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rough draft for my first walkthrough.
This is my first draft for my first attempt at an walkthrough.

The game is Brian Lara International Cricket 2007. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

a) achievements in the walkthrough: 20
b) total gamerscore available: 1,000
c) total trueachievement score available: 2,231
d) estimated time: n/a (still determining)
e) Playthroughs required: 1
f) Missable achievements: 0
g) Unobtainable achievements: 0
h) Online Achievements: 0
i) Contains dlc achievements: no


1. Introduction to cricket and the game.
2. Tips and Tricks
3. Tutorials
4. In Play achievements. Part I: Batting
5. In Play achievements. Part II: Bowling
6. In Play Achievements. Part III: Hit 6 sixes, and Hit 6 fours in an over.
6. Game Mode Specific Achievements.
7. Collectible achievements.


All twenty achievements can be obtained offline with a minimum of fuss. Some are based in the actual game play itself, some are locked to you winning the cricket world cup of 2007.

The hardest achievement is that you can lose track of which team and which stadium you are yet to achieve victory in, as these achievements are the most time consuming.

Best thing is, you don't even have to play on hard (note: you didn't have to on the other two so i assume it's still the case, and there is no description in the achievements to state otherwise, first thing is to get a batter to 50, not out on easy.

If you haven't played it, i suggest you dive into the three tutorials, as completing all three provides you with 15% of the games achievements and you have provided yourself with the skills to take this game head on.

Cricket follows the same principle as baseball. If you are batting you are trying to score, If you are fielding/pitching/bowling, you are trying to stop them.


First thing you should do once you fire up the game is to go straight for the tutorials, if you have played the other codemasters cricket games on the 360, ashes cricket 2009 and international cricket 2010, you should be right at home. The game is still rather similar, but with a few nuanced changes that you may need to readjust to.will need to verify this myself {second edit: the game has evolved from this predecessor game, took me a while to get it going bowling wise.}

There are 9 bowling tutorials to do, and are rather easy in places, the first four in particular. Some need a bit of practise to get right, the lbw one particulary can be a pain, but aim towards the stumps firstly, and pitch the ball near to the stumps to have a quicker chance of nabbing an lbw.

Achievement Unlocked after you finish the 9 bowling tutorials insert bowling tutorial picture here

Now for the batting tutorial which feature 7 set lessons.

The toughest one i found was the sweep shot, and getting my timing down. These are easier than the bowling ones i found.

Achievement unlocked after you finish your 7th challenge.
insert bowling tutorial achievement here

Now for the fielding tutorial which features five lessons. Basic Catching, Close Catches, Throwing to the wickets, Field Layout and Attacking fields.

The hardest one of the five is the fourth one Field Layout, I simply used the B bowl, and tried to use as little pace as possible, that worked best for me, it was a real bitch.

The achievement will unlock after you complete all five.

And now it is time to play some proper cricket. Lets start with a test match.

insert fielding tutorial achievement here

if you get stuck you can replay any of the tutorials at any time from the main menu.


So now that we are going to play a game i must inform that one of the achievements can only be attained in another game mode. I will inform you thusly when this occurs.

So Lets fire up a test match and lets make it a Slog Mode, (easy difficulty match) you can do these achievements with any team, but i just used the default England team against Bermuda.

So I said earlier not to attempt the 6 sixes in an over, and i mean it, for your first game just leave the b button alone. Attempt all your shots using the a buttton. In most occasions this will make your shot hit the ground eliminating any sort of catch, which means you cannot get out that way.

Now take a while to get adjusted to the bowlers, if need be you should push the x button to defend if you aren't sure whether the ball is going to hit the stumps or not.

With a particular batsmen you can acquire three easy achievements by pressing a and hitting the ball through gaps in the field.

Simply accumulate 50, 100, and 200 runs and each achievement should pop.

insert achievements here, 50, 100, and 200 runs scored

Easy enough right, well it gets easier, now just keep going with everyone in your team, just keep batting, Your next goal is 500 runs, in a test match, which should you fall just short, can actually be accquired in a full test match, which is two innings, so don't despair.

Insert 500 runs Achievement

Now you can declare or what not, but i seperated the achievements to make my writing this easier, but you will have to bowl and accquire other achievements if you are good enough, just move to the next section of the walkthrough and i'll guide you through your bowling.

So once you have finished the test match batting, simply load up a custom One Day International, or ODI for short. Pick the same teams in England and Bermuda. If you can bat first as then you can hit the 200 runs required to pop this achievement. Just remember the basics, just hit it with the a button, hit boundaries, (which you should have a basic idea of how and where to hit them now) and score 200 runs.

I must warn you though, One Day Internationals only have one inning a side, so beware if you fall to 160-7 as your batters will not be as good, and you will need to exercise caution.

Insert achievement for scoring 200 runs in an ODI

(will need to determine whether you can do the minimum amount of time in the world cup mode, whether it helps unlock the achievement faster.)

In Play Walkthrough. Part II: Bowling

So there are five achievements here to get and they are....

Hattrick, Pair, King Pair, Dismiss opponents in less than Ten Overs, and dismiss opponents in less than 20 overs.

So this following this technique is easy to do. and takes twenty minutes.

1. Go to custom teams in the main menu.
2. Select a custom player.
3. Select the first player that comes up.
4. Go to Edit Skills
5. Go to the batting tab, and press the y button.
6. Lower all his batting stats to the minimum.
7. Press the y button and go back to the bowling tab, and upgrade his bowling stats.
8. Then go to the fielding tab, and upgrade what you can there.
9. Back out, till a pop up menu comes up saying do you want to save any custom changes. Select Yes.
10. Save your profile as well should that come up on the screen.
11. Back out and go to Custom Squad.
12. Select team one.
13. Go left once to custom players and just fill the whole squad with your custom bowler. (with no batting ability you may see where this is going)
14. when filled go back and save, and then go back to custom squads and make a second squad with the same player.

Now go and select a custom Test Match as it the only way to gain king pair and pair achievements.

Select the two teams, they should be at the end of the alphabet of the countries.

Now win the toss and bowl. If not restart. Once you have won the toss and are bowling select the guy at the top of the page to bowl and play.

Just aim straight and fast and avoid no balls.

Wickets should tumble, Giving you after three balls, The Hattrick achievement. insert achievement for the hattrick

Just keep bowling straight, and you should skittle them out well inside Ten Overs.

Insert dismiss inside twenty and dismiss within ten overs achievements

now sim through your first innings.

If you got the hattrick, and chances are you should have, you will have two batsmen for sure out first ball.

If A batsmen dosen't score in either innings, He is given a pair. However to get a King Pair, you need to dismiss him first ball twice.

This is what you need to do above, just bowl straight and true again. Their wickets barring minor aiming problems should tumble again and you will have Insert pair and king pair achievements here

That is actually all the bowling achievements done. Just the one inplay achievement left and it is a bit of a doozy.

In Play Achievements. Part III: Hit 6 Sixes in an over, And hit 6 fours in an over.

Remember that bowling step by step guide? You do? Good. Do the opposite now, Instead of bowling, make his batting incredible, and place an emphasis on his power. and minimize his bowling.

To double check, go check the custom teams you made to make sure they have updated, and if not, re enter your custom player this time to replace the bowling players.

Once done, go and play a game, i did a custom test as it took me about 45 overs and 17 wickets to nab this, so it is a doozy, i will point out that it should take about 45 mins, however you could do this first time.
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