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                Status change by xRosierrox at 05:18 on 04 Mar 2021xRosierrox status: xRosierrox's achievements in Path of Exile
Comment by xRosierrox at 05:20 on 04 Mar 2021

Always been looking for quality, difficulty and longevity in video games. Never seen one that has a better combination of all.

WizZy PLDead Rising 4WizZy PL completed the game Dead Rising 4
Comment by SaP RaZzor at 20:46 on 02 Mar 2021


Comment by WizZy PL at 20:49 on 02 Mar 2021

Finally done with this shit

Comment by SaP RaZzor at 20:50 on 02 Mar 2021

5 stars

IndianaBoy1992Gears of WarIndianaBoy1992 joined a Boosting Gaming Session for the game Gears of War
Comment by PeachCloud87115 at 14:27 on 01 Mar 2021

so glad I finished the online now