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PermalinkCompleted Game 122/123 - Two A Days
The Maw and Civilization Revolutionized. Both games I've been working on the past week are finally done. I wasn't expecting to complete both of these today, but was going to pop one achievement in The Maw to keep my streak going. This led to me getting frustrated and fed up with it and just finished it. Civilization I had one achievement left and was waiting for a random event to happen, and it happened on one of my first tries amid xbox live connection issues. I'm glad to have gotten both of these done, yet it leaves me to work on a new game tomorrow as I have only been playing these two for the past week, along with my past completion a few days ago.

The Maw- 200/200
Current TA- 291
Achievement Difficulty- 2/10 You literally just walk around and press B a few times
TA I think it should be - 250 This game is easy. 250 is the max it should be
Estimated completion time- 6 hours
Days to completion- 2782
Overall rating- 4/10

At first, I somewhat enjoyed this game. Something different, playful, and simple. However it got old and repetitive real fast, leaving me to quit playing this hence the 2782 days it took me to finish this. Like my last game, this was one I had put off for way too long, so this feels good to be able to forget about. I won't be doing the DLC for this unless its either free or I'm given it, so free.

Civilization Revolutionized - 1000/1000
Current TA- 1771
Achievement Difficulty- 5/10
TA I think it should be -1771
Estimated completion time- 20 hours
Days to completion- 2157
Overall rating- 7/10

This was a bit of an unexpected completion. It wasn't on my radar to do for my current completed games goal, so this feel like a freeby. While decided what to play a few weeks ago an old friend of mine came online, and I got curious to see what they were playing, and it was this game. So therefore I played it. The ratios are a bit inflated, as only a few of them are actually hard and skill based rather than a time waster. Looking back, I feel like I could have completed this game in under 10 hours, which goes to show that this is not a difficult game.

Last blog goals.
1. Complete my predicted next completion, The Maw
2. Take the time to better format my blog
3. Figure out a better way to end a blog
4. Create a goal spreadsheet with what I feel will be my goal completions
5. Raise one of the lowest 3 percentage complete games on my card to above 25% completion

Somewhat of a fail since my last blog was not that long ago. At least I finished one of my goals, however I'd like to cross more off that list in order to create more. For my next predicted completion, I think I will finish Just Cause 2, being that it is a few hours away and I have been slowly working on it off and on for a year. So my new goals are as followed:

1. Complete my predicted next completion, Just Cause 2
2. Take the time to better format my blog
3. Figure out a better way to end a blog
4. Create a goal spreadsheet with what I feel will be my goal completions
5. Raise one of the lowest 3 percentage complete games on my card to above 25% completion

Aside from gaming, my life has been mostly uneventful since my last post. I purchased some new things for my apartment, exercised, and tried to overall improve my life. As for my back/leg/sciatic nerve injury, it's slowly getting better every day. Each day is has a different level of pain but it is nowhere near where I was a few weeks ago. I'm hoping to get back out running again soon but I am going to wait until I am fully pain free. I have a new college semester starting next monday and am excited for the new events to be in my everyday life. My original goal of ten lines of outside gaming writing is difficult, since nothing noteworthy has happened. Football is back! Although it's preseason so it really isn't. Other things I have been doing have been playing Galaga on my NES classic that I was lucky enough to get. For next time I hope to have more to say here, more goals to cross off, and a more productive blog in general.

Until next time,
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PermalinkCompleted Game 121 - Three's A Crowd
Finally. Another completion for me. I'm pretty much right on track with my completed games goal, but I know I could go faster. I see people in my feed completing over a hundred games this year, where my goal was basically to complete 12 in 8 months. However, progress is progress. I hope to make more in the near future, and I am optimistic about it happening. I STILL need to take some time to work on the formatting of my blogs/reflections too. I want these to be something I can look back on and see whats going on in my life. Hence, lets get to the point. Shinobi was my next completion, and one that should've been done long ago.

