Last achievement on Shadow of the Tomb Raider decided to not unlock for me :(


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                Status change by DeceptiveTen at 05:39 on 06 Dec 2019DeceptiveTen status: Is it me even when the Bears win it always turns into the other teams show case
Comment by Xystra at 08:59 on 06 Dec 2019

Da Bearss.

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Maka91 has started broadcasting 0 on their twitch channel at 01:04 on 06 Dec 2019twitchMaka91 has started broadcasting 0 on their twitch channel

                Status change by DeceptiveTen at 23:21 on 05 Dec 2019DeceptiveTen status: love the 12 days of Christmas. I don't have to worry about Achievements I have plenty laugh
Comment by LAZY SHIKAMARUX at 01:06 on 06 Dec 2019

The 12 days challenge is dope. Forces me to go through my backlog lol 😂

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                Status change by Stallion83 at 19:10 on 05 Dec 2019Stallion83 status: Live now! Halo Reach
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Comment by Lvx at 12:47 on 05 Dec 2019

I'm struggling so much to get these done. They're easy but the game is just not fun.

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                Status change by DeceptiveTen at 18:16 on 04 Dec 2019DeceptiveTen status: Halo MCC PC having trouble loading the f'n game
Comment by DeceptiveTen at 18:19 on 04 Dec 2019

Had it loaded the it froze

Comment by DeceptiveTen at 19:18 on 04 Dec 2019

Halo reach PC doesn't have it's own achievements

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