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PermalinkCompletion 145-146 – Slow Times
Usually with my blogs, I keep a template and slowly update it every few days and publish it once I feel it is at a good length. This time it is not the case, as real life has gotten real busy. An internship, spring break, mid-terms, finals preparation, attempting to make time to exercise, and other hobbies have loaded up my schedule. As for gaming, I have made slow, but very steady progress. My achievement streak has continued, and I have made some decent progress in a few games I haven’t touched in a long time. Much of this past period is fluffed with Minecraft achievements that have overinflated ratios due to achievement worlds. I have been against starting DLC, but for the Birthday TA challenge I was struggling and gave in. The Happy Birthday Trueachievements challenge really sparked my interest in working on a few games again (mainly Skyrim, Pure and MW3) which has been really great for my completion percentage. I had a single started game, Lego Harry Potter 1-4, and that will end up as a completion eventually. I hit a glitch that’s going to cause me to restart game after I was 56% complete, but I know I will eventually get motivated to restart it. The Lego games have been a great coop game for both my girlfriend and I so I do not mind starting a new one at all.

Just Cause 2 – 1000/1000
Current Trueachievement Score - 2306
Trueachievement score I feel it should be – 2500
Achievement Difficulty – 5/10
Estimated Completion Time - 90 Hours
Estimated Completion Time If Restarted – 50
Achievement Frustration - 6/10
Days to Completion - 1792
Overall Rating – 7/10
One completion for this post is Just Cause 2. I am beyond proud of this, even if it isn’t too difficult of a completion. A couple years ago Just Cause 2 was my lowest completion percentage game. Out of the blue one day I decided to work on it, and slowly over the course of a few months I made some great progress. However, once it became time for collectables, that progress halted. I slowly began collecting and it took six months of work to get to where I needed to just do my hard playthrough. By this time, I had nearly 70 hours in the game, and did not want to spend another 15 in it. But again, slowly I made progress and after nearly a year it was complete. After nearly 90 hours of playtime, I took my lowest completion game to one of my proudest completions.

Sonic & Knuckles – 200/200
Current Trueachievement Score - 303
Trueachievement score I feel it should be – 250
Achievement Difficulty – 4/10
Estimated Completion Time – 6 Hours
Estimated Completion Time If Restarted – 3
Achievement Frustration - 5/10
Days to Completion - 2794
Overall Rating – 8/10
All the arcade sonic games are fun platformers that offer a well thought out challenge that anyone can complete. While some of the ratios are higher than others, a game that has a save feature like this does not deserve to have a high Trueachievement score. However, with a save feature like that, my frustration levels rose due to constantly feeling like I had to save. I do hope to finish the last Sonic game I have started, so I can have them all knocked off the list.

Games with unlocked achievements:
Assault Heroes - 1
Battlefield 3 - 1
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – 4
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - 7
Crackdown – 1
Fatal Inertia - 1
Fight Night Round 4 - 1
Forza 5 – 24
Grid – 2
Halo 4 - 2
Halo Wars - 1
Just Cause 2 – 2*
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 – 11***
Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition – 23**
Need For Speed: SHIFT 2: Unleashed – 1
Pure – 2
Quantum of Solace – 1
SBK 08 - 2
Sonic & Knuckles – 1
Star Wars Battlefront 2 – 4
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - 16
Tales From The Borderlands - 4
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – 17
Tom Clancy’s GRAW 2 – 4
Trials Evolution - 1
Wordament Snap Attack - 1
*Denotes completed game
** DLC Completed and Game Already Completed
***New Game
As for games with no achievements unlocked that I made progress in.
Fable 3
Forza Motorsport 3
Rocket Riot

Last Blog Goals:
1. Complete my next predicted game, Sonic & Knuckles
2. Complete a game that wasn’t played for this blog.
3. Complete all gamer goals
4. Get 10 achievements from games starting with a letter, T **
5. Get To-Do list down to percentage of year remaining. Currently at 84/100
* Denotes a goal that was not completed last time
** Letter was generated from a random Letter Generator

1. Spent an hour, finally knocked it out. Done and ready to move on to the next.
2. Just Cause 2 was listed on my last blog under progress with no achievements, Sonic as well.
3. This is more of a cross off because it isn’t valid. I wanted to start having 2 complete game goals per month, but that only lasted a month.
4. The Elder Scrolls is a bit of a stretch, but I need an actual goal completion.
5. Barely looked at the to-do list :( I dislike this goal, as my to-do list is full of games that aren’t my focus now. I could make a new to-do list with the games I’m currently playing, but I think I will eventually go back to some of the ones of the list.

Next Blog Goals:
1.Complete my next predicted game, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
2. Have more than one completion for next post, but done in a timely manner
3. Make progress in Peggle
4. Get 10 achievements from games starting with letter, O **
5. Get To-Do list down to percentage of year remaining. Currently at 84/100 *
* Denotes a goal that was not completed last time
** Letter was generated from a random Letter Generator

2018 Goals:
1. 170,000 Gamerscore - Current amount away – 27,418
2. 300,000 Trueachievement Score- Current amount away – 52,865
3. 7500 Achievements - Current amount away – 1,040
4. 80 Completion Percentage - Current amount away – 6.8
5. 175 Completed Games - Current amount away - 29
6. 1.8 Ratio - Current amount away - .0667
7. Achievement streak continues
8. All reasonable games at or above 50% completion
9. Gamerscore to a 5 or 0
10. Complete To-Do List

Current Stats:
Trueachievements – 247,135 (+6,397)
Gamerscore – 142,582 (+2,880)
Achievements – 6,460 (+211)
Completed Games - 146 (+2)
Played Games - 313 (+1)
Completion Percentage – 73.20 (+1.78)
Current Session Ratio – 2.221
Trueachievement Ratio - 1.7333 (+.0098)
Days since last stats: 46

Stats for the Year:
Trueachievements – 11,457
Gamerscore – 5,805
Year Ratio – 1.97
Completed Games - 8
Achievements - 252
Games with achievements won - 38
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