Shinobi- 200/200
Current TA- 253
Achievement Difficulty- 4/10 - Even with the save abusing I still wanted to throw my controller
TA I think it should be - 253 - Accurate
Estimated completion time- 3 Hours
Days to completion- 2467
Overall rating- 8/10

If I wasn't playing Shinobi for achievements, I would've had more fun with it. Forcing myself to save every few seconds was annoying. By doing that, I never learned the moves of bosses rather just saved when I got a hit and moved on. Allowing you to save whenever takes all the skill out of this game.
Shinobi has been in my To-Do list since I started it thousands of days ago with intentions of finishing it. Like a few other games, I played it a few times, got close, failed, raged, regretted starting it, and not touching it for years. I feel as if I have said multiple times to myself that I could complete this game, but I didn't want to spend the couple hours I had to put into it to get the remaining achievements. Off the top of my head, Just Cause 2, Wallace and Gromit, and King Kong are a few others that fall into this category. So this is a completion that feels good, even if it isn't a "hard" game but one I can check off my to-do list.

As for me, much has happened since my last post. My last post I could barely walk due to irritating my sciatic nerve. Today, while I can walk, I'm still in pain but far from it. My leg isn't going tingly, and I've been slowly stretching my legs out to relieve pressure on my nerve(what I was told to do). I've stopped running, and now go for roughly 10 miles bike rides and try to move my leg in a pool to try and keep stretching and relaxing my leg. I know it's going to be a long rode to a pain free time, but I am very satisfied where I am today. Aside from that, I finished up another couple classes and am starting another semester in 2 weeks. This is why I want to get a jumpstart on my completed games goal. Also, my NES classic edition finally came and it's been a blast playing Galaga, Donkey Kong, and Final Fantasy. My first console was the 360, so as a 21 year old, I never got to play the old consoles but love the older games at arcades.

For my next completion. I have about a week and a half of just my X1 and a few backwards compatible discs, so it will be one of those. While playing shinobi, I start playing the Maw again as it is another game I quit that isn't difficult at all. The maw should be my next completion, as I've been trying to get an achievement a day in it for the past few days, while working on Civilization Revolution aswell to get that one closer. As of the time of writing this, Civ has 3 difficult achievements left for me, as I just popped one of the more difficult ones thanks to the great guides. So I'm hoping I can keep progressing there, and maybe try to do the achievement a day in that also. Aside from Civ, Just Cause 2 has a couple hours left until completion so thats another that will be done in the near future.

These blogs are meant as something 'fun' I can do after each completion in my goal. I do not expect them to be read, but rather them to be read again by me in the future to see how far I've come. I set a goal in the first blog to write 10 lines about what's going on with my life, and I'd like to maybe start setting 5 goals for the next one, with some realistic and easy ones and some difficult ones.

1. Complete my predicted next completion, The Maw
2. Take the time to better format my blog
3. Figure out a better way to end a blog
4. Create a goal spreadsheet with what I feel will be my goal completions
5. Raise one of the lowest 3 percentage complete games on my card to above 25% completion

Baring how long it takes until my next completion, I will hope to be able to make new goals each post.

Until next time
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PermalinkCompleted Game 120
In my last post, I said I was working to complete Lego Star Wars 2. So naturally, my next completion was Lego Batman. Before coming back to achievements I had this game at about 50% completion, so this was a good completion for me. This was also one of the games I have been putting off due to lack of effort. I'm still in the mindset to complete Lego Star Wars 2, and I think I can but I have had a lot of lego recently. So lets get my Lego Batman stats out of the way.

Lego Batman (1000/1000)
Current TA-1444
Achievement Difficulty- 3/10- Only due to time and collectables.
TA I think it should be 1444 - A few harder achievements, but this is pretty easy and straight forward
Estimated completion time- 20 Hours
Days to completion- 2183
Overall rating- 7/10
Opinionated Rating - 3/10

Like my last completion, this game sat untouched waiting to be completed. From my experience, lego games are a cycle of replaying each level multiple times followed by a few random required things. That being said, Lego games are always enjoyable to play alone or with others, easy completions, and overall an enjoyable experience.

