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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z - Special condition List
So yeah, since I was helping a friend out I decided to make a list of the special conditions. Guess it couldn't hurt to put it up here if anyone is interested :) Haven't done them all, might be 2 or 3 missing ( not counting the tutorial stages, since I didn't see the point)

Mission Bonus / special conditions
6 No retry
7 Defeat Goku as raditz
8 1 max chain
10 Destroy 2 or more parts of the great ape
11 Win in 2:30 min
2x max chains
12 Defeat Guildo in 1 min
Defeat 12 Frieza's soldiers
13 Defeat Burter with Goku
Defeat Burter before defeating Jeice
14 Defeat 6 Frieza's Soldiers
Defeat Ginyu last
15 Won without retrying
Beat Frieza 1ste form with Vegeta
16 Damage 50% of Frieza's heath
Land 25hit combo
Defeat Frieza! ( note: 3 minutes of time, so beat him within this time.)
17 Defeat Frieza with ssj goku
Win within 3 minutes
18 Defeat Kid Gohan 4 times
Defeat Vegeta 5 times
Defeat Goku 6 times
19 Defeat Krillin before goku as Frieza (final form)
Defeat SSJ Goku
20 Win in 3 minutes
Defeat Goku with Full powered Frieza
21 Defeat Trunks in 1 minute
2 max chains
22 Defeat #19 in 2 minutes
Defeat Dr Gero ( he'll try to escape, so prevent that!)
23 Defeat #17 in 2 minutes
Defeat #18 with Vegeta ssj
24 2 max chains
Defeat cell
25 Defeat #16 with goku
Defeat 2nd form of cell
Defeat Perfect Cell in 2 minutes
26 Defeat 6 cell jr. in 1 minute
Don't use retry
Make a 30 hit combo
27 Defeat everyone with Trunks
28 Defeat Piccolo first
Defeat Yamcha with Dr. Gero
29 Defeat Piccolo and Gohan in 1 minute
Defeat Vegeta before Goku.
30 Keep Trunks alive ( a.k.a make sure he doesn't die)
Defeat Cell with #16
Defeat Vegeta
31 Defeat #16 with perfect Cell
Make Goku give up in 1 minute
Defeat SSJ2 Gohan
32 Defeat Dabura in 2 minutes
Make a 30 hit combo
33 Defeat Dabura
Defeat Majin Vegeta
Defeat both Dabura and Majin Vegeta ( this pretty much is a bonus )
34 Defeat 8 Majin buu's in 3 minutes
Defeat Super Buu with Ultimate Gohan
35 Won without retrying
defeat kid buu in 5 minutes
1 max chain
36 Get Goku's health below 30%
Defeat Goku
37 2 max chains
Defeat SSJ3 Goteks in 1 minute
38 Win within 3 minutes
Defeat Ultimate Gohan last
39 Make a 30 hit combo
Defeat SSJ3 Goku in 2 minutes
40 Defeatsaibamen Gold
Defeat saibaman Black with vegeta
Defeat Saibamen Black with Yamcha
41 Defeat Vegeta last
Win in 5 min
43 2 max chains
defeat Ginya last
Won without retrying
44 DefeatSaibamen in 1 minute
Defeat Bardock with Frieza ( 1st form)
Destroy all parts of Bardock (Ape)
45 Defeat Frieza With Ultimate attack
46 Defeat Cooler without defeating any Frieza soldier
Defeat Cooler with SSJ Goku
47 2 max chains
Defeat 13 Frieza's Soldiers
48 Win in 4 minutes
Defeat 5 metal Coolers
49 Defeat 27 Saibamen
Defeat Broly in 3 minutes
50 Destroy every part of Hirudigan at least once
No retry
51 2 max chains
Win within 5 minutes
52 Defeat Frieza Soldier within 2 minutes
Defeat Cooler with SSJ Goku
53 Defeat Dr.Gero with Yamcha
Make a 25hit combo
Defeat 16 in less than 2 minutes
54 Defeat Dabura in less than 1 minute
Defeat Majin Vegeta with SSJ2 Goku
Win in 7 minutes
55 Defeat Vegeta with Goku
3 max chains
No retry
56 Defeat kid Trunks with Goten
Defeat all vegeta's in 4 minutes
57 Defeat Raditz in 30 seconds
Defeat 10 enemies in 5 minutes
58 Defeat 50 enemies
Defeat 100 enemies
Defeat 150 enemies
59 Defeat Hirudigan in 3 minutes
Defeat the god of destruction with SSJ-God Goku
Won without retrying
60 30hit combo
4 max chains
Defeat Super Vegeto

Hope this helps,

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