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Hi all,
Long time, no blog. Had a few months in 2017 where I was losing interest in my gaming: more often than not finding myself just turning the box on to do dailies in Gems/Neverwinter, then turning it straight back off. As such, Bean Dive Recovery progress had somewhat stalled...that is until the 12 Days of Christmas event here on TA.

I've really enjoyed the event so far, and it's helped me find some enjoyment in my gaming again.

So, I've decided to make a true and genuine attempt to get back to the dizzy heights of 90% (DLC I own only).

With a little help from my Supreme Advisor (Skinnyboi1985), I will assign all my unfinished games a number, and then entrust my fate to the Random Number Gods. I will then get a random number from, to select the game I will be focusing on, then a second number to decide how many achievements in that game I'll be aiming for. I will then give myself 2 weeks to achieve the target number of achievements. If I get stuck, I will allow myself 1 veto per fortnight.

I'll be starting this challenge after I've completed the 12 Days of Christmas event, and tracking my progress via my blog (like old times).

Big thanks to skinnyboi1985 for helping flesh out this crazy idea.

Happy achievement hunting!
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