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New Year, Not So New Me!
Hello Again!
First off I just want to say that I hope everyone had a good holiday season, and all the best for 2018

With the pleasantries out of the way, let's talk achievements.
Since the last update, Achievements have been a little on and off, with January being the first time in ages that i've really tried. So this may not look as promising as previous posts. With that being said, just yesterday I managed to hit 370,000G and I'm looking to get to 400k in the summertime.
the blog is going to be changing to whenever I feel like it's been a decent enough amount of time.
Since I'm far to unreliable to release one a month. But with that being said, let's see the summary

January 2018

Games Played: 13
New Games: 9
Completed Games: 9
Completion: 78.18%
Completion Gain: -0.01%
Previous Gamerscore: 363,955
Current Gamerscore: 370,820
Gamerscore Gain: 6,165
Achievements: 203

So a fairly slow 2 and a half months. My completion went down, not really much shift though, and not too much in the way of score either.
From mid way through november to midway through December, I never really had my Xbox on, and was more into a certain PC game. hopefully by the time the next update comes, things will be looking sweeter

New Games

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD: A Christmas gift I got last year from my good friend Andrew, and although it took me a while to start playing it, it seems quite enjoyable so far. Haven't tounched it in months sadly, so one for the next update surely.
Football Manager 06: I love my Football Manager Games, and this one is well... Outdated. Big thanks to TheDonovanViper once again for helping me with those pesky online achievements.
Fallout Shelter: Free to play, and it's not actually too bad. Honestly it's quite exciting everytime I put it on to see the small amount of progress there is to be made. It's a long grind this one, you'll be sure to see it for a while.
Battleship: A decent game that was on sale. Didn't take me too long to get the completion either. Annoyingly though, some of the achievements seem to be frozen at 100%, hopefully they fix themselves soon.
DreamBreak: A short completion is all i can say, didn't enjoy this one too much, but it's an easy thousand you should all look out for.
Letterquest: A Christmas gift from TheDonovanViper, and For about 90% of the time played, I loved it. Going for the last few achievements were a bit of a grind though, but i recommend this to anyway with a love for words.
Brothers (XONE) Another gift from Liam, I played through this game in the 360 and loved it to pieces, so I was only too happy to bash through it again on the One.
Candleman: Like Level 22, this game seems to have gone down really well with the vast majority, however there was something not right for me, I couldn't tell you what it is, but I found my self getting very fed up with this game. Completed with DLC now though, so I don't ever have to think of it again.
Assassin's Creed Origins: My first AAA title in a while, and I never really realised how long it had been since I last truly enjoyed playing a game. Already 20+ hours in, and all i've been doing is running about to be honest.

Backlogged Games

Black & White bushido: Finally got the last achievement after getting a loan of 2 other controllers, another one in the completed pile.
Enigmatis 2: Another Artifex Mundi completed, these things don't seem to ever stop, but they're simple completions, so no complaints from me.
Batman: Enemy Within: Another episode down, and this is becoming one of my favourite Telltale games, wish they were out more frequently.
Life is Strange: BtS: Finished off the last 2 episodes and what a trilogy they were. If you haven't played they Life is Strange games, I highly recommend you do.

So that's it. I should manage to get a lot more done by the time the next update comes, got one hell of backlog of games I need to get cracking on.
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Comment by Eskobar M92 at 02:23 on 23 Jan 2018

Thanks ;)

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Comment by nate 1528 at 22:51 on 22 Jan 2018

I literally just received this game from gamefly.

Comment by Matt DB87 at 22:52 on 22 Jan 2018

same lol

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Comment by vSully at 17:34 on 22 Jan 2018

Complete pain in the ass. And I somehow lost connection and got no timestamp. Bastards.

Comment by Sera Di Siah at 18:40 on 22 Jan 2018

Does that happen even on Backwards Compatible? :( That sucks!

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Comment by LifeExpectancy at 06:41 on 22 Jan 2018

Also if anyone is on rt now I need a partner to run lures... drop rates seem better with a partner.

                  Status change by LifeExpectancy at 03:36 on 22 Jan 2018LifeExpectancy status: Earned less than 20k gs last year lol. Still more than I expected though.
Comment by a Ma N ii aC x at 04:04 on 22 Jan 2018

I earned like 10k i think. I felt like i never played xbox, so weird

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Comment by Super Aw3some at 11:46 on 22 Jan 2018

Damn, son.

Comment by Tachibana HANZO at 11:54 on 22 Jan 2018

Holy shit :)

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