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PermalinkCountdown to Shutdown - Bean Dive 2017
After taking 22 months to complete my 2015 Bean Dive of 17 games (with 6 new games started during), I've finished my 2017 Bean Dive (3 games) in just under 2 months. Both were around a game a month. The 2017 Dive for my last new Xbox 360 games before moving over to the Wii U.

  • Pre-Dive Completion Percentage94.00%
  • Current Completion Percentage94.39%
  • Post-Dive Completion Percentage87.95%

  • Dive Recovery Percentage100%

0 achievements to go to full recovery

I've finished 12 achievements over what was required to recover, and 26 achievements over what was required to re-recover my 2015 Dive.

Now all I have left is going back through Enslaved in Hard mode, The Cave and Portal.


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