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2019 Completion No. 1 - Starlink: Battle for Atlas

From this sites review "Maybe too familiar for those who have had their fill of Ubisoft's design philosophies" ... Am I missing something. I'm in no way a Ubisoft fanboy who is looking through rose coloured glasses at this game. Initially I laughed at it and showed it to a friend saying "neat concept, but I'm not going to spend money on buying ships"... and now I've almost got a complete set (thanks eBGames for selling everything, even the game at a reduced price).

Ok, so here is what I think of the game. It looks amazing, I couldn't believe how wonderful the game looked when I first started playing. It's story line although not cutting edge is simple while keeping the space opera feel (think Mass Effect for kids). Simple looter shooter mechanics and the vehicles controls that feel like Wipeout in a way keep the game fast until you get caught by environmental plant traps. I know this game is aimed more at the younger demographic and the story, loot and controls back that up, but it's something that I have to recommend to everyone as it was fun from start to finish (even with the achievement cleanup)... and lets face it, the ships don't look that bad mounted, unlike having a horde of Skylander figurines on a shelf.
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