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It took me a while to get in to Watch_Dogs. There was something about the game that just didn't draw me in like so many others. I suppose the easiest to compare it to was GTA V.

With GTA V I took a day off of work on release day to play through. And I kept on playing it. It was the only game in my machine until I completed it. But with Watch_Dogs I started playing, did some of the main story line, drove around Chicago partaking in some of the Gang Hideout missions, checking in at the hotspots, but then I was quite happy to eject it from my xbox one and start playing something else.

I don't know if it's the wealth of things to do in WD that put me off. Or if it's because those things you can do, have no real variety to them. I unlocked all of the ctOS towers, therefore unlocking the map in its entirety and was presented with icon after icon of things to do. But these things didn't pull me in. I didn't feel the need to go investigate a crime that was taking place, or check in at a hotspot or go find that weapon cache. There didn't seem to be a requirement that tied in with the main game which meant I HAD to go do these things. Sure, I could get the achievements for doing the various different collections, but for me, I don't play games to horde achievements, I play for enjoyment.

So anyway, I finally got around to putting the disc back into my machine and just playing through the main storyline over the past few days whilst I was off of work. And whilst it isn't a brilliant, encaptivating story I did get more enjoyment just playing through that than worrying about collecting everything on the map.

I didn't find it too difficult to complete either. Yes, a few deaths were had. But overall, and I suppose it depends on what type of route you go down with this, whether it be the stealth route, or the all guns blazing route. It was a bit of a mixture of both for me. I did find that IED was overpowered and it was all too easy to throw down and then not worry about the more difficult guards.

Escaping from the Police at times became annoying. No matter which car you were in, and how fast you are travelling, the amazing Police rubber banding came into effect and within seconds they were at your side, accompanying you like your faithful dog, wagging its tail at the prospect of a treat. Go down side streets to avoid them, they say. Well, when I'm travelling at silly speeds I'm tending to concentrate on what's in front of me, not when access to a little street is.

Oh, and don't get within 10 feet of the sidewalk because the pedestrians will scream and jump out of the way, and on so many occasions they decide that life is just too scary and jump in front of my car, therefore reducing my "notoriety" level.

So whilst there are flaws in this game, and it doesn't hold the strongest storyline plot, for me, sticking to the mainly storyline made it more enjoyable.

Will I go back and attempt to get all the "extras". Not sure. But now that I've completed it I can feel less guilty about having spent £45 and not playing it.

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