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Here is a list of games I am and will be working on this year with coop and MP.

Single player games won't be listed and these games aren't in order of start date.

Gears of War 2 JP:

Horde/MP-Thrash Forever, N1NJ4, NYTMARES 13, Seany Sh0w

Gears of war 2:

MP-Angelus, BulgyDragonZord

Takedown Red Sabre:

MP/coop-Angelus, BulgyDragonZord x2, II ESTRANGED II (May need one more)

A Way Out:

Coop-Celtic Force

Rainbow six Vegas 2 (DE)

BulgyDragonZord x3, Angelus x2

Project CARS

MP-Rusty Nail zh

Counter Strike GO

BulgyDragonZord, Angelus, II ESTANGED II, Napathanes, ???

Dead Island Riptide Definitive Edition:

Coop-Angelus, SDREW44 (Should have this 1000 by Tuesday)

Battlefield Hardline Xone:

BulgyDragonZord x2, Angelus x2, II ESTRANGED II x2, xCEL7IC ZOMBIEx x2 (Full Team)

Hellboy The science of evil:

Coop-Internal Decay

Narco Terror:

Coop- Thrash Forever

Any other games I've failed to mention, let me know.
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