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iMaginaryyBean DiveiMaginaryy won 1 achievement in 1 new game as part of their Bean Dive

                Status change by omgeezus at 12:09 on 07 May 2021omgeezus status: What's everyone doing/playing this weekend?
Comment by Arkzein at 12:18 on 07 May 2021

Excel :(

Comment by Falensarano at 12:32 on 07 May 2021

Hopefully Dreamfall Chapters 😉 if I EVER finish Far Cry Instincts

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iManuBAD iTiManuBAD iT is now in the top 10000 of the Europe TrueAchievement Leaderboard for ID@Xbox
Comment by TheOnlyMatto at 13:07 on 07 May 2021


Comment by Rusty Nail zh at 13:16 on 07 May 2021

Noice! Good one!

CHABINSCHABINS has reached a new milestone: 9,750 Achievements Won
CHABINSCrackdown 2CHABINS won 5 Achievements in Crackdown 2 for 112 points
XtowersDonut CountyXtowers won 3 Achievements in Donut County for 71 points
RolalronAnniversaryRolalron is celebrating their 12-year anniversary of joining TrueAchievements.com
iManuBAD iTGolf With Your Friends iManuBAD iT won 2 Achievements in Golf With Your Friends for 425 points
CHABINSCrackdown 2CHABINS won 5 Achievements in Crackdown 2 for 319 points
SoupaBuoyFIFA 19SoupaBuoy won 5 Achievements in FIFA 19 for 161 points
SoupaBuoyFIFA 19SoupaBuoy started the game FIFA 19
QwanimalFIFA 20Qwanimal completed the game FIFA 20 and is the 253rd gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Qwanimal at 17:30 on 06 May 2021

Never. Again.

Comment by Ginn0rz at 17:41 on 06 May 2021

actual lol

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QwanimalFIFA 20Divisive Figure achievementQwanimal won the Divisive Figure achievement in FIFA 20 for 310 points
Yinga GartenFIFA 17Yinga Garten won 2 Achievements in FIFA 17 for 105 points
Mike Tyson USAWolfenstein: The New Order (Win 10)Mike Tyson USA won 15 Achievements in Wolfenstein: The New Order (Win 10) for 1284 points

                Status change by omgeezus at 13:43 on 06 May 2021omgeezus status: Something is telling me that MAYBE I won't hit 50% by the end of the year laugh
Comment by omgeezus at 13:44 on 06 May 2021

45% should still be obtainable, and still aiming to complete more games than I start this year.

Comment by ScuzzyBunny at 15:16 on 06 May 2021

I think I'm on pace to hit 50% by the end of the year...at 51.4 now, and bean dive around the corner!

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LoonieleeAlan WakeLoonielee won 4 Achievements in Alan Wake for 77 points
albajosalbajos has reached a new milestone: 730,000 TrueAchievement Score
The NotoUndertaleThe Noto won 2 Achievements in Undertale for 144 points
The NotoUndertale
            Secret AchievementThe Noto won the Secret Achievement in Undertale for 74 points
The NotoUndertale
            Secret AchievementThe Noto won the Secret Achievement in Undertale for 70 points
RayhovenSuper Soccer BlastRayhoven completed the game Super Soccer Blast and is the 584th gamer on the site to complete it
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