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The Inevitable Burnout
My original plan was to update my progress, before I went away on my mini holiday to Amsterdam.
But time got the better of me, so here I am on the day I'm back to write this behemoth.
Just like every other time I decide to do a goal on this site, I'm completely burnt out from achievement hunting, my theory is the amount of garbage games I am playing.
But, it's been about 3 months since the last update, so here we go.


Games Played: 27
New Games: 18
Completed Games: 12
Completion: 79.84%
Completion gain: 0.66%
Previous Gamerscore: 432,595
Current Gamerscore: 454,640
Gamerscore Gain: 22,045
Achievements: 16,922
Achievement Gain: 653

Lots of new games played, decent amount of score, and a good completion gain. But, as I said, I've burned myself out a little bit, meaning this last 45K is going to be a bit of a struggle.
Just have to quickley mention, it's been quite a while now since I've played some of these games, so my memory is a little hazy on some of them.
So grab a coffee, and let's look at the games.


LEGO Marvel Superheroes (360): Grabbed another few achievements, but I've gotten a little tired of the collect-a-thon. Need to return to this soon though.
Spiral Splatter: Still detest this game, but I've at least gotten 1 star on every level. Gonna nee more patience to see this one out.
Brutal Legend: Got the viral achievement thanks to TheDonovanViper
TNA Impact: Props to Donny for bearing through this crap to help me with some of the online achievements.
007 Blood Stone: More boosting, more viper
Quiplash: Finally went back to finish this one, fun game, wish I didn't have, play as 3+ playes myself.
Walking Dead Complete: It's The Walking Dead, just what you'd expect. Gotten the completion, lots of easy GamerScore.
Fishdom 3: I really enjoyed this little puzzler. Although for a 30 hour game with only 200 GamerScore, this probably wasn't the time to play this. Got the completion though.
Guns, Gore & Cannoli: Thanks to my friend Alan for helping me on this one, Co-Op really makes this one easier.


Fearful Symmetry: It's one of those games where you don't need to look at the screen to play, just pull up a walkthough and you'll be fine.
LEGO Marvel Avengers: This is one of the better LEGO titles, really enjoyed this, even all the collectables. Another LEGO completion in the bag.
Tetra's Escape: Not bad, not great, cheap easy thousand.
Embers of Mirrim: I like this game, but the control is really awkward for me, I expect to get quite a bit more GamerScore out of this one though. Might take me some time to get to that stage though.
Fullblast: Really thankful for Ratalaika Games, they've provided me with a lot of score recently. I think this might be one of their best efforts. I don't think they're really known for their quality, But thet'll certainly make their money in this community.
ACA Super Sidekicks: Worst Football game I've ever played. Even worse than Pure Football.
Shaq-Fu: I got this game as a bit of a joke to myself, just hoping it was better than the infamous Shaq-Fu game. It wasn't just better, It's a fantastic little game that I hope people don't pass up the chance to play.
Tacoma: Quick, easy. And not a whole lot more to say. Story was interesting at least.
Angry Birds: Star Wars: Why did I start this? Just something to mindlessly play while watching tv. It's decent
Sigi: Really didn't like this game, and sadly I'm going to have to suffer through more of it, just to get the last couple of achievements.
BulbBoy: It's weird, It's disturbing, It's an overall unexplainable experience. It's worth a play though.
Poi: A decent platformer with charm, controls are awkward, the camera needs work, and the enemies and bosses are predictable. But it did bring me back to the days of my childhood, playing any platformer I could get my little hands on. And for that, I'll probably play it again.
Fifa 15 (360): Got this cheap and decided to get some easy GamerScore, going to have to renew my Xbox Live, to get more score out of this one though.
Ride: Believe it or not, this is the first motorbike racing game I've ever played, and I was impressed. There were a few moments I got annoyed, but to be honest, almost all racing games annoy me. Worth trying out.
Marvel Puzzle Quest: I loved Gems of War, so combing it with Marvel is a no brainer to me, however, this game gets really old, really fast. Avoid it for the price it's currently going for.
Midnight Duluxe: 1K in an hour... Yes please.
Agents of Mayhem: Made by the Saints Row guys, so you know what to expect. Not gotten too far into this one, but so far, so good. I'll gladfully return to good games now that I need just over 100G a day now to reach my goal.
The Food Run: So, I went to Amsterdam, but I needed a way to keep my achievement streak going (currently 277 days), So I brought along my mums rubbish laptop, hoping I could bag an achievement every day I was away. Worked out perfectly, Not a terrible game, I've gotten most of the achievements now. Just the grindy part left.

And that's the update. Lots of bad/average games in there, which is why I'm finding it hard to gain motivation to keep going, but I'm so close to the end now. I just really want to get it over with. Hopefully I'll be able to mix in more good games for the next update , and maybe I'll gain some much needed momentum.
Posted by MarkA1009 on 08 November 18 at 22:07 | There are no comments on this blog - Please log in to comment on this blog.

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Comment by RedmptionDenied at 00:41 on 14 Dec 2018

nice, not sure I can be bothered to do the 30 hour ach. when my phone keeps overheating every 20 minutes, lol

Comment by smrnov at 01:03 on 14 Dec 2018

I have a fake head... special edition call of duty night vision googles that came with a fake head to display them on, works great for Gear VR

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Comment by Petrolium Bear at 10:26 on 13 Dec 2018

It is easier if you do since you will not be limited to just standard weapons. If you do not know already when you replay a mission you're limited to basic weapons and

Comment by Petrolium Bear at 10:27 on 13 Dec 2018

tonics, whether or not this was intended or is to be fixed by Rockstar I cannot tell. I certainly will be doing them as I go through to save going back .

Comment by The Manic Moose at 10:31 on 13 Dec 2018

Thanks - i think i was nearly done with act 3 so i'm tempted to start over... unsure yet. Definitely need to do some online soon, hoping to do all single player first.

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Cool to see FIFA 2020 so early.

Comment by BADWOLF I13I at 07:25 on 13 Dec 2018


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happy birthday

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May you live to be 100 with one year to repent

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