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Xbox 360 & Xbox One & PS4 - Spoilt for choice?
So as usual I was impatient and purchased an Xbox One - Day One Edition when it came out, knowing full well that I still had - what many people would consider a small shops worth of titles to play on Xbox 360 - and although I have had it setup temporarily a couple of times it's only been used about 5 times in total. Why? Not because it isn't a good system, from what I've seen of it so far it's good and from what I understand there have been various system updates to make it better too.

The reasons are a mixture of available space and unplayed titles on my beloved Xbox 360. My compact entertainment unit is currently full to capacity. Sky box, Blu-Ray Player, Apple TV, Xbox 360 and a PS4 - (which is fab by the way and from my experience of this baby so far could be my 'new Xbox 360' and take on the role of my most beloved console - but the real challenge will be when my XBox One is setup properly) the latter of which replaced a PS3 which I'd fully played all my remaining games on, so when I have used Xbox One it's been on top of its own box in front of my entertainment unit, which isn't very practical full time, so to avoid damage to it I've put it away until such time I can set it up properly.

I have whittled my list of unplayed Xbox 360 titles down, some new, some secondhand on the basis of 'Am I really gonna play this?' and in the cases where I've thought 'No, I ain't' they've gone on to eBay and earned me a few quid. So I now find myself down to just under two full 'Really Useful' boxes worth of games.

I've recently played and completed Hitman Absolution, Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway and I'm currently playing GRAW2 - yes stuff I have is that old - so I am making some progress but I think it may be time to have another 'Am I really gonna play this' check and see if I can have a further clean out. Although I'm keen to get started with Xbox One, I don't want to abandon all the games I've got left to play on Xbox 360 there are some great titles there, Assassins Creed 2 upwards, Badlands, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Alan Wake to name but a small number. Also, it will be hard to say goodbye to Xbox 360 when the time comes as it's been a part of my life since 2005, and IMO the best console I've ever owned.

Yes if only I'd waited to get the Xbox One I'd have saved a fair amount of hard cash, but I hate waiting to buy new stuff - just having it and not using it is enough for me - strange but true - which is how I've found myself in the mess with so many games in the first place. However I have reduced my next-gen purchases so far, I've only bought Titanfall for Xbox One and the other titles I have for it were presents, and for PS4 I've only bought about 3 games so in hindsight I am doing well, and trying to play and complete (inc all achievements/trophies) prior to making any further purchases.
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First up this is a great game, although not without it's glitches, which I was caught up in 17h 55mins in to the game, basically I was on the level "The Black Throne" and was getting my butt kicked by a guardian.

After starting this fight initially with all my life orbs green, if you are killed only so many fill up usually 4 or 5, so I decided to quit and reload from my save prior to riding the lift up to fight this guy - big mistake. I found myself in the corridor leading up to the lift with a door closed and no way to access the lift, in short I found myself in a glitch and had to restart the game again from the beginning, the other mistake I'd made was only having 1 game save.

So my advice should you find yourself playing this rather excellent game with the odd glitch is to keep multiple saves, that way if you do find yourself 'glitched' hopefully you won't have too far to go back, unlike me.

Another useful tip as well is to make sure all your weapons are fully powered up - before you hand over all the sword parts to Ulthane, as the blade he forges for you replaces the ChaosEater - provided you have powered up all weapons and visited Ulthane with the sword pieces then you'll get the achievement for powering up all weapons (as long as you've bought the moves for them as well of course).

You can check your weapon power up progress by pressing Start and viewing your weapons, all the glowing symbols will be filled in above each weapon if you've gotten enough kills, if not I can recommend the Iron Canopy, it takes some time but the spiders here respawn and there are quite a few of them, also make sure you have War's Glory assigned to the weapon in question this provide max return for your kills.
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Battery packs for Xbox 360 - what's going on?
There was a time not so long ago that you could buy official Microsoft battery packs for the Xbox 360 controller on their own, now you can't seem to do this anymore - except in the states where you can buy a twin pack. Yet Microsoft sell their Quick charge kit which can charge two batteries and only comes with one, is it just me or does this make no sense at all?
Posted by Mad4Games on 24 September 12 at 19:42 | There are no comments on this blog - Please log in to comment on this blog.
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