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Thanks, Minecraft, for forcing me to use my Xbox for the first time in over a year! Now that that's over, guess I'll se y'all next year.


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**** You, YouTube
"Man, this level is a little challenging, let me see if there's a walkthrough for it to help me get the gold medal. Oh, there's one. What? He didn't even get the gold! You can't call something a complete walkthrough if you're not even going to complete it! Screw that guy, I'm gonna make my own walkthrough!"

"Okay, it took 2 full days of doing pretty much nothing else, but I finally finished part 1 of 4! Now while that renders, I'm gonna start capturing part 2. Wow, that took way longer to render than I though, stupid out-dated PC, oh well, to YouTube it goes! Now I should just continue making part 2."

"Half way done with part 2, time for bed! Morning already!? Alright, let's get back to it... wait, what!? Copyright claim!? But.. I... fair use! No? Still not going to do anything and the claim still stands? But, I already finished part 2. You mean I have to do the ENTIRE ******* THING AGAIN! NO, I CAN'T JUST MUTE THE SOUND BECAUSE THAT WILL MUTE THE COMMENTARY AS WELL! I WASN'T EVEN MONETIZING THE VIDEO ANYWAY! IT WAS PURELY AN 'I THOUGHT PEOPLE COULD USE A LITTLE HELP SO LET ME HELP THEM' THING! I'M NOT GOING TO PUT SOMEONE ELSE'S ADS ON MY VIDEO, I HATE ADS!"

Sorry, I'm a little pissed off. I've never had to mute game audio before (and I even directly focused on the sound track more than once back when I did reviews). I tried re-editing the videos to either just be silent or inject stock music. First of all, stock music sucks, and that alone would probably annoy people enough into not watching it. And I don't know what was with the editing program, but when I tried to make an adjustment to compensate for the silence, it through my narration all out of wack. Plus the silence really brings out all the imperfections in the voice audio (super low budget equipment). It honestly is easier to just re-record everything with the music turned off, granted that still will take a ton of time, and frankly, I don't think I want to do it again. I already 100% beat the game once on 3DS; I only bought the 360 version specifically to make the walkthrough. So as it stands, I already need to do the whole thing from beginning to end twice. It's not even that great of game, and the thought of doing it AGAIN is too much. I think I'm just going to cut my losses and move on with my life. Tried to help people and it bit me in the butt.

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