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After 18 months. I finally managed to reach what would be my final Achievement goal. Half a million.
It was always ambitious to attain it in the time period I set myself. But with the slew of Easy games now on offer I felt it was certainly achievable.

Games Played: 15
New Games: 14
Completed Games: 1
Completion: 80.18%
Completion gain: 0.12%
Previous Gamerscore: 490,270
Current Gamerscore: 500,155
Gamerscore Gain: 9,855
Achievements: 15442
Achievement Gain: 434

I decided just to try to fly through this as quickly as possible. Play easy games, and don't spend to much time on one or two achievements. In the end I got through a lot of games and got to my goal.


Assassin's Creed The Ezio Collection: Took a long break from this, and still had to play most of Revelations. So I did that and got most of the achievements along the way.


The Lego Movie: Lego games were always going to be on this list. Most of the achievements can be gotten rather easily, and without going for the 100% slog make these very appealing for me.
Rio: Not too bad of a party game this. There were a few achievements that would just take too long so I left them. But got a good score for this.
Bedlam: Absolute tosh. Played for about an hour and I was done.
Lego Indiana Jones 2: Was interesting to play an older Lego game again. A few annoying sections but I got what I wanted
Lego Star Wars 3:More Lego journeys, and this might go down as one of my least favorite. Just something about the length of the levels just got a bit too much for me.
Call of Duty Infinite Warfare: I've kind of fallen out of love with CoD these past few years. And although this game was very well polished an decent to playthrough, I just have no real desire to get back into the series.
Toy Story 3: Quite a fun game again. The toybox was quite interesting, but some of the collectibles were a nightmare. I guess I'm just rubbish, haha.
Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion XL: Kinda like Super Smash, but not quite as good. I also didn't realise how little Cartoon Network characters I knew. Decent little game though.
WWE 2K19: The career mode was flawed, but a huge improvement over previous installments. But more of what you'd expect.
Gears of War Ultimate Edition: Had a blast replaying this. Just need 2 to be remastered now.
Zenith: Ugh. The game was for the most part just a chore for me. Maybe just not for me.
Frozen: Snowball Fight: I really hope not many people gave them more for the micro-transactions.
Super Lucky's Tale: What a great game. I've truly missed cutesy 3D platformers. A blast from my childhood.

So that was the final update.
I have now decided to retire for Gamerscore. I'll still be around on the site, but I need to just start playing games for fun again. And try to fall back in love with the hobby.
I'd like to thank everybody who has helped along the way, and wish everyone the best in the future.
It's been grand.

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Comment by Injury 19 at 23:45 on 19 Oct 2021

I need to do this one too

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The loss of a good/loved dog is not something I'd wish on anyone.

Comment by I am Mindslave at 20:02 on 19 Oct 2021

Old age?

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