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Before E3 gets into gear, take a moment...
And before you hit that submit button on social media, ask yourself if it adds any value to the discussion? Does it build up our community or tear it down? Does it personally attack another gamer? Wish ill will on someone? Think about it and if what you are about to say adds more negativity and nastiness to gaming, maybe don't post it.

There is no console war. There is no zero sum game where if only company X loses, company Y gets all the marbles and life will be perfect. No one 'wins' E3 besides gamers. Last generation Sony had some great E3 line-ups that didn't get traction. Nintendo really doesn't even play the E3 game any longer. E3 is still exciting but it's not the inflection point it used to be. Is it important? Yes. Do I want to see Microsoft blow minds? Yes. But winning this event has always been wildly subjective.

Before I go any further, I expect Microsoft and Xbox to have an amazing E3. I'm very confident that there is some stuff coming that will make every one happy. Some exclusives that they have kept under wraps. Microsoft under Satya Nadella and Xbox under Phil Spencer is a machine cranking out awesome. So I am optimistic, in fact I am honestly giddy that good stuff is coming our way.

No matter who shows what in the next few days, Microsoft isn't dumping their gaming platform. With nearly 40 million active users, billions of dollars a year in revenue and R&D advances that influence all of their products, gaming is part of Microsoft's DNA. Don't take the bait when someone trots out this tired stuff.

Finally, whether everything Microsoft says thrills you, or Sony blows your mind or what ever, somebody out there loves what they are hearing. I'm far from the first person to say this but don't rain on other people's parades. As a more clever person than I said... Let people enjoy things.

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