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Strange days .. strange days indeed
Man, these days strangely gives me hope .. not to sound cringy, but it seems that essential workers appear right before our eyes and in unexpected places but they always been there .. doctors, nurses, volunteers at food banks, construction workers, semi-truck drivers, grocery store cashiers, and fast food/restaurant cooks .. positions that seem mundane all of sudden became "essential" .. like many others, I don't think we are able to go back to things as they were .. and that's a good thing

But the question holds is "what can we change to make things right for those we overlooked in the rush 100 mph speed of life?" Money? Extended Vacation days? Free health care? It seems like a lot of options but I sincerely hope that instead of thinking about it, that we may act on it soon.

As some you may know my family runs a small business, mostly we keep it in the family except for complex endeavor like taxes .. I believe that the head of the family gives everyone its fair share but it makes me wonder about the other business .. like that "sandwich artist" at Subway .. or the stocker at Walmart .. they are deemed essential but still get paid the same .. not even an extra benefit .. but hey, they get a lot of commercial on TV and YouTube to show appreciation .. of groups of people clapping their favorite janitor and others giving people the Thumbs Up .. freaking awesome =\ .. the world has changed for better or worse and the idea of the status quo will remain in place in mired in selfishness and stupidity

Working on GTA 5 Online, Red Dead 2 Online, Division 2 and lastly Gears 4

Even when I was stuck at home for the past 3 weeks, I didn't do any intense gaming/achievements unlocking .. just caught up on a lot of anime and movies on NetFlix, Hulu, and CrunchyRoll

Parasite from Bong Joon-ho is currently streaming on Hulu .. WOW, just WOW

In closing, to all my friends on TA, new and old, take care .. I don't want to know what that a freaking virus took you down, cause they are better ways to go =|

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Maka91AnniversaryMaka91 is celebrating their birthday today!
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Comment by Thulgrum at 00:34 on 06 Jun 2020

Happy birthday!

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