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JUNE 2019

Another 3 months have passed and if I'm being honest, Score has been rather scarce.
One particular game almost took up all my time, (We'll get to that in a bit) and I'm finally just starting to gain momentum again.
But, as the title suggests. This truly is the final push now.

Games Played: 12
New Games: 6
Completed Games: 6
Completion: 80.06%
Completion gain: 0.16%
Previous Gamerscore: 483,765
Current Gamerscore: 490,270
Gamerscore Gain: 6,505
Achievements: 18,008
Achievement Gain: 219

Very Low Score for 3 months, a little bit of completion gain, and not many new games played.
It's been an adventure. Let's just say that.
To the point of even attainable completions are just not going to happen, simply because I just don't care anymore. The only thing making me feel compelled to finish off this goal is the fact that once I've got my mind on something, I want to see it through.
Let's see the games.

Backlogged Games

Forza Horizon 4: Done some DLC stuff, nothing noteworthy though.
WWE 2K18: Done most of the achievements, but the stuff left is either online, or to play through the super tedious story mode. No thanks.
Lego DC Supervillains: Got all the DLC stuff, one of the best LEGO games in a while if you ask me.
Lego Marvel Superheroes: Same goes. All DLCs finished.
Clicker Heroes: And here we have the bane of my existence. I hate this game.
I got the completion, but it wasn't without some crazy amount of hours put in. It's an easy completion, but take my advice. The points aren't worth it.
Fifa 19: Finished the Journey. Hated it. Sold the game

New Games

Metagal: The problem with playing games just to get achievements means it doesn't really leave much of an impression. I think it was an okay MegaMan style game.
Super Weekend Mode: More crap Ratalaika. This company would probably be out of business if it wasn't for GS hunters.
Korgan: This was actually decent. Pick it up for free on the store and try it for yourself. Not sure when the main game comes out.
Deadpool: If you're a fan of the character, then you'll probably enjoy this game. The game for the most parts is really fun, minus a few bugs.
Agatha Chirstie's ABC Murders: A point and click game that I actually quite enjoyed. Interesting story, fun art style, and overall a pleasant experience. There's a couple more achievements to get, but if I'm being honest. I have no interest in rushing through the game again for it. Can't be bothered with that stuff anymore.
Far Cry 5: Finally! A really good game. Just beat it today, and even though the last 4 hours of it or so were a bit tedious. I thought it was great. A couple easyish achievements left, but again. I can't be bothered putting a few more hours into something just for a tiny amount of points.

And we're done. You may be able to tell I'm just a bit jaded from Gamerscore now. I really can't find the motivation anymore to keep doing it.
There's less than 10K to go, and it probably won't take very long to get. But without taking up too much more time. I'm off to get more score.
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PermalinkThe Final Push?
March 2019

Blimey. It almost looked like I was never coming back to this.
3 months since the last blog. And really, not too much has gone on.
I decided to let my streak end as it was becoming more of a chore than anything else, but I'm glad to have over a year as my best run.
It also looks like this may be my final push for 500K, with just over 16,000 left to get.

Games Played: 24
New Games: 19
Completed Games: 10
Completion: 79.90%
Completion gain: -0.14%
Previous Gamerscore: 467,505
Current Gamerscore: 483,765
Gamerscore Gain: 16,260
Achievements: 17,789
Achievement Gain: 479

By the looks of things, it seems to be going rather well. But these 3 months have been a slog for score. Just not seeming to really enjoy many game I'm playing at the moment, and the loss in completion hurts a little. But there's good reason for that. Even still. Another 3 months like that and this run will finally be over.

Backlogged Games

Clicker Heroes: It seems to have taken forever, but I finally got a few more achievements in this one. A couple left to get. Gonna take ages.
Forza Horizon 3 New achievements came out! Also I went back and done a couple of the DLCs. Brought in another 1K or so.
Lego Marvel Superheroes 2: I like this game. I really do. But it reminds me of Lego Star Wars Complete. In the fact that the 100% took far too long. About 70 hours or so.
The Sims 4: Went back randomly the other day and got a few achievements. Kinda want to make a big dent in what's left. But I just need the patience.
Spyro: Reignited: Needed a small break from Spyro and I'm glad I did. Coming back refreshed really makes me want to push on and get the completion.

New Games

Energy Cycle: Edge: Hardly had to look at the screen. Easy thousand.
The Council: Just got the base 590. Decent game, and I'm sure the DLC is good as well. But far too expensive for me.
Don't Knock Twice: Rubbish VR game ported to Xbox. I struggle to play horror games, but even this was nothing to a woose like me.
The Mooseman: Was really ill when I completed this, so it left a bad impression. Was frustrating a few times trying to get some of the achievements to work, but otherwise fairly straightforward.
Snooker World Championship: A fun game. I do like Snooker, and the achievements are fairly simple. Don't have gold anymore, so that's stopping me getting the completion. But decent nonetheless.
Where The Wild Things Are: A game sent to me by TheDonovanViper. Sadly I couldn't stand it, and ended up abandoning it. Maybe I'll go back soon.
Planet RIX-13: Not much to say. You walk to a location, press a button and walk somewhere else.
Yesterday Origins: Got 1 achievement to keep my streak going and never went back. Killed my completion slightly.
Heroes Trials: Not terrible, but not great either. Can only really recommend for the achievements.
Pac Man 256: An interesting spin on Pac-Man, with some pretty easy achievements, even for someone whos as bad at Pac-Man as I am
Awkward: Not too much fun to play on your own as I would imagine it would be with a few friends. Gifted by TheDonovanViper as he seems to have given up on consoles. A shame. But his loss is my gain.
Daggerhood: Don't even remember playing it.
Lego DC Supervillains: Loved it. Just waiting for the DLCs to all come out now.
WWE 2K18: I'm behind by a year. But come wrestlemania, I always seem to want to dive back in to wrestling. The game is meh.
Wailing Heights: Another gift from TheDonovanViper. Quite enjoyed this one.
Men in Black: Alien Crisis: Another reason the completion has dropped off. For some reason the disc just won't read past a certain point, even though it works on other consoles. Very frustrating as I only got 3 achievements.
Awesome Pea: Annoying platformer. Currently working my way through this one.
Fifa 19: Worse than last year.
Forza Horizon 4: Again, I'm sad to say that I feel this is the worst in the Horizon series. It's still good though. But I feel that half the cars have absolutely no control about them and make them undriveable. Working my way through the free DLC stuff.

Probably my longest blog yet, with good reason.
The brick wall has hit hard, and I really just want this goal to be over now. I've still got plenty of time. But I need to have it finished. Maybe another couple of months hopefully.
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