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A friend of mine is really into credit card signup bonuses. He told me that I should sign up for the Capital One Savor card, which I did, and a couple months later, Capital One sent me a check for $550.

What to do with the extra cash? The XBox One X is on sale for $400. And a few months ago my 1080p TV died and I replaced it with a TCL Roku 4K TV. So now I am rocking a 4K television with my original 2013 XBox One. I could really get the most of the television with the One X right?

But there are two factors weighing heavily on the decision. The first is that I am ready for everything to be 4K/HDR/60 FPS. But the One X isn't there yet. A lot of games are coming out with an option to choose either graphics or frame rate. And a lot of games aren't even 4K at all. Maybe existing games will be enhanced in the future but who knows? So the X is not really the sequel to the XBox One, but it is a more talented younger brother.

And that brings me to the second factor. I want to be wowed by the game console I buy in 2020. Every One X owner who upgrades in 2020 will get a machine that is about twice as powerful. But the gamer who upgrades from the 2013 machine to the 2020 machine will get a system eight times more powerful.

So for those reasons I decided to wait for the next generation of consoles about 23 months from now to change out the box in my living room. I am looking forward to the next generation even more now than if I were to purchase the One X.

Plus I am the kind of person who likes to save money. That $550 went straight into an account that is set aside to replace the roof on my house. Not that the roof needs replacing. I like to be prepared though. And I like my aging XBox just fine.
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Several months ago I resubscribed to Gamefly to catch up on several movies and easy games that I missed out on the last couple of years. Not too many games are still released on disc but a fair amount was still out there for me to try. One such game I played tonight is Rugby 15. I didn't really know what was going on, but that's ok. Before I even had touched the ball I already had 550/1000 gamerscore just from simulating games. I will note here that those 550 points would have been perfect facepalm for preloading, as you could quickly sim the final game from each tournament in about three minutes to get all those points. Anyways, while figuring out how to play Rugby I crossed the 700,000 Gamerscore milestone. That means it is time for a stats recap!

November 2006 = 0 Gamerscore
On Black Friday 2006 I bought an XBox 360 bundled with Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (and Hexic HD internally) as well as Rockstar Table Tennis and Call of Duty 2 for twenty bucks each. I also immediately downloaded Geometry Wars and played those five games for a couple months. Then in March 2007 I opened a Gamefly account and started racking up some Gamerscore. In December 2007 I found the 360Voice Gamerscore challenges and started putting up even more points.

April 2009 = 100,000 Gamerscore (29 months from 0 to 100K)
October 2010 = 200,000 Gamerscore (18 months from 100K to 200K)
March 2012 = 300,000 Gamerscore (17 months from 200K to 300K)
December 2013 = 400,000 Gamerscore (21 months from 300K to 400K)
March 2017 = 500,000 Gamerscore (39 months from 400K to 500K)
April 2018 = 600,000 Gamerscore (13 months from 500K to 600K)

I find it necessary to drill in here and say that I went from 542K to 642K in a little over three days.

November 2018 = 700,000 Gamerscore (7 months from 600K to 700K)

What about 800K? I feel like it is going to take a while. With so many quick games available on XBox One, anyone can spend a few hundred dollars and rip through tens of thousands of gamerscore pretty quickly. But I am ready for a break from these kinds of games. Why should I spend $8 on some two hour throwaway game when I have good games sitting untouched on my hard drive like Metal Gear Solid V?

So my plan now is to wind down on the easy games, save a bunch for some future endeavor, and casually work on my completion percentage. I need to unlock another 1,563 achievements from games I have already started in order to get back up to a 90% completion rate. That will take a while, especially if I try out GamePass again and dabble in a bunch of different games that will ruin my completion percentage. Hmm.
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