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LazzyLazzy has reached a new milestone: 45,000 GamerScore
LazzyCall of Duty: VanguardLazzy started the game Call of Duty: Vanguard
LazzyHITMAN 3Lazzy won 4 Achievements in HITMAN 3 for 143 points
LazzyHITMAN 3HITMANLazzy started the HITMAN DLC for HITMAN 3
LazzyHITMAN 3Infiltrator achievementLazzy won the Infiltrator achievement in HITMAN 3 for 19 points
LazzyHITMAN 3HITMAN 2Lazzy started the HITMAN 2 DLC for HITMAN 3
LazzyCall of Duty 3Lazzy won 2 Achievements in Call of Duty 3 for 41 points
LazzyCall of Duty 3Lazzy started the game Call of Duty 3
LazzyLazzy has reached a new milestone: 60,000 TrueAchievement Score
LazzyCall of Duty: WWIILazzy started the game Call of Duty: WWII
LazzyRustlerLazzy won 2 Achievements in Rustler for 37 points
LazzyRustlerGroovy! achievementLazzy won the Groovy! achievement in Rustler for 22 points
LazzyRustlerLazzy started the game Rustler
LazzyVigorHome Sweet Home achievementLazzy won the Home Sweet Home achievement in Vigor for 20 points
LazzyVigorLazzy started the game Vigor
LazzyTannenbergLazzy won 5 Achievements in Tannenberg for 82 points
LazzyTannenbergLeeroy achievementLazzy won the Leeroy achievement in Tannenberg for 23 points
LazzyTannenbergOops! achievementLazzy won the Oops! achievement in Tannenberg for 19 points
LazzyTannenbergRasputin achievementLazzy won the Rasputin achievement in Tannenberg for 15 points
LazzyTannenbergWallhack achievementLazzy won the Wallhack achievement in Tannenberg for 12 points
LazzyTannenbergLazzy won 14 Achievements in Tannenberg for 194 points
LazzyTannenbergFog of War achievementLazzy won the Fog of War achievement in Tannenberg for 13 points
LazzyTannenbergRing Ring! achievementLazzy won the Ring Ring! achievement in Tannenberg for 13 points
LazzyTannenbergHydra achievementLazzy won the Hydra achievement in Tannenberg for 16 points
LazzyTannenbergSteady Supply achievementLazzy won the Steady Supply achievement in Tannenberg for 12 points
LazzyTannenbergAnarchist achievementLazzy won the Anarchist achievement in Tannenberg for 12 points
LazzyTannenbergAnyone Else? achievementLazzy won the Anyone Else? achievement in Tannenberg for 14 points
LazzyTannenbergComeback achievementLazzy won the Comeback achievement in Tannenberg for 11 points
LazzyTannenbergUnlucky achievementLazzy won the Unlucky achievement in Tannenberg for 12 points
LazzyTannenbergLazzy started the game Tannenberg
LazzySniper Elite 4Lazzy won 2 Achievements in Sniper Elite 4 for 45 points
LazzySniper Elite 4Lazzy started the game Sniper Elite 4
LazzyEmbrA New Career achievementLazzy won the A New Career achievement in Embr for 15 points
LazzyEmbrLazzy started the game Embr
LazzyLakeLazzy won 2 Achievements in Lake for 227 points
LazzyLakeMovie Carrier achievementLazzy won the Movie Carrier achievement in Lake for 122 points
LazzyLakeCat Lover achievementLazzy won the Cat Lover achievement in Lake for 105 points
LazzyLakeLazzy started the game Lake
LazzyDOOM EternalLazzy won 2 Achievements in DOOM Eternal for 55 points
LazzyChivalry 2I got better! achievementLazzy won the I got better! achievement in Chivalry 2 for 26 points
LazzyChivalry 2Lazzy won 3 Achievements in Chivalry 2 for 69 points
LazzyChivalry 2This Is Fine achievementLazzy won the This Is Fine achievement in Chivalry 2 for 11 points
LazzyChivalry 2Yadome achievementLazzy won the Yadome achievement in Chivalry 2 for 53 points

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