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X1X is a Great Value for the Tech Inside & Real World Upgrades
Yup! PC World could not build a $500.00 PC to match the XBox One X. (They left key items out). The X1X offers 4k UHD blu-ray drive, True 4k, and all the other benefits to upgrading 1080P TVs, back compat, 4k upgrades to current/OG Xbox game...etc.

Building a high-end PC is on my bucket list, but frankly the ultra settings level of functioning of the X make it irrelevant at this time. The majority of PCs on Steam are at a much lower tech level than the X1X console. Buying a GTX 1070 or above and other items to upgrade my current PC (which is water cooled) is a more expensive prospect than buying an X1X.

Since the MS team started planning the X1X in 2012, there is nothing rushed here. I have so many games in my back-log and so many 3rd party games are launching now, and with the Games with Gold program and play anywhere, I cannot keep up!

Picking up the Scorpio ed. tonight and looking forward to the best gaming experience that I can have in a plug & play. Every 3rd party game will look better, play better, and offer great on-line services. The wizardry inside the X1X is not available off-the-shelf, for anyone.
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