However, there are a few issues that warrant my 3/10 rating. The AI is completely worthless, the camera is brutal, and some of the levels were designed so poorly I was able to skip so much of them easily. Being able to skip parts of levels is great, but that's just terrible level design.

Overall, I'm glad to be done with this one. I was never into Batman so I was never really motivated to complete this until now.

For the future. I'm going to give myself three games and hopefully my next completion is one of those three. I'm not going to force one of those to be completed, so I will not guess correctly every time. Like my last post, I hope to complete Lego Star Wars 2. Next, I've been slowly working on Just Cause 2 for the past year here and there. And finally, Halo Reach including DLC I own.

Enough about gaming. I'd like to include 10 lines of whats going on in my life as an effort to better myself and to be able to read about this in the future. My past few weeks have been a downhill rollercoaster, so I'm hoping its an upwards climb now. My apartments air conditioning went out twice(I live in Florida) which nearly killed a few of my indoor plants and herbs. My cars ABS unit malfunctioned and it took nearly 2 weeks to fix. I was sick with a minor cold, and right now I'm recovering from sciatica. I've been having on and off back/hip/leg pain from about a year since I tweaked my back playing tennis and about a week ago went for a decent run and must've irritated my sciatic nerve enough to basically leave me bedridden for a few days. While the worst is over, my leg was numb/tingly only while sitting and laying which made sleeping quite a task. However, I should be back to normal in a few days, which is something to look forward to in my next post. I mentioned my herbs and plants before, so to complete my post I'll document what I have growing and what I'm interested to grow. I currently have 2 types of lettuce, Basil, Thai basil, Rosemary, Thyme, Curly Parsley, Mint, Dill, Cinnamon Basil, Oregano, Cilantro, and Jalapenos. What I'm interested in is growing peppercorns(saw a plant at disney), stevia(sweetener, again saw a plant), and more peppers.

Again, this is merely a timeline post for motivation for me to complete my goal of 130 completed games. As of now, I'm about 3% ahead of schedule so I hope to be making a new blog post soon.
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PermalinkCompleted Game Number 119
A while ago, I created a goal to get to 130 completed games by the end of the year. I have not completed that many games in years, since I took a break from gaming. That being said, I completed Summer Athletics a few days ago. In an effort to boost my completions, I have decided to write a little recap of the experience to give myself something enjoyable to do after each completion.

Summer athletics is a frustrating but easy completion. While it took me years to complete, I could see myself doing it in a few days. If you can jiggle the right analog stick, you can do this. When I originally played this game, I gave up, since I was "stuck" on a few achievements and became overly frustrated. However with the alphabet challenge, I needed a Z achievement and just so happened to unlock a few others along the was to the ZEUS achievement. After getting that, I realized this could be something I finish. Two weeks later, it was done. Originally, this wasn't a game I had in my mind I wanted to finish for my goal. So this was a win for me.

Here's a few stats and opinionated ratings:

Summer Athletics (1000/1000)
Current TA-1952
Achievement Difficulty- 4/10
TA I think it should be ~1500 Almost 2000 is WAY too much for this.
Est. completion time- 8 Hours
Days to completion- 2958 shock
Overall rating- 6/10 I enjoy sport games like this

Summer Athletics is NOT difficult to complete. Your arms and hands will be tired after playing, but it is actually quite enjoyable. I could actually see this as enjoyable being able to play online versus friends.

For the next completion.
Currently I'm playing Lego Star Wars 2: The Original Trilogy. The hardest part of this game is completing ever level without dying. I've already done all the tedious work and am just farming money now to buy everything ingame. So the real challenge is finishing the ship levels without dying. I finished one of them, but the others seem like a real challenge to do. I can see myself being able to do it, but this game might sit near completed for awhile.
When I originally made this goal, I wanted to complete it without starting anything else. But I recently bought Madden 08 and 11 for 50 cents a piece. Upon quick inspection of the achievements, it looks like none were online and discontinued, so I may do those if my completed game goal falls behind. Afterall, I want a higher completion percentage and completing two new games will boost it.

This is my first completion blog post so my formatting is most likely a mess. Hopefully my next post looks a bit better.
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