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..for really screwing me over. Again. Hours of work with nothing popping. Hours works on another island and wasn't saved. Even though I know for a fact I saved. Followed guides exactly and nothing. Sigh. Force quit. Uninstall. Reinstall. Restart. Nothing. I guess I wait for a possible delay pop? Factions were all 100 at one point and nothing. I even had the little symbol at the top right show up when things normally would pop. I let US attack me. Won. Nothing. ##!\÷\%×%=@=#&!$ ( ((><)) ) Any other recommendations? I'll try anything else.

*Update: Friends With Benefits popped 4 hours later.

Games are getting harder and harder to stay interested because now I'm just like "oh I wonder if this will screw me up next.." shock I had a good burst on energy to play last week? ..and wanted to keep playing too. Back to my one day for my streak. This is not gaming burn out. It's just pure frustration factored in with my actual life. Get screwed over enough it takes a lot of get out of a funk...YANNO? Dog has decided he likes to scream at the planes and helicopters now since he hears them more? Dogs worse. Still in my stress induced MS flare. Well basically since my hospital stay. So new treatment plan should be really fun.
Laptop is acting funky when there's things I still have to finish on it facepalmand I'm really holding off on a new one at leastt until maybe next weekend. About to go yolo and spend like $1000 on crap for myself..well..because I can. Handful of games I want. Probably a second xbox as well. Peeking at sales ads is either good or bad for me and the Bubs. I try limiting store trips because well I now have a box full of hotwheels for what? Retired bin raider?Oh well ..cry
Back to Google looking for baking ideas and classroom door decoration ideas..
Oh and..
One more Tropico attempt..
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Perturbed. Shout out to Disney for making terrible games.Permalink
Vent- 48271751
Grammar and punctuation- idk maybe 0

Yeah this is a shot at you Mickey. Disney Epic Mickey 2: The power of two...can burn. This is my 3rd attempt at this stupid game. The more I play...the anger gets worse. The whack controls. Whack camera. The bogus second character that's just annoying and in the way. Yeah, I'm talking to you Oswald. Play alone. Get screwed. Take a break. Start new game follow the walkthrough. Get screwed. So many things in the walkthrough mentioned weren't in my game. Lol things freeze. Things won't die. I'm jumping from things just to hit invisible walls. Now I have a projector door that won't open.

So much bad luck. Maybe I'm just grumpy because of pain. If I wasn't trying to keep my streak alive I'd probably ditch xbox all together. Xbox was fun. It was fun with you. But now it's just being rude. This counts the 4th? game that's messed up on me. Game files totally gone. I've lost Syndicate, Maize ach won't pop, We Were Here won't pop. If anyone wants to volunteer to just sit in the game while I do everything solo besides telling you what valves to turn ...that'd be wonderful. Boosting session it is. Oh lets not forget Tropico 5. facepalm

Michigan got over a foot of snow a few days ago. Apparently it's going to be the worst winter this year and predicted snow accumulation this time is 50 something inches which apparently the most it's ever been. Holidays starting which means time off. A lot. Completions? Hopefully. I miss my dog. He's getting so many toys and pajamas. cryI miss my bubba. I was going to make my list of games I want to play while at the doctors..but when you're getting electric shocks and needles in your kinda can't focus on typing. At least I couldn't. Doesn't help the first time I started it I was waiting for my double MRI and heard the person screaming before me.
Claustrophobia-1 Me:0
I just need to go home.
Beat the polar vortex. rollroll
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Microsoft hates me.Permalink
Confirmed. Which means I'm not able to sign in and get a few achievements to prevent elimination. Sucks... a lot..but I did it to myself..I guess.. Back to focusing on my percentage, my dog and my health. He's been lethargic and no idea why. Stays glued to me. I've been in a month long MS flare I'm probably why he's the way he is.cry This past week has been extremely exhausting with being sick, triple MRI, bloodwork and all around being fucking depressed. Still working, still tutoring.
I took a little break from Assassins Creed Syndicate and stsrted it back up. I only have a few achievements left. The game has been so buggy and infuriating. I'll be on buildings totally out of site and I'll be detected. Sometimes the game will just freeze. I kinda don't even want to bother with the DLC. Who knows. Apparently I still need to finish Minecraft for Windows since I only have one acheivement left. Started Bolt and I plan to casually play it until I complete it. Nothing seems too interesting to play yet. I'm still waiting on my Borderlands and Fallout motivation to come back. Debating Modern Warfare as well. Going to be another purchase that sits for awhile. Oops. As always..I need to complete some things before I start something new.

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Finally got hit with the team elimination. Fun. Tried my best doing it solo for..a month? I was on my phone and laptop doing my solo best. Thankful for play anywhere games. Sigh. I let Bubby down. At least I get to see him in 588473626 more hours. 15 to be exact. Back to working on percentage and packing I guess.
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