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Preparing for another 24 hour marathon
Hi all,
So having not learned anything from last year's escapades... I'm going to be doing it all over again on 22nd August along with chrisie81 and Kim83. We'll each be focusing on different things for our 24 hour challenges: I'll be solely gaming for the 24 hours (more to come on that), whereas Kim will be doing a variety of crafting activities, and Chris (and Abi) will be doing a combination of the two.

This year, we've decided to create 1 team fundraising page, and have each selected a charity to support. My charity this year is Oxford Hospitals Charity. As I mentioned in my last blog, my son needed a major skull operation at Oxford, and this took place in January 2020. We were at the John Radcliffe for 6 days in total (including a night in the High Dependency Unit) and the care and support we have received has been absolutely incredible. I hope that this challenge allows me to give something back and really show my appreciation to an NHS that we are incredibly fortunate to have in this country.

Which brings me onto the next part of this blog.... With 6 weeks to go, I'm starting to prepare a list of achievements to focus on for this challenge. Last year I did something similar, and found it incredibly useful during those hours where I was struggling to keep motivation, while also minimising the ever frequent "What shall I play now?" moments. So over to you, blog readers. I'd welcome any ideas or suggestions - whether it be to focus on 1 game genre for the challenge, or just to try and get as many achievements as possible.

If you feel this is something you'd like to support financially, our fundraising page can be found at The idea will be to stream (once I work out which platform I'm going to use for that.... RIP Mixer...).

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Now go get some achievements!

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Glad to inspire others

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