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Permalink400K Done!
So another month goes done, and I continue to keep the points going up. This month could've been better really, but I've still managed to reach my targets, and that's all I really need to do.
I've been trying to clear up all the digital games, I've amassed over the years, so that's why there's a lot of them.
Stats Time?

MAY 2018

Games Played: 12
New Games: 9
Completed Games: 8
Completion: 79.03%
Completion Gain: 0.33%
Previous Gamerscore: 397,680
Current Gamerscore: 408,935
Gamerscore Gain: 11,255
Achievements: 15,607
Achievements Gain: 240

Gamerscore is the big thing at the moment with the 500K goal in mind, and getting 11,000 in just over a month is fantastic for that.
The completion gain makes me happy aswell, but that was always going to happen when a lot of Gears achievements got done (more on that later).
Overall this has been a great month, considering my time has been limited to maybe 2 hours max a day, due to family concerns.
so, with that said, let's see the games.


Grim Legends 2: Artifex Mundi. My favourite lads are back again. Got the completion of course, and I'm really looking forward to having a break from these games for a while. I don't mind them really, but playing 3 of these in a month is a little too much for me.
Gears of War 4: Beat the game, on Hardcore and Co-op, got a ton of online achievements, but still loads to go. I've been a little neglectful of this game recently, just haven't had time for it. Gonna kick on with it though, probably will see it in the next blog.
Fallout Shelter: I'm finally done with it. I've got 2 achievements left to go, but in all honesty, one I will never be able to get, and one will require playing MIA for ages to stand a chance at getting, and I already have plenty of game that require that.
Thank you Fallout, it's been a great 6 months, but our time is done.


Lost Grimoires 2: Another one! Easy to beat, not much more I can say about this, as it's the same as the others, but the gamerscore will always be welcome.
Factotum 90: A silly robot puzzle game. I like the concept and it is something very different. But not for this game. A few levels were very fidgety and didn't seem to work properly. But maybe something you'd be interested in.
The Inner World: A point and click game that has a great story! Doesn't happen all to ofter, but I really enjoyed it, and the art style. However the control was a little bit strange and took a bit of getting used to, but I do recommend this one.
Gems of War: As one pay to win game goes down, another rises in it's shadow. This game is a blast though, and I was kinda addicted to it at the beginning, but now I struggle to play it for more that 30 minutes at a time, most of the achievements I have left, are quite time consuming or skill based, but I'm going to do my best.
The Fall: I put this game off for a couple of years, never really looked too interesting to me. But I'm so glad I finally played it. The story was so much better than i could've ever expected, and the gameplay, although limited, worked great. Give this one a go, it's great fun and the points are easily obtained.
The Turing Test: Another one I put off for a long time, and it was okay. story was decent, and you get just about all the gamerscore by playing through it, and the secret rooms missed can be completed at any time through chapter select.
Guardians of the Galaxy: Never got the hype around this stuff, but the TellTale series was on sale, so I picked it up. Played though the first chapter and quite enjoyed it, so I decided to finally watch the film... And I really enjoyed it. After completed this, I can safely say that it is my 3rd favourite TellTale Series, after The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us. Great job!
Hue: Just started it really, and I'm doing my best to play through it without a walkthrough, going well enough so far, but more to come.
Inksplosion: Bought this one today for an easy to play while the football was on, and yes. It's a very easy completion. however not as easy as I thought it would be, I think I'm just rubbish at it personally, got there in the end, and it's another completed game to add to the collection.

So, that's it. As I said, very happy with the progress this month and I'm looking for more of the same next month. hopefully at least another 10K, but I am looking wrap up a few games that I haven't given much attention to lately, so who knows.
Thanks once again for reading!
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Permalink400K Inbound
Exactly 1 month since the last update. And things have been going very well.
My 200G a day target has been smashed, and I'm now very prime to reach 400K sometime next week.
Enough Jibber Jabber, let's see the summary.

APRIL 2018

Games Played: 17
New Games: 10
Completed Games: 7
Completion: 78.70%
Completion Gain: -0.12%
Previous Gamerscore: 388,190
Current Gamerscore: 397,680
Gamerscore Gain: 9,490
Achievements: 15,367
Achievements Gain: 250

Everything looks positive, other than the completion gain. But there's a very good reason for that... Gears of War 4. I'm working my way through it, but it has a monsterous amount of achievements. Hopefully by the next update, I can rectify that one as best as possible.


Goat Simulator: Another DLC pack down, another one started. Getting tired of goats now, but there's still quite a bit still to do. Gonna be a pain.
Momonga: The pinball game is back. And all but one achievement has been won. I'm in no rush to get the 3 stars on all levels, but it might be something I try later on in the year.
Fallout Shelter: Still going with this one, hopefully getting another few achievements during the next month, and soon I can move on to another pay to win game... Yay!
Assassin's Creed: Origns: It's Completed! Well the main game anyway. It took ages to finish all the locations, wouldn't recommend it, but if you have endless patience, it might be something you're interested in.
Final Fantasy Type 0 HD: I should be saying "Another game finished" but since going back to this, i've uncovered that I really don't have the patience for this game. Got to the last level and I've given up. Got most of the achievements though, so no biggie.
Batman: The Enemy Within: Chapter 5 is in the books, and I loved this addition to the Telltale library. Looking forward to the next one I play.
Football manager 2006: It's here... Agian. Got one achievement, nothing too exciting. Got more to do sadly.


8-Bit Anthology: It's okay. easy achievements, but redundant gameplay. below average point & click game.
Disney Infinity: I thought I was really gonna enjoy this one, but sadly it is just so dull. I think my game is glitched, so I need to start the Monsters U campaign again. And that's severely put me off returning to this.
Armikrog: Quite like this game. got that clay stop motion animation going on like Wallace & Gromit. Which is a plus. Another average point & click though, but the graphics make it slightly better for me.
WWE 2K17 (360): Big ups to TheDonovanViper for trading me this one. Got everything but the online achievement, and with the servers going down in 2 weeks, and the severe lack of online community means I probably won't get the completion.
Wheels Of Aurelia: Absolute trash! Don't get this! I was actually really excited to start this one, but it's one of the most dull and monotonous games I've ever played. I hardly class this as a game.
Nightmares From the Deep: Artifex Mundi back again. One of the better ones as well. Quite enjoyed it. I didn't enjoy playing through it a second time though. That can go to hell.
One Hundred Ways: A decent game, but becomes very boring after 60 or so levels. However I did manage to make it to Level 90 something before I started to have to use walkthroughs, so that's all right.
Albert & Otto: It's like Inside and Limbo, both is graphics style and gameplay, a few different mechanics though. Didn't enjoy it. But I'm determined to get the 1K, but it's gonna be harsh.
Gears of War 4: Love it, love it, love it. Almost beat the game in 1 sitting. Gonna beat it today. And i hope to get quite a lot of the achievements along the way. Just a heads up. This game will probably be in my backlogged games for a while.
Grim Legends 2: Just started it. Got my 200 for today. Seems okay, looking forward to finishing it though, haha.

And that's the lot. A lot of achievements won in a month and I'm quite pleased with the progress made towards my 500K goal.
I should have 400K wrapped up in a week, giving myself lots of time to get 100K.
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