alright so I just finished Portal 2, and boy was it a blast. I can't believe how the game ended, that has got to be one of the sickest ways to end a game. So that got me thinking, what are the best moments in gaming so far this year, call it the half way point's best moments (I know its not half way, but most the big name games come holidays anyways)... so hears my top 5 so far, don't worry, I kept them spoiler free, so you can experience it yourself.

1. Portal 2
The ending, though to be fair the entire game was full of great moments.

2. Dead Space 2
Again, another game with many great moments, but towards the end lets just say this part is an eye sore.

3. Bulletstorm
Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet revenge.

4. Mortal Kombat
Why didn't you listen Liu Kang?

5. Dragon Age 2
Lelianna? (not the dlc part)

Honorable mentions

-Crysis 2
Just getting that god damn lvl 50 achievement, oh god that felt good, 3 days of boosting! I can't imagine trying to get this legit.
-L.A. Noire
Finishing this game, I was so happy it was finally over, it just dragged on and on.
-God of war 3
Ok so technically this was last year, but I just played it this week, OMG! I hate you sony for keeping this to yourselves, one of the funnest games I have ever played. It is just a highlight reel of amazing kills, and I can't decide if the ending was the best moment, the Kronos fight, the Poseidon fight, or the Hercules fight.

Ok so those are my best moments of the year so far, to be fair I haven't played a couple games that I have wanted to, so may have missed moments in those games, but these are my moments thus far this year. Any disagreements? If I were to vote for GOTY today, it would have to be... errrrr tough call. Either Dead Space or Portal, its a tough call, Portal had such a cool ending, but it was pretty short, plus dead space is sooooo damn fun... well I'd be happy with either winning, yup I just did the pussy move, it's a tie. Subscribe, feedback, etc. cheers!
HD remakes: What's with that?
Lately there has been a huge new trend of HD remakes. God of War 1,2 was remade for HD on PS3, as well as Beyond Good and Evil, Resident Evil 4/ Code Veronica are in the process, Legend of Zelda the Ocarina of Time, metal gear solid is also on it's way, Halo 1, and God of War is even making another package, this time with GOW 1,2, and 3 all in one... 3 came out less than a year ago... jeese. Not sure if I covered all of them either. Not to say I do not like this idea, it gave me a chance to play GOW 1 n 2, which were very fun. I also have never played resident evil 4 or code veronica, which I have heard pretty good things about 4, so I am at the moment interested, though not sold. On top of that I am planning on playing Beyond Good and Evil at some point, because I did luv that game. Although it does give some of us newer gamers the chance to play good games we have missed out on, where the hell is the originality? "Sir, we have run out of ideas..." "Ummm... fuck it, just remake one of our older successful titles, and we'll call it an "HD remake""

I mean at least Halo Anniversary has a whole new graphics engine playing side by side the old one, so it looks gorgeous, but all the other remakes do nothing, cept give you the option to view it in HD. The graphics themselves aren't really any better, it's just crisper looking... well it is better... Hold on let me start over. It's like going to a 3D movie, the movie's special effects are the exact same, they just look more... well 3D. I don't know, I am soo psyched for Halo (I tell myself that it is because of the new graphics), and I take advantage of some of the other remakes, I admit it, but I feel like it is just plain lazy. If you are going to repackage the same shit, at least bring it into the modern day. Is that hypocrital of me? Anyways what do you guys think about Resident Evil 4? Is it good? Anyways cheers, subscribe, and feedback is encouraged.toast

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